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U world prep

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What is everyone opinion about u world and has it helped with nclex

Highly recommended :) Have you tried the demo? Give it a try and see how the program works -- which is what the real NCLEX exam is.


If you choose to get it...don't focus too much on your percentage as you do the q bank, my overall was about a 55 when I finished all the questions. & I took the Nclex end of last month and passed first try! I think whats most important is the your review all the rationales and make sure you focus on Safety, Infection control, and priority questions!

Sweet yea I was using it from my friend login and it's was great but it expired not but I'm ordering it on my own this Friday cause like it's the truth lol I plan on taking nclex soon just waiting on my slow ass school to send my paper work so I just been doing question after question after question

Yes my school took long to send me it as well...but keep it up...complete all the questions and go over each rationale even the ones you got correct. You got this!

Yes yes yes I am all the rationale make me understand it better the ones I got wrong and actually help me answer new questions that was similar but I just think about the previous rationale I'm also using a book called nursing made insanely easy I swear it is the truth I hated Saunders it felt like I didn't retain the information to help me refresh

I've done Kaplan, Saunders, Mastery, and now I just bought Uworld. So far, I like Uworld the best out of all of them.

Kaplan's Qbank really sucks. The questions are great and really make you think, but the rationales aren't detailed. I'm attending the Kaplan classes prepping for NCLEX, but I probably won't get back to the rest of the Kaplan Qbank until I finish Uworld and Mastery.

Saunders is a good content review, but the questions are not difficult. The book is great for going back to brush up on forgotten material though.

Mastery is super great. I *think* there's a sale going on right now. It's normally $30, but I think it's down to $15 for nurses' week (but don't quote me on that). The questions range in difficulty, but the rationales are great. Plus, this resource never expires! I haven't done all of the questions yet, but I plan on going back to it once I finish Uworld. Having the app is an added bonus--I always have my phone on me!

Uworld is, I feel, the best of both worlds. It has hard questions with lots of SATA. The rationales are fantastic, and there are often pictures/diagrams along with it. Tutor mode is the best in my opinion, because you can read the rationales as soon as you finish the question. I also love that I can do this on the app. I do 25 questions in the morning, 25 questions before I watch my favorite TV show, and 25 questions before I go to bed.

I have yet to take NCLEX, so we'll see how good Uworld really is. I have everything turned in...just waiting (and waiting and waiting) for my school to send my paperwork to the state as well.

ETA: I've also never seen bad reviews about Uworld. I looked it up quite a bit before i bought it, because every penny counts with all the NCLEX fees we have to pay. I haven't read a single review stating a person has used Uworld and failed. I'm sure there's someone out there, but compared with all the reviews I've read about people failing with Kaplan, I'll take a chance on Uworld.

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