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  1. U world prep

    Yes yes yes I am all the rationale make me understand it better the ones I got wrong and actually help me answer new questions that was similar but I just think about the previous rationale I'm also using a book called nursing made insanely easy I sw...
  2. U world prep

    Sweet yea I was using it from my friend login and it's was great but it expired not but I'm ordering it on my own this Friday cause like it's the truth lol I plan on taking nclex soon just waiting on my slow ass school to send my paper work so I just...
  3. U world prep

    What is everyone opinion about u world and has it helped with nclex
  4. Nclex coming soon any study tips

    Congrats and cool yes I got a taste of u world and I liked u world I heard it is closest to nclex
  5. A Review of Kaplan vs Hurst vs UWorld - I Used All 3

    Currently using uworld but the PN version and it is great
  6. Nclex coming soon any study tips

    I graduated in January and now still preparing for nclex which will be coming soon. I am terrified I have been studying I'm just lratijg I pass first try. Any study tips anyone? I been using u world which is great and Saunders test bank? Any suggest...
  7. Oakland university LPN at Focus Hope Detroit, mi

    Its ok they sort if unorganized but they still doing a lot to make it better , they have great teachers some bad but the good ones outweigh the bad. I can say its no joke lol I had to do a lot of sacrificing and the clinical days are either Thursday ...
  8. For anyone that is interested in LPN I am attending oakland university LPN program which is the old Riverview institute. It is located now inside of focus hope on Detroit focus hope on oakman. Entry requirements not bad cost only 16,000 but the down ...