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You may/may not recall an earlier post about my horrible interview. My interview was with this crazy, inappropriate, unprofessional nurse manager on MedSurg. Well, 2 weeks later I interviewed in a different dept. (L&D) and the nurse manager informally offered my dream job on the spot. She has been keeping in touch via phone and email with me the past 2 weeks. I'm just waiting for the call from HR.

I am so excited until today. I called HR to check my status on the L&D job and HR tells me there are 2 approvals for 2 different dept. (one in MedSurg, the other in L&D) and the DON has to decide *if* she's going to hire me, and *which* dept. she wants to put me. She said they "are wondering how dishonest" I am and think I wasn't forthcoming with the managers. WTH? It's nothing but a turf war and I'm being made to look like I'm dishonest. I told the first crazy manager that my goal is to eventually transfer to L&D but I would give her a solid, one year on her floor. (I later decided there was no way in hell I'll work for her, but I was polite at the end of the interview and left it alone). When I managed to get a word in, I told her my passion lays with women's health. I guess the crazy manager was too busy talking about herself to listen to anything I said. NO formal offer was made from HR about that job. Fast forward 2 weeks. I land an interview with L&D. Everything is great. I tell the manager I have papers in HR for the other position but no formal offer was made and I don't want the job anyway. She said that's fine. How am I being dishonest? I feel like this crazy MedSurg manager is making trouble. I will be so upset if I lose this job in L&D b/c of this drama!

When talking with HR today I mentioned that no offer was made from HR on either job. I told her even if the MedSurg job was offered I decided I wasn't going to take it b/c of the experience I had with the manager during my interview. That interview was one month ago and I still haven't gotten an offer from HR anyway. She probed about my experience and I told her everything that happened. The racial comments that were made about other nurses, the plans to "clean up the floor" and fire people, the bad-mouthing other nurses and using first names, etc. I told her how unprofessional the interview was and that I was turned off. These were all reasons I decided I would not take that job if it were offered. Why can't I interview with other departments if no contract has been signed? I don't understand that. Yes, it territorial, but my goal is to work in L&D and that was mentioned in my interview. Now that I've finally made it (maybe) to L&D I get a roadblock. So now I have to wait until DON decides if I can have the L&D job. HR is supposed to meet with the DON today. I'm sure this will be discussed.

I kind of wonder if you should have been so forthcoming with the HR person. While they may have found the information to be interesting, offering it could have put you in a bad light. From your post you are aware that anything out of hoyle is always put back on the employee, never on the manager or the employer. Good luck. Hope this turns out the way you want it to.

I know, I wonder if I should have done that too. It's out there now. I am so disgusted with everything. :crying2:

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ITA with caliotter3. You talked too much!! I would have mentioned applying for the other position and nothing further....bad mouthing a manager during an interview WITH HR???!!! :uhoh3: I admire you for defending other nurses, and finding the manager unprofessional but she will hang herself eventually w/o you risking your chances for your dream job!! Hope all goes well for you!!

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Never badmouth the manager to HR when you don't have the job and aren't off of probation yet. Keep applying to other places in the meantime. Follow up saying that you appreciate being considered for both positions. However, your goal is to one day go to L&D. Hope you get your dream job.

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I'm sorry this happened to you, but maybe it's a solid sign that this isn't the right hospital for you to work in. You could try calling the DON and speaking with her yourself, but if there's this much miscommunication and chaos already it doesn't speak well to what the actual nursing experience would be like.

OP, I feel for you! Not your fault they are ****** up. They kinda lead you down a road where you felt you had to defend yourself, and there ya are looking all suspicious. How ******-up. IMHO, if they are that messed up that they are already trying to "write you up" during their poor excuse for recruiting, it just doesn't bid well for how it would be to work there.

I'd stick to your L&D NM, or the highway.

What the heck is it with jobs these days.

I got the job in L&D! The phone call came from HR. :up:

Good for you! do not set foot on that med/surg floor, lol :lol2:

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I got the job in L&D! The phone call came from HR. :up:
Congratulations! :yeah:
Good for you! do not set foot on that med/surg floor, lol :lol2:

Ha ha. No kidding!

Good for you! Now go celebrate!

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