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Try to memorize water soluble vitamins and their deficiencies!!!Help?


Does anyone have tips on how to memorize water soluble vitamins and their defiencies?


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Does anyone have tips on how to memorize water soluble vitamins and their defiencies?

Nope, but ask me when you get to the cranial nerves! (evil wink)


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B vitamins and vitamin C is water soluble....now you can look up deficiencies

B and C are the only H2O soluable vits. Not all are real important ones to know but here they are: B1 thiamine def very common in alcoholics (called Werncke-Korsakoff syndrome). Tx is IV thiamine (banana bag). Beriberi is a chronic def of thiamine named back in the 1890's in asia: S/S are ataxia, tachycardia, edema. B2 is Riboflavin and its def is called Ariboflavinosis. S/s are inflammation of lips and tongue. B3 is Niacin and its def is important. Pellagra is characterizd by the 3D's: diarrhea, dermatitus, dementia. Interesting, our body converts Tryptophan to niacin so I guess we are all in good shape following Thanksgiving!! B6 is Pyridoxine and its def rarely ever occurs alone. When it occurs, it is usually linked to other drugs that effect its availability (birth control pills - and watch during pregnancy as we.) B9 is Folate and of course def is associated with spina bifida and anencephaly. Adequate intake of folate is essential in early pregnancy. ** also and B12 def is associated with megaloblastic anemia. Lots of drugs effect folate absorption (anitconvulsants, nsaids, anacids, sulfas, chemo agents). B12 is cobalamin. Remember for B12 absorption, intrinsic factor from stomach mucosa must be present. Def is pernicious anemia. Vitamin C def is scurvy and is characterized by gingivitis, inflamm of connective tissues, muscle degeneraion and weakness. This def is, as you know, extremely rare but can still occur in chronic alcoholis and drug users and anyone else whose dietary intake is extremely poor (watch elderly). Hope this helps, it was a good review for me! Shelly

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Folic acid and biotin also.

Also pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).

Cobalamin deficiency can also cause neurological problems...

A way to remember is lipid-soluble vitamins are ADEK, the rest are water-soluble.

Thanks ShellyRnEMT and AmaurosisFugax for your great reveiw.

I also remember vitamins A & D as being fat soluble as they are the vitamins commonly listed on the milk carton. And vitamin E I know as a fat soluble vitamin by the small oil filled capsules.

We learned the fat soluble vitamins also as "ADEK" or "DEKA".

That leaves the B's and C as water soluble.

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My pediatrics professor told us "A Dog Eats Kats" for FAT-SOLUBLE. LOL. At least you'll know whats NOT water soluble!:yeah:

plz let me know about cranial nerves ........ so that i may be able to remember easily........... advance thanksssssssssssss