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  1. lisa0615

    Desperate 2011 New Grad

    Thank you so much! I did find a job in Indiana. It is alittle "ghetto", but I like the experience.
  2. I'll be attending GSU this fall for rn-bsn :Dand I wanted to know can anyone tell me about their experience?
  3. lisa0615

    Not sure how I'm going to survive

    Pray..and pray some more..count your blessings..there are other people in worse situations. YOu'll figure something out.
  4. lisa0615

    Looking for fellow black nurses!

    Hello, I'm a 2nd semester nursing student from Chicago...Happy Holidays
  5. lisa0615

    I think I regret choosing nursing

    Have you tried home health?..you don't have to deal with other nurses and you are just working one on one with a patient..Don't quit..try a different field..
  6. lisa0615

    Seeking Nursing Internship

    Can anyone tell me how I would go about applying for a nursing internship in Chicago? I'll be in my second semester of nursing school in January 2010. I have nursing assistant experience but I'm having a hard time finding a job.I'm just trying to make sure that I have critical experience when I graduate.
  7. lisa0615

    Not sure I even want to be a nurse anymore...disillusioned

    pray and find any and all documentation to support your claim. This situation may be a blessing in disguise...I would get out of there.
  8. Does anyone have tips on how to memorize water soluble vitamins and their defiencies?