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  1. AmaurosisFugax

    Going to Nursing School at an Older Age

    Hello, I'm the OP & I would like to thank everybody who responded. It is certainly encouraging to know there are many who have gone to nursin schools at around my age, & have gotten jobs & been appreciated. I feel some younger nurses have been offended by some posts. It was never my intention to make this a young vs older nurses issue. In fact, I enjoyed feedback from younger nurses; after all, ifI make it I would probably be interviewed by a younger nurse, work with younger nurses so it is good to know how they feel. I strongly feel we can bring our individual strengths without disparaging anyone, or trying to say one group has abilities the other doesn't. Again, thanx to all responders.
  2. AmaurosisFugax

    why betadine on skin for those with iodine/shellfish allergy?

    Actually iodine can elicit an antibody reaction by binding to proteins & thereby acting as hapten & these will be iodine-specific antibodies. Antibodies to many small molecules (like drugs) are used in ELISA & radioimmunoassays. However you're absolutely right there is no cross-reactivity between shellfish & iodine, it's a myth.
  3. AmaurosisFugax

    Recession creates apathy.

    Really what happened to America that in the wealthiest country in the world we have so many people working under the threat of losing their jobs & knowingly doing far less than satisfactory care, & this is widespread now. I know, we are lucky we are not in Pakistan or Zimbabwe, but really that's besides the point. We are the wealthiest nation n the world. This should not happen (& BTW things aren't that bad in many so-called Third World countries as we are led to believe from TV images. I've been to many...) There is a level of arrogance in management in America that is not present in many countries, probably a result of at-will employment laws, absence of unions (altho' they are far from perfect) & we are a hopeful, optimistic people who think bad times are only temporary, but I wonder...the results of globalization, immigration & technology may result in changes in our work situation, employment opportunities & economic strength we have not experienced before. While healthcare cannot be outsourced like manufacturing or accounting, as more people flock to healthcare jobs as 'recession-proof(?)" there will be oversupply, & frankly, America cannot survive as an oversized hospital with deep unemployment & recession everywhere.
  4. AmaurosisFugax

    really high dose of meds . .

    If not supported by expert opinion or extensive publications, a statement like "we give it all the time" may not protect one from negligence if something goes wrong. It is true sometimes the maximum dose recommended by Package Insert is the max dose tested in clinical trials & higher doses are not necessarily toxic, but many times increasing the dose has no benefit but more side effects.
  5. Wristwatch? How 1990's...I get time from my cell phone, as do most people I know:) (on second thought something that's planned so stupidly does sound like a Government idea)...
  6. AmaurosisFugax

    Does anyone have a good site/advice for breastfeeding?

    There's an app for that (sorry couldn't help...):)
  7. I absolutely agree. A pt may not know how a disease progresses, or whether or not a symptom needs to be followed up. So they did the right thing, the doctor advised them to schedule another appointment, they did so & kept the appointment. In fact the problem among many (especially men)) is that they don't want to go to the doctor. And one may not always want to go over his/her health issues over & over again, the doctor knows it & that's what sufficient for the pt.
  8. AmaurosisFugax

    Help please ;/ I'm a nursing student-need help remembering a med name

  9. AmaurosisFugax

    Nursing home firing oldest nurses.

    While unquestionably there is corruption, coercion & self-servingness in the unions, in general the workplace is heavily stacked in favor of management with at-will employment, large numbers of visas allowed for foreign workers (most countries don't allow that) & finally, in most cases the company has much better (at least more expensive) lawyers than the employee does should it come to litigation. So just as the union protects bad employees, too many times a bad manager can ruin an employee & the company in most cases takes management's side. I wont mind letting a bad employee keep his/her job if that means all employees have protection against their reputation & livelihood destroyed by some jealous, insecure, vindictive or plain stupid manager. Unions do bring some checks & balances. It is an imperfect world, we don't have perfect management, we wont have perfect unions.
  10. AmaurosisFugax

    Interview questions : Inappropriate or illegal ?

    Acutally the EEOC rules deal with actual discrimination, merely asking the question may not be illegal according to some authoritative sources (eg, http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-articles-common_interview_surprise_inappropriate_questions-1018) "Merely asking the questions isn't necessarily against the law, according to the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC)."
  11. AmaurosisFugax

    Interview questions : Inappropriate or illegal ?

    Technically it is not illegal to ask any question (freedom of speech); it is illegal to discriminate based on them. And the interviewee has the right to refuse to answer any question. However since asking them immediately raises a red flag, most inerviewers wont ask them. Unlike race, gender, age etc, physical beauty (or perceived lack of it) is not a protected entity...an employer can legally hire a beautiful person over a homely one (from their point of view of course).
  12. AmaurosisFugax

    "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Does EVERYONE just want a free ride?

    I wonder why people think we in general don't have a great work ethic. We get less vacation time, sick leave, maternity leave than the rest of the world. We come in to work even when we are sick. We generally reject unions. Our stores are open 7 days a week. We don't take midday siestas. There is a small percentage amongst us that do lack the work ethic, but...unfortunately our liberal entitlements have encouraged that...& slightly off-topic, but why do we pay more for medications when many drug companies have hired from scientists who benefitted from NIH (US-taxpayer)-funded research. Just recently the British NICE refused Avastin for colorectal cancer, guess what! Roche reduced the price in the UK! And this has happened several times. Not to excuse the freeloaders, but as many posts here show, sometimes honest, hard-working people are depending upon free samples b/c there is no other way.
  13. Also pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Cobalamin deficiency can also cause neurological problems... A way to remember is lipid-soluble vitamins are ADEK, the rest are water-soluble.
  14. AmaurosisFugax

    Spider bites...

    Can't help posting this link...woohoo http://www.medicinenet.com/black_widow_brown_recluse_pictures_slideshow/article.htm Lovely...
  15. AmaurosisFugax

    Macho Men in the ED

    Homophobic Male Nurse:confused: I thought homophobe types stereotype male nurses & would steer clear...anyway, the post reminds of a male nurse I came across as a pt - b/c I am a male between 30-45 yo he seemed to go overboard to make sure I don't take his work as being gay that he appeared to overact the regular dude role. It is difficult to clearly describe like instead of acting even slightly compassionate he acted almost like it was a ballgame! Like the way he talked, or when physical contact was necessary...I noticed he was very gallant & caring talking to women, & I'm sure he would be very civil & compasssionate with say elderly men or children...but with say the age group of 20-60 he might be putting on this 'I'm not the sensitive type' show. And, I'm obviously not generalizing (it is an n=1 so obviously statistically meaningless, might be that specific guy's personal issue) but is it possible sometimes the straight male nurse is thinking the pt may stereotype him (or even think he is sending signals) & overcompensate...& in some cases the machismo may be an extreme...
  16. AmaurosisFugax

    Potential employer wants to talk to CURRENT boss as reference

    I find this request very unnerving. Many people don't want their current boss to know they are looking elsewhere, & if the current boss doesn't want to lose the employee they can easily sabotage the new job. While standard application forms do have 'can we contact' item, most potential employers know applicants don't want the present employer to know they are searching & if they do need to verify employment they do that after a firm offer has been made. Also many places hardly provide info beyond name/rank/serial number these days due to fear of lawsuits. Another concern is, if one's current employer knows someone is looking, they can legitimately feel the employee is unhappy & so may not be functioning at the best level. There are many other ways to verify employment (like a call to HR rather than current boss).