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  1. I have been a floor nurse on a memory care unit for a few months now and was recently told that some CNA's say they do not want to work with me because I do not give them enough support. This came as a shock to me as several of the CNA's have told me what they like about me being the nurse on that unit. They say previous nurses spent much of their time in the nursing office on cell phone or computer. They said they like that I am on the floor most of the time and help monitor and assist the residents. I spend about 15 mins. in the nursing office eating a quick sandwich and ordering meds. Other than that I am on the floor giving meds and assisting with residents. I do not bring my cell phone to work. Only once in 2-1/2 yrs. has my family called me at work. I was not told which CNA's feel they need more support or what support they need. I'd love for the CNA's here (especially those from assisted living or Alzheimer's units) to tell me what they need from the LPN. Thanks for any tips you are willing to share!!!
  2. Hi and Thank You to all who are willing to share advice to my concern!!! Alz. floor nurse X few months working with 2 CNA's (not always the same 2). 3 CNA's told me different positive reasons they like me as their nurse. A couple CNA's rarely say anything to me (and only speak to the residents when necessary) and seem very disinterested with the job. One CNA who works most frequently, has difficulty staying on task and wastes time anxiously repeating there plans instead of just getting the job done. This CNA knows how to perform well when upper level staff are around and therefore they have stated this is one of the best CNA's on the unit. When I started on this unit I tried giving honest praise and saying Thank You to this CNA however the CNA's response was very adamant not to Thank for doing the job as if saying Thank You was unnecessary and therefore considered demeaning. This CNA has an occasional "good mood" day, but most days is loud and anxious, often trying to rush residents. CNA often states in a gruff, agitated tone, that this resident won't come to dinner etc. and that the nurse is going to have to go and get the resident. When other CNA's care for the same resident's they use their dementia training skills and find a pleasant way to get residents to come for dinner etc. I rarely have to direct the other CNA's on how or when to do the tasks of their job, they know what needs to be done and what timing to best complete ADL's with their assigned residents. This CNA will spend so much time grumbling when asked to do something that I just do a lot of the tasks myself which puts me behind on my nursing work. Recently upper level staff told me some CNA's say I don't give them enough support and they don't want to work with me. I was not told which CNA's said this or given input on what support the CNA's feel is lacking. I want our work atmosphere to be calm and enjoyable while still getting the job done and I certainly don't intend to not be supportive of the CNA's. Any suggestions on how to best support the CNA's on an Alzheimer's unit would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. tlc2u
  3. tlc2u

    Graduation pushed back a year due to failing a semester!

    Are you out of school until the fall? Get a Saunders NCLEX reveiw book. (To some the book is overwhelmingly thick, Don't worry your goal is to practice questions not read the entire book.) Near the front of the book read the test taking strategies. Write a concise list of the test taking strategies to keep beside you when you practice questions. Practice NCLEX questions in this book. Set a goal to practice a certain amount (of time, or number of Q's or chapters each day). Determine number of questions or chapters to practice each day so you complete all the chapter questions in the book Do not mark the correct answer to the question in your book so you can go back and quiz yourself later. As you mentally answer the question check your answer to see if you were right or wrong. With a pencil place a check by the question for right and an X for wrong. After answering all the questions at the end of one chapter analyze why you got the question right or wrong. Do this using the test taking strategies. This will help you determine; what content you know best and what you may need to reveiw and which test taking strategies you have mastered and which you need to focus on improving. "only read content for the questions you missed due to lack of knowledge." If you miss a question due to weak test taking strategies continue to practice those strategies.) When finished all Q's in book practice Q's on the CD from the book. Do this to get used to taking test on computer like the real NCLEX. Newest edition in stores approx. $60.00 Online you can search for a used book from the last few years and find one much cheaper. Make sure it will come with the CD and check the price of shipping. Hope this helps. Best of Luck.
  4. tlc2u

    How can I stop being stupid with NCLEX questions?

    When doing practice questions in an NCLEX book do not circle, underline, or mark the correct answer on the page as you will want to go back and take these questions again in the future. A short chapter in the front of Saunders NCLEX books provides test taking strategies. As you do practice questions and read the answers and rationales, also determine from these test taking strategies why you answered the question right or wrong. Beside the question write in the test taking strategy most helpful in answering the question? Take notice of the test taking strategies that you use well consistently and the test taking strategies you need to improve your use of. For me answering NCLEX style questions correctly requires a knowledge base as well as consistent use of these test taking strategies.
  5. How much time per question does your nursing school allow on tests? I was always under the impression that nursing's final test "the NCLEX" allowed one minute per question. However if you do the math there is more than one minute per question allowed on the NCLEX. Now I am curious where the idea of one minute per question came from? Do most nursing schools time student's tests? And is one minute per question the standard for the timing of the tests?
  6. Know that you are not alone there must be other nurses in the building on other units that you can call for questions. Find out where the extension numbers are for the other units. Before you ask another nurse though see if you can find the answer to your question yourself. Example: Where do they keep a list of all the doctor's phone numbers? Different client's may have different doctor's the number should be on the face sheet in the front of that client's chart. How do I fill out a telephone order or neuro check form or fall evaluation? Again look in the client's chart and you should see one that has been previously filled out. Get familiar with where the blank forms are kept and then rely on a previous example in the charts to fill it out. That should help with some of the paperwork. Best of Luck
  7. Wow! Thanks for the response. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. Sounds like you are a hard working CNA who cares and works as a team with the nurse. Just curious what are some of the things you do to help the nurse? I can't imagine leaving a clients room to find the CNA for tasks that would take only a few minutes, I work 3-11 and from 6-8 or 8:30 while the CNA is giving showers depending on the night I run 70-95% of the call bells. Some nights between this time I have only administered meds to 3 clients due to call bells or redirecting a client who cannot find their room or safely redirecting a client who is pacing in the hallway without the walker and scared to go back in their room. However I am getting feedback from (7-3 supervisor) that I never help the CNA. This is why I asked the question as I wondered if I am not giving the help a CNA expects. My other thoughts are maybe the CNA does not realize how many call bells I am answering since she is in a room with the door closed and the shower running. After 9 or 9:30 the CNA has some time to sit and relax between the few last client needs of the CNA. While I am still running like a chicken with my head cut off and multi-tasking of nursing duties until past 11:30. Facility is asking why I cannot get done on time. Not to sound better than anybody else but I grew up working hard and am very work focused and have always been willing to do what it takes to get the job done. I wonder if this is my downfall. Maybe I never learned how to say no, or to the client whose TV isn't working and requires 10 minutes of pushing buttons on their remote to get it back on track to say I don't have the time or I don't know how. Anyone reading this I would appreciate any suggestions of things you do on your shift that helps get the job done on time and any suggestions of what as a CNA you feel is helpful to you from the nurse. Sincere Thanks, tlc2u
  8. tlc2u

    New job and nervous as all you know what...

    You say you are afraid you may be late getting folks to dinner I am guessing you are working rehab or Assisted Living. Just remember you won't be all alone. Hopefully you will have a nurse who knows the residents well. Before tuesday write down specifics of anything you can remember from your 3 days of training. Any client you can remember and what they needed or didn't need. writing things down helps remember them. Ask the nurse for verbal guidance or ask if they have written guides for the CNA. Ask the nurse for any tips that will help make the shift flow smoothly. At our facility someone has written out a list of some helps for the CNA. Things like: Who gets pushed to dinner in a wheelchair. Who gets showers on 2nd shift and what day their shower is. Who needs their bed covers turned back. Who needs ted hose taken off and washed. Who needs help getting ready for bed. etc. If you are working assisted living some of the clients can tell you how to help them or what help they need. If you find yourself asking some of the same questions over and over or constantly forgetting where something is or that a particular client wants ted hose off at 730 or to be put to bed at 9 then make notes and organize them later in a helpful order. Let your nurse know what you need help with or what questions you have and ask your nurse what you can do that would be helpful to the nurse. You are there to work as a team. Do remember that the nurse does have her own work to do and at times may appear too busy but you won't get help or an answer to a question if you don't ask. Best of Luck P.S. I started a post wanting to know what the ALF nurse can do to help the CNA, I hope you will add to your post here and let us know how your first days, weeks, go and what the nurse could do or have done to help you. I'd love to hear your feedback.
  9. I am an LPN in an Assisted Living and thought I was doing things to be helpful to the CNA's. However recent feedback has me wondering if I am helping enough or too much:rolleyes: I would love to hear from any ALF CNA's (3-11 shift or any shift) about what they feel the LPN can do to be most helpful to the CNA? Thank You for any tips or advice you are willing to share.
  10. Hi, To All, Thanks in advance for all advice. (ALF 3-11 shift) Ratio: 1 nurse, 1 CNA to 40. Am interested to know from other ALF nurses how much help are you able to give your CNA and still finish your own work on time? OR To ask this a different way can any ALF 3-11 share with me a guide of how you structure your shift to get it all done in time? I don't want this question to sound like I don't want to help my CNA because I do want to help and feel like I do help (maybe too much ) and maybe that is why I don't finish on time. How many showers do your 3-11 CNAs do on the shift? When the CNA is doing 4-5 showers on 3-11 at our facility then the nurse is running all the call bells from 6:00 -8:00pm sometimes the nurse is lucky to have time to administer 3 people their medicine in between those call bells. Any advice or guide of how you structure your shift would be most appreciated. Sincerely, tlc2u
  11. LPN's can you advise me about what generally to expect on a skills test and pharmacology test to apply for a home health agency. I recently called a home health agency to inquire if they hire LPN's with no prior experience. They said yes and come fill out an application and take a skills and a pharmacology test. I would love to know what these tests are generally like so I could review before going to take tests. Thank You for any advice you are willing to share. Sincerely, tlc2u
  12. tlc2u

    Top 3 Qualities of an LPN

    Hi to all reading this, What would you consider to be the Top 3 Qualities of an LPN? ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ I have obtained jobs over the years with my top 3 qualities of Honest, Dependable and Trustworthy. When looking for a nursing job I get the feeling that these qualities are not looked upon as anything special but as something expected. I'd like to choose some of my other strong points to focus on in obtaining an LPN job and thought it would be helpful to hear from current LPN's what they consider the top 3 qualities are. Sincerely, tlc2u
  13. tlc2u

    being tested at a home care agency interview?

    I am interested in applying as an LPN to a home care agency as well and was told I would have to do a skills test and a pharmacology test. Does anyone know what the skills test might be like? Physical demonstration of skills or multiple choice questions about skills? Which Skills? Thanks for any replies!!!
  14. yesterday a coworker offered to look over my resume. she said i should reduce the amount of job description i have provided and leave the recruiter wanting to know more so they will call me for an interview. here is a copy of my original resume. have i provided too much or too little information? is it too "boring" or are resumes in general going to be boring as it is just listing the information? what would you do to improve this? sally smith 456 my st. › anytown, usa h: 234-567-8910 c:234-567-8910 caringdependablelpn@yahoo.com _______________________________________________________ offering: ten years of medication administration ››› first aid & cpr infection and bbp control, hipaa, seizure care, fire/emerg preparedness, & daily documentation _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ objectiveto become an outstanding licensed practical nurse within your organization. education practical nursing degree [color=white]...................licensed practical nursing school [color=white]............2007 – 2009 associate degree arts/science [color=white].......[color=white].my state community college [color=white].....................2002 – 2004 community college honor society [color=white].........magna cum laude graduate [color=white].....................honor's list state high school graduate [color=white].......................class rank 11 [color=white]......gpa 3.536 license licensed practical nurse [color=white]..................state board of nursing [color=white]...............................2010-2012 experience direct support staff [color=white]............................company, inc. [color=white].............................................2000 – present [color=white].......................... cared for adults and children with disabilities and mental illness. float to 12 work sites. communicated well with all team members. assisted with hygiene, grooming and activities of daily living. administered medications, monitored effects and documented. assured all next day medications were on hand. reordered when low. responsible for controlled substance count per shift. assessed for signs/symptoms of illness, reported findings to nurse. monitored for seizures and provided seizure care and management. commended by supervisor for excellent, detailed written communication staff excellence award recipient. patient care provider [color=white]..........................any state medical center [color=white].................(summer) 2005 –2006 floated to units. provided care to meet comfort, hygiene, and safety needs of patients. obtained specimens, weights, vital signs and blood glucose levels. assisted with bath, oral care, shaving, toileting, dressing, hair and skin care. assisted with feeding patients, mobility, and oral suctioning. assisted nurse in prep for procedures, documented on computer. maintained flow sheets, i/o. maintained tidy patient rooms. performed ekg and bladder scans. nursing school experience [color=white]..............various locations [color=white]................................................2007-2009 medication administration -- colostomy care -- vs, wts, bs, i/o’s oxygen therapy monitoring -- tracheostomy care -- ng and oral suctioning d/c catheters, jp drains, iv’s -- specimin collection -- central line dressing change iv fluids and monitoring -- discharge teaching -- wound care & packing nursing home, med surge, telemetry, peds, women’s health, maternal newborn, l&d, psych, orthopedics, oncology, or, er, outpatient surgery, cath lab, pacu, mri, ct scan, ekg, eeg, colonoscopy, hypertension clinic, community and school nursing… certifications bls for healthcare provider [color=white].............american heart association [color=white]................................200909/2011 medication administration [color=white]...............company, inc. [color=white]......................................................2000-12/2010 hipaa/fire/emerg.prep/seizure [color=white].......company, inc. [color=white]......................................................2000-12/2010 first aid and cpr [color=white]............................... american red cross [color=white]............................................2000-12/2010 volunteer [color=white]... nicu parents support - state hospital [color=white]..cub scout den leader/boy scout asst. activities [color=white]....sunday school teacher, [color=white]...................... cub scout day camp assistant [color=white],,,,,,,,,,,,,1990-2008 [color=white],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,homeless care [color=white],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,annual food drive any advice for improvements would be very much appreciated. sincere thanks, tlc2u
  15. tlc2u

    How do you remember it all?

    Do you have an NCLEX review book. I liked Saunders the best and see that others on here like it too. Reviewing the material from an NCLEX review book would give you a good review/overview of the material and familiarize you with the book you would use to study for NCLEX. Saunders is a big book and appears to be a daunting task to consider reading it from cover to cover after you finish nursing school. However if you familiarize yourself with the book now it may not seem so daunting later. Best of Luck
  16. tlc2u

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    moseshopper i saw your post that you passed and wanted to say: congratulations!!!! rn tlc2u