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Hi, I'm interested in looking for a travel assignment in the San Fran Bay area. Wondering if anyone has recommendations/info on hospitals, pay, housing, and agencies. Any advice is appreciated and... Read More

  1. by   Codeman906
    I feel your pain, I have 5 years ER experience, but Im a new traveller and I just took my first assignment and was totally low balled. Its worth it for me just for the experience of where I am going, but in the future im going to try and shoot for a higher rate. It seems AMN is notorious for being cheap.
  2. by   Janethenurse
    My L&D RN friend just finished her travel assignment at UCSF in San Fran. They may have some openings there. She took the assignment through Titan Medical. She vents to me about everything and didn't complain about this place.
  3. by   northcalgirl
    I am currently on assignment in the East Bay area. I love it here, about 30 minute drive to downtown SF. Housing is a bit cheaper in East Bay (and I assume north and south bay area too but dont know about theses areas as much) and it is VERY nice here. Everything is ver accessible (the city, San Fran Airport) by the train (BART) which goes straight through the east bay. I dont have to fight the horrbile traffic and crowds here either. Lake Tahoe is 2 hours away and Yosemite is 3.5 hours away. I work at Kaiser, Walnut Creek. Feel lucky to be here!

    ANother option: Oakland, CA There are A LOT of travelers there and it is even closer to the city and Berkeley. It is considered East Bay so you could live in other East Bay cities and be able to have a reasonable commute. Oakland seems like a high crime area according to the evening news but there are lots of people that live and work there and like it but, without knowing the city, I would not recommend a travel nurse living there.

    Let me know if I can help answer any other questions...
  4. by   sweetgurly25
    what is the travel pay like with ms/tele travel jobs in northcal
  5. by   lisaleone1985
    Have any of you guys had any luck landing a job in the bay area? I'm also looking to start an assignment there in November hopefully! Any updates/ info would be great!!!!
  6. by   NedRN
    Three posters on this page are working there now. So the answer is yes! There will be just as many jobs in November. Kaiser, UCSF, and Stanford use tons of travelers. There are perhaps a dozen more hospitals with a good number of travelers in the Bay area, from Napa to San Jose.
  7. by   meahill
    Have a phone interview with Stanford on Monday-
    1- What should I expect during the phone interview? I have never done one before.
    2- How should I go about finding housing, because my family and I are thinking of relocating and want the best school districts/ family oriented place. Needs to be within 30 mins of the hospital, so maybe its just better to stay in the palo alto area???

    any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated

    I would love to connect with some other people if I do get the job- I think it would help to make a few friends before I get there!
  8. by   NedRN
    Are you OR? My original interview (pre-American Mobile) was a conference call with three managers. It was not difficult. Remember that they have already reviewed your credentials and want you. Confidence is all you really need. If you really want to sell it, you can mention that you are interested in becoming staff and want to have the free trial first!

    Palo Alto and all the surrounding communities are super expensive. I would take agency supplied housing if you are bringing your family.
  9. by   goldengirl88
    How was Vacaville? I'm 24 and that's one of the places i was looking into, do you think it would be suitable for someone my age? Or is it more rural and homey