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  1. sweetgurly25

    Tax Season!

  2. sweetgurly25

    Any one in Sacramento

    visit the website or call them
  3. sweetgurly25

    Which travel company should I apply to for Tampa?

    they dump on the seasonals. don't work for the tele floors witt3 or witt 4. the ortho floor gets 7 patients at night and 6 on days.if they don't have enough patients to staff that the seasonal nurse is sent home. they are allowed to cancel you at lease once ever two weeks but that happens a lot in the summer
  4. sweetgurly25

    Anyone worked in Kaiser San Jose

    i won't be able to work there till feb but just wanted feedback on how good or bad it is.
  5. sweetgurly25

    Any Las Vegas Travel MS Tele Advice ?

    i had 8 patient on a tele floor with one aide for the entire of 40 beds. i don't know if it has changed but i worked at sunrise hospital
  6. sweetgurly25

    napa valley, ca

    anyone worked at queen of the valley at napa valley california
  7. sweetgurly25

    Which travel company should I apply to for Tampa?

    bay care does seasonal work. they have several hospitals in that area. they set you up in housing and wages are good. don't work for morton plant though. good luck
  8. sweetgurly25

    Texas Hospitals

    I was a staff nurse for 2 years in texas and i can attest to some of the complaints. However, not all the hospitals are like that. the HCA are notorious for mistreatment and low pay is also common in small cities and towns. I worked for baylor and texas health resource hospitals in dallas and they were pretty decent.
  9. sweetgurly25

    First travel gig!

    Its ok to be nervous. I researched from 1year before i decided to jump on the travel wagon. Your never going to feel fully confident in ALL your skills but thats what makes traveling awesome. You become confident as you are put into uncomfortable situations. When I can't get an IV i call someone else, simple as that. Always remember its all about the patient. Talk to a few recruiters and pick the ones you are comfortable with. Maybe take an assignment close to home so you are not home sick. Good luck
  10. sweetgurly25

    Anyone worked in Kaiser San Jose

    My recruiter is pushing me to work at this place(lots of needs) I have never worked for kaiser and i have heard too many horror stories. Just wanted to know what your experience was good or bad? thanks.
  11. sweetgurly25

    Advice on traveling?

    Awww sorry that you had that experience for a first time traveler, it must be discouraging but it gets better. Do more research on the hospitals you are going to, make sure you get other travelers feedback from it. Lay out your demands before you sign a contract with any agencies. At least you were not penalized for ending it early but most agencies wont let that happen. good luck.
  12. sweetgurly25

    Thinking about traveling to Tampa, need info! :)

    Baycare is a good hospital system it has several hospital outside of tampa area. stay away from Morton plant. the housing is spectacular (water front).
  13. sweetgurly25

    jury duty

    I told them I was working out of state and I was excused
  14. sweetgurly25

    Insurance. Take package from each or one main insurance?

    obamacare cost me less than $200/month
  15. sweetgurly25

    All new, and afraid to get up and go!

    Get up and go for it. best thing I did. My first assignment was close to home then the next on was 1500miles from home. I wanted to travel to California so badly but I ended up in las vegas. Spend some time in this website and research hospitals and agencies that way you know what questions to ask. good luck.
  16. sweetgurly25

    Is This Common?

    Some agencies are still requiring to speak to references. I know its stupid but get written references just in case.