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I'm just a bit curious. At your hospital, when you attend c-sections, do you transport the baby (not preemie or requiring oxygen support) to your well baby nursery or NICU in:

(1) a prewarmed transport isolette

(2) a regular newborn open bassinet

(3) in your arms?


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Usually Dad's arms. If not, my arms.


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No one is allowed to hand-carry babies on the units where I've worked, both for safety and security reasons (infant abduction).

Either a crib or transporter is fine.

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No one is allowed to hand-carry babies on the units where I've worked, both for safety and security reasons (infant abduction).

Either a crib or transporter is fine.

We usually only have one baby on the floor at a time. At the most we've had 3.



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It's specifically stated in our policies that a baby going to the NICU can be hand carried by the NICU nurse. I believe it is the nurse's discretion whether a baby can be hand carried or not. We've hand carried 32 weekers to the NICU that didn't need O2 (since it is a short walk/elevator ride). Once in the NICU, they're supposed to be moved around via isolette, crib or warmer. I don't believe the well babies can be hand carried around. Parents are told they can only transport their baby via the crib.


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Well babies are transported via open crib, always, in my hospital. From OR to mom's room in case of C-section (well babies are never routinely sent to the nursery here), and anywhere around the floor outside the mom's room whether baby is being transported by a nurse or a parent. It's part of our security policy.

To the Nursery, warm transporter. Sicky-poo, it all depends......


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Our C/S babies come to us in warm transporter isolettes... usually, they are bundled up in a couple blankets, too, so there's no chance of getting cold. Our women's OR is just across the hall from our nurseries, both newborn and NICU. Just like Jolie said, we're also not allowed to hand carry our babies anywhere for security and safety reasons. The FOB walks over with the person transporting the baby while the mom goes to recovery. After the transition period, all our babies go to open cribs and get transported to where ever they need to go via the open crib.

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Like others above, we never hand-carry babies for both patient safety and security reasons. If going from the OR to the nursery, they bring a basinette over and wrap the baby in warm blankets for the short trip down the hallway. If going to and from mom's room, always in a basinette. When we take babies back to the NICU with us, they're in a heated isolette.

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We aren't allowed to hand carry any baby from DR, they go in a transport isolette.


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Our c-section babies are kept in L&D and after the NICU RN and MD clear the baby, it is kept in L&D and the PP RN comes down and transitions the baby right in the RR so baby can stay with mom at all times.

If baby goes to NICU, then they have a transport isolette.

If the baby needs to go to NBN for closer observation, then the NBN RN carries infant in her arms, in the non-public elevator.

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We carry normal newborns to a room in PACU, next to where mom will be, for recovery. Dad or whoever is in OR comes with us. We do allow other family members to see the baby on the way through as we have a choice of routes. If the baby is uncooperative, and flunks the hour or so that mom has in PACU, it will be taken to the nursery for recovery. Otherwise we send baby with mom on the gurney to her pp room.

Babies who give us cause for concern in OR are taken directly to the Level II for recovery and possible admission.

Micropremies and other direct admits are handed to the nurse at delivery and immediately walked into the nursery where the team is waiting. That takes 15 seconds or so, and makes our job much easier. We even do vag deliveries of pretermers in OR, so that we don't have to transport them from L&D.

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