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  1. What did you do before you were a nurse?

    I was a personal banker for 10 years full-time and a bartender part-time.
  2. My Story - What's happening to my hospital?

    How frightening that so many of us feel the OP could have been talking about the facilities we all work for. It's occurring in the hospital I work for also and it is appalling!
  3. An Open Letter to (Micro)Managers

    Kudos to the OP and to all who have posted after!!!! I felt like I was reading about the current 'fearless leader' in the unit I work!!!! I swear I never thought I'd actually know someone who is so contented with making everyone else's life a living ...
  4. Full term grunting baby with good O2 sats

    This baby would have been monitored in our special care nursery for a short time, hopefully only the time it takes for mom to get out of the OR and PACU. The baby would have his/her head-to-toe assessment, Ballard, and bath. If he continued to grun...
  5. Wage Freeze

    I think we work for the same facility! I'm kind of curious to see what happens at the end of the 18 months.
  6. I'm a second career RN also and I didn't have the 'calling' to become a nurse. But I can't imagine doing anything else either! I just love working with people, plain and simple.
  7. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Had a baby just a couple of weeks ago named Yurhinus...pronounced Your highness.
  8. Florence Nightengale's Notes on Nursing...

    I bought mine new from Amazon, but I'm sure if you checked or eBay you could fine one in good condition.
  9. Thank you's - memorable ones you've received?

    I was discharging a mom/baby couplet one evening and as I was packing the goodies from the crib for the parents to take home, mom said to me, "Is this normal?" When I turned around to look at what she was referring to, it took everything I had to ke...
  10. Most "Clueless" Thing YOUR Manager has Done

    I wish I could say this is a one time occurrence but... One week last October our birthing center was popping at the seams , L&D was full, postpartum was full and our special care nursery, which is only supposed to accommodate six infants, had 13...
  11. What would you do in this situation?

  12. Is this true of nursing?

    We use our minds for so many different things in nursing! We are dealing with far more than the nutritional status of the patient. We as nurses are required to have and use critical thinking and many times at a moments notice. No offense to the RD...
  13. Wait to conceive after a miscarriage

    I lost a baby at 18 weeks and my OB told me on the day of discharge from hospital to wait three months. However when I went in for my six week postpartum appt he asked me if I wanted to wait or get pregnant. I wanted to try again, right away! I go...
  14. "Escorted" out of work

    One of the RN's on our unit was escorted out just a couple of weeks ago. The really crappy part about it was, they let her work her full shift and walked her out after. Huh?
  15. The Patients Who Break Your Heart

    I had my first experience with a baby who died of hypoplastic left heart just last week. Mom and dad chose palliative care before the baby was born. Once the baby was born he came to the postpartum unit with mom and fought hard for five days. He s...