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Hi guys - it's been a tough day!! I have an exam in a week's time and have been studying as much as possible for that. Starting to get stressed, and doubting myself, but as I've "been here before" I know I'll survive.

But I went to work at the dementia unit today and BOY....what a day!! I'll spare you all the gory details, but the highlight of the day was one chap who came up and dumped a handful of faeces (from his pad) on the kitchen bench in front of me...he had it EVERYWHERE - hands, fingernails, shirt, pants, I had to chase him down and convince him to let me wash him up. As anyone who works with dementia patients aint always easy to convince them! lol

It was like a day of soap operas today -- we had a big fisty scuffle between two residents over "who gets the pink cup", many tears and counselling sessions, lots of hugs and kisses. I received a punch and a bite to boot (from two different patients). Had two patients strip naked and start to wander the halls (they can move very speedily when they want to!) - had to chase them both down and convince them in my most patient and loving voice that it's "awfully cold outside isn't it?? Shall we put some clothes on?". lol

Just another day in the office in dementia care I suppose -- but don't get me wrong...I DO love it with all my heart!!

But coming home EXHAUSTED and trying to study for my next exam next about being POSITIVELY DRAINED now!! lol. Trying to get the whole urinary, immune, digestive, integumentary, reproductive, hearing and visions systems locked into my brain! Ack!

Oh well....I think a glass of red wine and a trip to is in order! After that I'll hit the books!! Thanks for letting me offload my day!

Have a great day all :-)


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I hope you are feeling better by now. I am only in my first semester - and haven't encountered anything close to what you did today. But I am sure I shall. Except for the test part - been there, done that.

You've got the right attitude, I must say. Hang in there.

Oh, and here's a big HUGGGGGG just to help (and a second glass of wine wouldn't hurt either).


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Aw thanks for the hug...I figure it's all there to make me into a good nurse. But SHEESH!! lol It helps just to vent occasionally, and I appreciate the support.

Best of luck in your studies!! How are you enjoying nursing school so far??

On these hard days I try to remember just how BLESSED I am to have actually gotten into the program at all, when so many missed out. I do love nursing, and feel so very lucky to on my way!

Thanks for your support - the hug was WONDERFUL! Enjoying my red wine now and starting to feel much better. lol

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Boy Kathy that sure sounds like a difficult day! Sounds like you are a wonderful caregiver. I hope if I ever "lose it" I'll find someone as caring as you are to keep me decent :) Glad the wine helped you unwind..and sharing here always helps. Good luck in your studies, we need more like you out there. (((((Kathy)))

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Good luck in your career. Sorry:o to hear about your bad day. I worked in LTC for a while and I have a grandma with Alzeheimers so I can understand how days can go. Good luck on the test. We are here to help or listen:balloons: Angelia

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Poor thing. Sounds like a real tough one. You have to be one special person to be able to work on a dimentia unit. God bless you! Sending you hugs and good thoughts for that rough bit of road you're on right now.

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Okay here is a joke to brighten your day.

Little old man in a nursing home strips off and goes for a streak up the main corridor past Daisy and Maisy sitting quietly sipping their tea.

After he goes past Daisy turns to Maisy and says "What was that fella wearing"

Daisy replied "I don't know but whatever it was it needed ironing."



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I just want to wish you luck with your test!!!


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Best of luck in your studies!! How are you enjoying nursing school so far??

Thanks for your support - the hug was WONDERFUL! Enjoying my red wine now and starting to feel much better. lol

I'm loving it!

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What a day! Whew. God love ya, because there is no way I could work in a dementia unit.


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Bless you ALL - I woke up this morning with tired and bruised legs (WHERE do all those bruises COME from??? I never remember getting them! lol) and knowing I have a late shift this afternoon. It's "Melbourne cup day" here in Australia (a big horse race), and the residents all get a chicken and champagne I'm expecting some "interesting" antics when I get there!

But logging on here to all the support and encouragement makes me feel like it's all worthwhile and that you guys really understand the stresses of balancing school, work, family, exams and all the rest of it. What would I do without you??

Going to hit the flashcards while watching Dr. Phil and Oprah and try and get a few more concepts under my belt. I'll be sooooo glad when this exam is over!!

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Kath, If it makes you feel any better, I get bruises on me all the time and never know where they are from...bad part? I'm not working in a hospital right now lol.

You're keeping your sense of humor with is the HARDEST part. Keep up the studying, you're already doing a great job at nursing. (I don't think I could have handled the poop present as well as you did!)


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