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  1. Which job should I take

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      Hospital w/o benefits (nights)
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      Urgent care full benefits (AM)

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Hello everyone, I am a new graduate nurse from an ADN program, and I need your help and advice. I recently landed a job at a hospital in my area, which is 3 nights a week in the med surg/telemetry unit. The position is scheduled, but without benefits.

Today I got a job offer for a nurse specialist position at the urgent care department a prominent clinic branch in my area. It is a full time position, AM, full benefits and perks, and excellent training.

I feel extremely lucky that I got two job offers after weeks and weeks of no luck, I know a lot of people applied for these positions because in my area these kinds of jobs for a new grad are gold.

Would you go for a night job with no benefits (and lower pay) for the sake of gaining hospital experience. Or would you take the urgent care job because it is AM, full benefits, better pay, and save the hospital experience for later? Please help!!!

Btw, i want to eventually become an NP (prob family or women's health).

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Watch out for any PRN gig that promises a full schedule, if they don't have a need you'll be the first one well staffed and you won't have any recourse.

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Hospital first. You will get more support. A nurse specialist role for a new grad is a horrible idea. How do they expect a new grad to be able to function in this role??

Extensive training and ongoing manager support/additional training as needed. I feel there is nothing better than hospital experience, but considering the entire package?

Let's be honest... the biggest benefit that most people need immediately would be the insurance... Are you covered and can afford to not be offered the insurance?

As far as the urgent care offer - Nurse Specialist is a very vague term... what exactly would be the job duties? What patient population would be seeing? Procedures preformed? I think most of us here are considering the role of Nurse Specialist with the CNS role which is an advanced practice role that you wouldn't be qualified for, thus I'm sure this urgent care position is something totally different.

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This is a tough one, but as someone else pointed out how can you become a CNS without even having any experience?? That sounds like a terrible idea. You should have at least a year or two of experience in urgent care, and preferably an emergency room as a nurse prior to doing the role. People sometimes come into urgent care way sicker then they realize and you will need to know how to treat them prior to calling an ambulance for them.

I would say maybe stick with the med surg job , but look for one that actually has benefits. Shame on the hospital for expecting you to work a full-time, or even part time schedule without any of the benefits!


Please comment on exactly what the "nurse specialist" role entails.

And the hospital job - is this three 8s or three 12s? "Scheduled but without benefits?" Someone's looking for the best of both worlds!

I am suspicious of the nurse specialist position. If the demand for new grads in your area is as low as you're saying, why are they hiring a new grad for a coveted day shift position... a position that sounds like it should be filled by someone who is experienced?

I could be great it's just that something doesn't sound right. Maybe if you could clarify exactly what it is you'd be doing, that would be helpful.

Also, the 3 day a week hospital job... did they say you'd be cancelled first if the census is low? Did they address that at all? Is it considered part time or is it like PRN/registry?

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You aren't qualified for a CNS position, so I too am wondering what the urgent care center really thinks that means. I think that is more important than the package, to be honest.

I would consider your ultimate goals in making this decision. What is your five year plan?

Essential functions as a registered nurse specialist:

Administers prescribed medications and treatments in accordance with nursing standards demonstrating positive outcomes in patient care.

Collaborates with other professional disciplines to ensure effective and efficient patient care.

Maintains exam rooms for necessary supplies and materials. Ensures cleanliness.

May prepare equipment and aid physician during treatment, examination and testing of patients.

Observes, records and reports patient's condition. Documents and reports reaction to drugs and treatments to providers.

Educates patient/family about diagnostic procedures, medications, nutrition and maintenance of health and wellness.

May be asked to act as a team leader and coordinate nursing care for patients in the home department.

Triages to ensure appointment preferences are given to patients in emergency situations.

Greets patients and prepares them for physician examination. Screens patients for appropriation information.

Responds to, documents and refers incoming patient treatment-related phone calls. Instructs patient and family regarding medications and treatment instructions.

Maintains/reviews patient charts, records and other pertinent information. May post test and examination results.

Adheres to all policies and procedures.

Maintains strict patient confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA.

Must thoroughly understand and follow established policy and procedure under minimal supervision as well as make decisions within established clinical nursing standards.

Participates in department quality improvement, clinic safety, infection control and hazardous materials programs and activities.

Exercises discretion and maintains high level of confidentiality.

Performs related work as required.

It specifies that 1 or 2 years of experience are preferred, but new grads are welcome.

Please see my comment below, about the functions and responsibilities. Thank you!

Please see my comment below about my functions and responsibilities as a registered nurse specialist, thank you!

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