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  1. Illinois Jobs

    I can now answer my own question...CSL plasma and Grifols are two different plasma companies that will work with probation. They have different locations in IL. The person I asked this question for was hired at one of them, and they were both willing...
  2. Nurses being reported on their spare time?

    It is possible to be reported, this kind of thing has happened to other nurses. Telling them you are a nurse and specifically asking them if it will effect your license was kind of like a big advertisement for them to report you. They might not, thou...
  3. Honesty on resume, now no job.

    I would leave it off if you think it would help. Unless it’s a government job or unless it is affiliated with your old place, they won’t know. The reason I would leave it off is because if you leave it on, you might only get offers from desperate pla...
  4. Where to start?

    Ask lawyer about getting your own drug test done. Urine/hair testing.
  5. Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    She sounds like she has some kind of anxiety disorder, or OCD, with her need for this constant reassurance. I would stop answering her questions. You just feed into it every time you do. I would tell her that from now on, you will only answer questio...
  6. Hospital Jobs

    In my area... it is almost impossible. HR always says no, even if the manager is OK with it. The only ones who work in a hospital that I know of got their hospital job before any action on their license, and were lucky to be kept by their job. But I...
  7. Board Order for Positive Drug Screen

    There is a such thing as being in monitoring for mental health issues only, even when drugs and or alcohol have nothing to do with it. It might be for a shorter time, depends on the state. Good thing you have a lawyer. I don’t know what the complaint...
  8. Plasma Center Nursing while in Monitoring

    Yup... I have heard that it is monitoring friendly. Someone I know who is on probation was hired at one of these companies.
  9. Unemployment compensation

    I'm sure there will be people saying you won't be able to collect but I say why not try? I would appeal it too if they deny it at first, if you can. I've never collected so I would 't know too much about it but I know my husband in the past has been ...
  10. Felony charges

    All the states are different, but they'll find out anyway so I don't see how telling them ASAP would hurt you. I know in my state the board does wait until your criminal case is final before they will deal with you. I would try to get this charge red...
  11. HELP! I don't know what to do?

    Think of that physiology class as being about as hard as most nursing classes, and that medical school is four times harder than that. Nursing school can be hard to get accepted into (unless you are going to go to Chamberlain or some other for profi...
  12. DWI in New Jersey, Application Under Legal Review

    I know in IL you would next be asked to get an assessment done by a psychiatrist and it would take a lot longer to get your license. In my state, if it was a DUI from alcohol you would must likely not be required to enter in a monitoring program if i...
  13. To TPAPN or not...

    They will be required to report it and they will. Yes get a job now that would be TPAPN friendly. Find out what the typical restrictions are. I am not familiar with TPAPN so I don't know offhand what the typical restrictions are. Some states make yo...
  14. HIPAA violation and future employment opportunities

    Boy OK people throwing you under the bus over here. First, resigning really won't help you because they can report you to the BON anyway. Trust me on that. I am a nurse in recovery, caught diverting controlled substances and had to report my own self...
  15. 2 questions

    I know someone who is now a NP but used to be on probation. Even after her probation was over, she had to argue with a school to let her in. She succeeded but had to fight it.