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:crying2:hi everyone my first post.

I took my nclex yesterday and am a mess since then,sick to my stomach feeling veryyy bad. answer 155 ??? and then it was over for me..... after 85 ???s i felt that i failed and thats all i feel. It was horrible lots of select all that apply,3 math,5 pharm never heard of,maternity,mental health. will know my results 2morrow. i know that it does no matter if u answer the last 1 right(which i think i did) but i feel that i didn't know anything. i graduated in june not too long, i study maslow, nursing process, saunders and kaplan..gotta be honest i get realllyyy anxious when test taking. I feel like crying so bad, dont want to go through that again.

Any advice


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Don't get yourself all worked up about it. I didn't feel 100% confident, either. I passed the first time. I don't remember how many questions I had. I think 110-115 and I am pretty sure I got the last question before it shut off wrong. I really don't think you can tell. Just try to occupy yourself until you get the results. I'm sure you did fine, but if not, it's not the end of the world. May seem like it, but you can do it again :)

thank you very much for ur advice....I will try to follow, will post how i did 2morrrow...trying to think positive!

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I've talked to many, many people who had it shut off at 80some questions - ALL of them (me included) passed. Think positive! Tomorrow may you be celebrating!

I really hope so :).... my daughter is 9 just came to me a few minutes ago and said: "mom i really think you passed becaused u r the best nurse i ever met".....OMG what a boost!! my hopes are :up: .

Thanks!! MisMatch.

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I'm sure you did fine.. 95% of NCLEX test takers feel doomed after taking it.(those are my statistics lol). The comment your daughter gave you should have given you a boost because that was very nice of her. I have a 3yr old and she just prayed with me and that was all I needed.

Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!:nurse:

Hi Tara!!

What a blessed children are in our lives.....a true gift!!

I decided that if i failed the test i will go to work with minney and mickey mouse.:D


I just took Nclex on Friday. Mine cut off at 85 and I passed. My best friend took the entire maximum 205 questions and she passed too. So it goes to show you the number of questions you take does not determine whether you pass or fail. I felt the same way you did. I had almost the exact same things on mine as you mentioned. I had never even heard of the drugs that were in my pharmacology questions...and I am pretty good with meds. There were only 3 or 4 that I knew for SURE I had correct out of 85, so I wasn't feeling very hopeful either. Just keep your head up, and things will work out!!! Good luck!!!!

The test is adaptive so the difficulty changes. What they do not tell you is that it resets when you change categories. If you are going along hard, harder, then easy. It may just mean that you changed subjects. I got mine in 85 but I almost bawled because I was sure that I kept blowing questions. I stopped at 80 questions to refocus for a couple of minutes. It was a very rough test for this nurse.

If you find out you passed, you will be happy. If not, so what? You just get ready and take it again. Don't stress out. Be glad you took it and hope for the best. Good luck.


Hi Tara!!

What a blessed children are in our lives.....a true gift!!

I decided that if i failed the test i will go to work with minney and mickey mouse.:D


I took my nclex last september8 but it was really hard exam i I ran out of time for 260 questions i keep on checking on bon but still pending I cant use the pvt trick because im aforeign grad gosssh my anxiety is above my head right nw

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