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Took NCLEX-RN Today.. Got The Entire 265 Questions!


I just wanted to post that I took the NCLEX-RN today for the second time (February 26) at 8:00am this morning and finished around 2:00pm-ish with 7 minutes left to finish up the test. I was super-anxious the night before, even though I had stopped reviewing/doing questions on the 24th. I took a whole day off to "unwind," but I will admit that I did a little brushing up on lab values the evening before my test. I'm so happy I did that, because I had quite a few questions regarding patient labs. In comparison with my last test, I didn't leave the testing center feeling depressed or anxious at all, in fact, I felt very positive! I was just happy that the computer gave me the opportunity to prove myself in giving me the entire 265 questions, compared with my last test in which the computer shut off at 191 questions. I felt good about knowing that I got the last question correct... at least I am 100% sure that I got it right.

Anyway, the exam is out of my hands now, and it's up to the board to either license me or not. I'm just going to keep thinking positive until I get my results. I just wanted to post for everyone to read! :D

P.S. By the way, I took the Kaplan Online NCLEX course, and the NCSBN over the 5 months that I've been reviewing for my second shot at the NCLEX. I found both very helpful, especially the NCSBN Learning Extension since the questions are quite similar to the real NCLEX.

Thank you!!! I truly appreciate it! :)

Here's hoping that you will realize your dream this time around. Good luck.


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I am still waiting for my resullt too.. took it Feb 25.

Goodluck to both of us.

I took it for the first time on Feb. 20th and also went all the way to 265. I also took the Kaplan Review class but felt like it didnt help me as much. I wish that the CA BRN had quick results like other states. The wait is just killing me. What makes it even worse is that I hear some people saw there name on the license verification site after 3 to 4 days from taking the test. But all we can do is pray and hope for the better. Good Luck to all.

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Good luck

For those of us still awaiting results, I'm going to say a prayer for you all!!! Best of luck to all of us, and I hope that in the coming days we'll be hearing great news from one another.

I am from alabama and I never heard of the NCSBN learning extension. What is it and how can i use the material

It's a nursing review course from the same company that creates the NCLEX. It's like Kaplan but cheaper. The price of the review is dependent on how long you want to review with them for. I took the 3-week course and it cost around $40 I think. http://www.learningext.com/products/rnreview/review.asp

I know a few people who took the NCSBN course. All of them said that it has been very helpful to them. And yes, it's a lot cheaper than Kaplan too...

So it has been 2 business days since my exam and I still don't see my name on the Board of Registered Nursing. It seems like with each passing moment, I grow more anxious. It's like re-living my first NCLEX attempt, where i had waited two weeks checking the CA BRN website each day before giving up, only to later receive the dreaded "big envelope" a few days later. I don't know if it will take longer to get my results since I got 265 questions on the NCLEX. I'm just finding myself in a constant state of anxiety and worry, thinking about having to review again for the next few months and doing it all over again. Just too stressful.

It's been over a week in waiting and still no updates on the CA BRN website. I'm trying to remain positive but in the back of my mind, I can't help but worry if I failed for the second time... :bluecry1:

Did u guys try the pearsonvue trick? They said that it works..

Pearsonvue web trick didn't work in my favor, and I also got my letter in the mail indicating I failed with 265 questions. At least the wait is finally over and I can start preparing for Round 3 haha. "Never give up! Never surrender!" :-D

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