Took NCLEX-RN May 5th, 2009 & failed. Re-take Aug 14th

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:cry: Took NLCEX-RN on May 5th and failed. Devastated! I had honors in nursing school! I never failed a test during nursing school! I felt confident going into the test, felt confident after the test, 2 days later I find out I failed. I don't think I have ever felt so low. I'm still upset about it. I see my colleagues on facebook passing their NCLEX the 1st time and a lot of them have RN jobs already. I thought about all my sleeplessness nights studying, all that clinical prep, all those clinical rotations, all that busy work, projects, reports, care plans, and my overall passion for nursing, I still can't believe it! I'm new to this site but I've read other posts and I see a lot of support... I have support at home yes, but I'd like to have some nursing support as well. People tend to relate better if they've been thru the same experience

Thank you for listening.

Your not alone, i failed my first time as well, with only 76 questions!!! I dont know where I had gone wrong! I truly thought I passed, when I got out, especially because of the number of questions I got.. i thought there is no way i can fail with the minumim questions , because that means i must have to have answered A TON of them now back to the drawing board and studying again... what are you using this time to study? initially all i was doing was using saunders.. now im using kaplan.. I WILL PASS MY SECOND TIME! Gotta keep the positive energy alive.. and YOU WILL TOO! We can do this ! :)


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i too failed after my first time and did well in nursing school and thought i prepared plenty. but am now trying to have a better attitude and get my studying into gear to pass this test the next time around! we can do it! i just keep thinking, we got into nursing school, did well and graduated, we can do this! best of luck to you!


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Thank you both for your support :nuke: I studied mainly content as oppose to doing review questions. I am focusing on review questions and trying to maintain a positive attitude. It is nice to know I am not the only person to have failed it, cuz it sure has been feeling that way til now


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Hello. For what it's worth, I took Hurst for content review and Kaplan to help break down the questions. I passed first time just a few days ago.

Good luck on the next go!!!

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Sorry you failed, give yourself a short break before starting over again. Practise questions and read the rationales and I personally would say aim for 100-150 questions a day and find time to relax and not study

Best of luck for next time


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Jennifer~ know that you are not alone! I am the same, I took my exam last week and failed. I was devastated, until now I still couldn't believe that I failed. It was anxiety that got me since when I reached #76 I was panicking and having major palpitations, I think I was in a hurry too! I plan on retaking it next month, I am still waiting on my ATT, but I plan to take it slow and reread the questions...take breaks and deep breaths. I can relate that most of your friend had already passed...and that kills self-esteem, BIG TIME! But we need to keep our heads up...we can do this!

I am slowly starting to study again, but not fully motivated yet. A lot of advises I got from here is to take it slow and take a break until you start studying again. I agree and I am taking my time...but again anxious to retake that test in 45 days! The wait is really bad! I want to be an RN already! WE CAN DO THIS... WE NEED TO BELIEVE!


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This test is brutal!!! But you will beat it!!! I passed my exam at 75 questions and honestly i used the nclex 3500 cd and just did a million questions. I did tests of 75 questions using all the topics on the cd and then i reviewed all right and wrong answers and did another test of 75. I also did an anderson review class and did a quick skim of their book just to refresh my memory. Mosby also offers an RN board game which was actually fun and broke up the monotony of lots of questions. One last recommendation, my friend gave me a book called pearls for the NCLEX. It is an extremely random assortment of questions and answers on any nursing topic you can think of. It is helpful b.c that is exactly what the nclex extremely random assortment of questions about anything and everything.

hope this was even the tiniest bit helpful!

good luck!!



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:wink2: Thank you everyone for your support and advice!


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Thanks very helfpful advice


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I PASSED!! I TOOK THE NCLEX AGAIN ON AUGUST 14TH AND PASSED!! WHOOO HOO!! Totally recommend studying practice questions as oppose to reviewing content. We know the content, now we have to learn the NCLEX questions. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOO VERY VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!! I GREATLY APPRECIATE THIS FORUM!! :yeah::D:up:


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