Took Lpn Boards today!!!! Pearson Vue Trick


Okay I took my test today my test shut off at 85 questions talk about NERVOUS a few of the smart A+ students cut off there and i was a B/C student so i was like OMG.... I did pearson vue trick the good pop up @ 12pm my test was at 8am. Im sure I should be excited but im going to wait until tommorow to start celebrating. Job search starts 1st thing Monday. Im happy its over if its over ;)


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I GOT THE GOOD UP LIKE I TOLD YOU ALL.....WHEN i called my BON they told me I PASSED...We'll she said was successful so i made the official announcement yayyy me. I have a dilemma my birthday is next month so if i get my license issued today i have to pay $60 renewal fee at the end of may but if i wait till may 1st i dont have to pay. So unless I find a job within the next 3 weeks im going to have it be issued on May 1st We all know the real date :)

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and can you share with us your study techniques.


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OK, first and foremost I want to give thanks to God because without Him I wouldn't be where I am at now. I promised myself that once I pass my nclex I will subscribe to "allnurses". I took my nclex on Monday, September 22nd, surprisingly I wasn't nervous on the day of my test. I got lost of select all apply, reinforce teaching, and intervention. I felt confident after taking the test which stopped at 85 but I still had my doubts. So I did the Pearson Vue trick and I got the pop up message. I was still skeptical despite reading lots of success stories form it. Well, I checked my results today and yes I passed! I'm so happy and I can't believe I am a nurse. It feels like i'm dreaming. But the Pearson Vue trick works! No doubt about it. Good luck to those who are yet to take the nclex. And congrats to those who pass. It's time to make a difference in society. I'm ready for the world. GO NURSES!


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so i just got home from the testing center, and I have been checking that pearson vue trick ever since and I'm getting the good pop up, Im just still not convinced if it really is true..BUT I REALLY HOPE SOO..My computer shut off after 85 questions, I didn't have a lot of meds which suprised me since I've read others get a lot of pharm questions, which was a reliefff , but a lot of SATA questions, some infection control questions ..but honestly I expenced the exam to be wayy wayy worse, I was preparing myslef for the worst, and I was pleasantly surprised, it was pretty broad..But I dont wanna say anythng until I know for sure I have passed. I really hope and pray that the pearson vue trick works :yes: I went into the testing center feeling like I know nothing honestly, I sat down and prayed, and question after question I closed my eyes and prayed for God to guide me to the right answer..So whatever is meant to be will be..AND TO ALL YOU FUTURE NURSES THAT YET HAVE TO TAKE THE NCLEX, IF I PASSED, THEN ANYONE CAN PASS ( but about that i will still have to keep u updated) :p Good luck to all! Ohh and just to let you know, the only thing I reviewed was EXAM PREP PN book :) very friendly book!


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U passed the trick works congratulations.

YES, first of all thanks to God! I took my NCLEX/RN on Monday Aug. 5. At first I felt I was not getting any right! I almost hit 75 questions when the computer prompt me to take a break! So I did...I went straight to the bathroom and I got on my knees, and praised God, I thanked Him, and I told Him I needed Him because I couldn't do it without Him! He knows the long journey... He knows the struggles...trying to keep a marriage together, work, kids, school, clinicals, Hesi exams, putting family and friends to the side, and so on...I studied my HESI book...I took Kaplan course, only was able to complete 56% of Qbank questions, and was getting 60' back to the topic...when i returned to the test room, after my praying..I almost reached 75 questions and asked God, please son't let it turn off now, because I had no confidence whatsoever that I had passed, I asked to get more so I can proove myself..redemption..I had put myself and all those around me through so indeed, it didn't stop.. and believe it or not, I started answering the questions as if my mouse was floating on top of the correct answers, it happend for a little while, then i felt stuck again, but I kept praying until I reached question 102, I was confident I knew the correct answer, and the computer screen turned blue, I was done...this time I felt I had won this battle. I knew in my heart I had passed, but didn't want to say it until I knew for sure...I did the PV trick and it worked, the next day State Board of Nursing had my RN License # by 10pm! I tell you all that are still in school, don't give up, persevere, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! :up:


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Just took my Pn NCLEX in cali this morning didn't know about the PVT but I got the good pop up so fingers crossed...PS my computer stopped at 85 questions


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DiD u pass? I also did the PN for cali. I got the good pop up but u know we have to wait 6 weeks unlike the rest of the nation :/


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DiD u pass? I also did the PN for cali. I got the good pop up but u know we have to wait 6 weeks unlike the rest of the nation :/

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