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  1. miladaniels

    'My Patient died' Facebook post

    I posted on Facebook, "for the first time in my nursing career I had to call a family and tell them their mother died". Somebody that knows where o work replied "hopefully not my aunt". Is this a HIPPA violation on my aunt?
  2. miladaniels

    Waiting for LVN license in Ca

    What ever happened? This is my 6th week after sending my payment.
  3. Looks like you're right. So RN must not have that fee. I hear nurse saying their license number was posted 4 days after testing they must be the RN test takers and don't require a license fee.
  4. Well thank you for letting me know. I guess I never thought this far before I've always focused on passing the test. Since the PVT trick says I passed I'm eager to know what the next step is.
  5. Wow I didn't know there was additional fees after I passed the test and paid 350 that's rediculous. What state are you in? Seems like my classmates would have said something being surprised they have to pay more money.
  6. Are you serious? After I paid 350 to pass the NCLEX I have to pay another 150 to attain my license? Wow I've never heard of that. What state are you referring to? I know all states have different rules.
  7. Sorry guys. I took the NCLEX-PN
  8. Hi all! I've taken the NCLEX for the third time Dec first 2015. PVT confirms I passed but I won't feel completely convinced until I actually see my licensed number. I know different states are different so please only CALIFORNIA testers. Mila
  9. miladaniels

    Pearson Vue Trick--trick no more

    You have to risk them charging your card to see if you passed or not. Once you put in your cc info you have to hit submit and agree to them taking 20p dollars off your card. After yoy hit submit it will take you to the confirmation page with yoy r receipt for payment. This means you failed because the system took your money so you can retake the nclex. But if instead of the purchase confirmation page you get an error message with a RED TRIANGLE (very important fact). That means you passed. Here is a pic of what my PVT looks like, I passed. My official results have not arrive but I believe in the PVT. I took the NCLEX three times. Finally passing my third time. The first two times I did the PVT and the system charged mt credit card because I failed. But this time it didn't charge my card because I the system recognized me as successfully completing that exam. Best of luck! I took the boards PN last Tuesday 13/1/15. I have to wait 6 weeks for my official results. Boooooooo California for not offering quick results. Mila Check out my pass results with the PVT.
  10. miladaniels

    Took Lpn Boards today!!!! Pearson Vue Trick

    DiD u pass? I also did the PN for cali. I got the good pop up but u know we have to wait 6 weeks unlike the rest of the nation :/
  11. miladaniels

    Pearson Vue Trick--trick no more

    Listen, you have to put in your credit card information and click submit (so they can process your payment). Instead of saying payment successful it will say this candidate recently took the test and cannot take the exam again. But u have to risk them charging your card. If u didn't pass then u have to pay the 200 anyway. Better sooner than later. I took the nclex pn last tuesday. Today I got the good pop up after I gave them a chance to charge my credit card. I live n cali and I can't do quick results so I have to wait 6 weeks boooooooo cali.
  12. miladaniels

    NCLEX PN result on hold

    Wow, Same with me. For three months i dedicated my life to studying for the NCLEX PN. I took the test yesterday. My apt time was 8 am but I got there at 7:15, the first one and I thought I could sit there and do a few practice test to get in the test taking mode but they told me to lock my stuff up adn sit for the test. I got SO MANY SATA questions, I hate those. And they even gave me the same question twice; Implement what for Influenza? a. Keep door closed at all time, b. Limit visiters to 30 mins c. USe sterile glove when in concant with pt d. Neg Pressure room. I chose, A. Keep door closed both times, Seem like that was one of the first and last questions. I couldnt find a positve answer for this question, does anybody know if I answered correctly?
  13. miladaniels


    Did you pass?