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Took Boards today.


I got 248 Questions, 20 SATA, 3 drag and drop, and 5 calc. I must stress the importance of knowing meds, infections and safety control, and your endocrine diseases. Decided to try to PVT after seeing sucessfully delivered and it sent me to the CC page. I heard on here that is a 100%. I am a bit down, but will brush it off and move on. Will get it out my system at military boot camp. Best wishes to those who are taking it.

Oh no. Sending hugs & prayers ur way. Been there & its not a good feeling Pls stay strong & look at it as a stepping stone. Wont be easy but dont give up.

How did you study? What did you use?

I used Lacharity Prority and delegation

Kaplan Trainers and Q Bank

NCSBN 3 week course (must say some of the questions were similar)

Alternative questions from Saunders and 3500

Having said all this.. you wonder, what else can you do? Headache!

Thats crazy.......... I feel the same way. Im retaking in 25 days....stressing a lot. But my 1st time i used saunders cd, kaplan strategy book & ncsbn (but I only did 40% of it. got distrated with lot of dfferent materials & didnt focus on one. SMH)

This time im doing KAPLAN ON DEMAND, PDA by LaCharity book, NCLEX 4000.

From your experience today do you have any tips?

Are you a christian? If so, i'll lift you up in prayers when I fast & pray.

Only 20 SATA is surprising to me. I did not count but I would estimate for every 15 questions, I would get 3-4 priority, 3-4 SATA, and the rest random. I got all 275 questions. Wising you luck that you passed!

The main thing about NCLEX is knowing your content, if you score good on content then you will be easily able to eliminate your answers. Most of the classess offer qbank which are good for practice purpose but if you are week in content no one can help you then yourself. Sorry to hear about the exam, don't be discouraged. You can do it, my suggestion is to start with saunders and do test yourself after each session to see where your weak area is, brush up on those and you will be set for NCLEX. Good luck and wish you all the best!

Sorry to hear about that. But good too see your high spirits. Don't give up. I am retaking as well. And I know it hurts. God Bless you. Keep working hard. We can make it :)

I am sorry to hear that, I wonder what went wrong. You used the most recommended material. However Aisha is right this is s stepping stone,but hopefully when you get the official results it will say Passed/Successful:specs:. Anyways I wish you the best!!:hug:

@Aisha, yes I am a Chtistian. It's his faith that's bringing me through. Everything is for a season and still too have past. Still have a little hope in me.. as I await the official result. I have heard stories about the PVU. Know your meds (especially sides effects), infections and safety control, and your endocrine diseases.I had a ton of priority questions... it's wasnt even funny. Well I sure did better than last time to get 248. Tomorrow is a new day filled with new hope and new dreams. I will be a licensed RN one day! it's all about God's timing and not mine.


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:hug:just to say i like your spirit. just continue studying. wishing you all the best.

it really put tears in my eyes when I see how much your guys are reaching out to help me. From the bottom of my heart.. I appreciate it. It shows me your care about me passing and it motivates me.

@Tashy Mary Kay - Was this your first time or second time testing.

Keep the Christian faith. When you believe in him he will pull you through.

I think this may be the case. I also want to reach out to you and help you. I don't know how you studied the first time. But since you know the content. It is more of doing plenty of questions and reading rationales everyday until the day of the exam. Once you have the content down, the best way to be comfortable is do hundreds of questions a day. Some people do 50 in the morning, 50 afternoon, 50 at night to retain better. It all depends on the person. I hope this helps.

AND THIS TO SHALL PASS!!!!!!!!! You will do fine next time. I must say that exactly the content you described is right. IDK if you did a lot of book studying, but I have noticed that people who do book studying as much as questions don't always do the best. All I did was all of Kaplan. I didn't pick up one book at all, and I answered 30 questions every two hours. My classmates that also did just questions passed. So I hope this helps! And remember AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

hey guys is pvu ( pearson vue book ) i need some advice this nclex rn please i need some help . for study where can i get a cheap pda pls i need review of content thanks my email is dchantie@yahoo.com

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I'm really sorry to hear this, I know you have given so much for this. But yes, keep the Faith and study again. In God's time, you'll have your license. Unsolicited advice, study like you never knew Nursing for your next try - like a clean slate, then start again w/ content slowly, one step at a time then proceed on answering questions. In the sources you've used, which of them don't really helped you at all? don't use them again. I'm keeping you in my prayers.