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  1. futurern34

    Optum Field Based RN

    Please help, I have a phone interview for an Optum Field Based RN. What kind of questions do they ask? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. futurern34

    No one will give me a chance

    I have the same problem. I have been working in a nursing home for 2 years and have been job hunting for a year. I have jacked up 3 phone interviews and 3 face to face interviews. I was able to get this job because I knew the HR Director. Do you know anyone that can refer you? Don't give up!!
  3. futurern34

    Leaving a job while in orientation

    This sounds like my story, sorry this had to happen to you as well. Good luck!!:hug:
  4. Yes it depends on the state. I passeed my nclex 3-29-12 and was hired @ a job fair the next day and have been working since 4-23-12. Maybe you might want to look into moving. Best of luck my friend.:hug:
  5. futurern34

    Comprehensive HESI: Good NCLEX Predictor or Not?

    Now your asking for advise?? Didn't you just leave negative comments on someone post that was trying to help everyone? SMH....
  6. futurern34

    How i studied for my nclex exam

    Paco69 needs a life people IGNORE him. By his/her negative responses:madface:, he sounds like he is struggling to pass the nclex.
  7. futurern34

    I'm officially a Nurse...RN

  8. futurern34

    took NCLEX this morning & I got a good pop up :/

  9. futurern34

    Tips from a tutor

  10. futurern34

    How i studied for my nclex exam

    Aww. I feel special!! Congrats again!!:hug:
  11. futurern34


  12. futurern34

    Nclex rn - i passed to god be the glory!

  13. futurern34

    Thank you GOD. I PASSED

    I am so happy for you Malenurse, you worked so hard!!! :hug:Congrats!!:yelclap:
  14. futurern34

    Sat for NCLEX-RN last april 11..

  15. futurern34

    75 question? God makes the impossible possible

    Congrats!! :yelclap:I forgot to thank Joe when I passed a couple weeks ago, he helped me too. Thanks Joe!!
  16. futurern34

    Took My boards April 11th

    I knew your were going to pass, you knew your stuff. Congrats girl!!:yelclap: