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  1. hotnurse408

    For those take th Nclex soon...

    MaryDee you may have to delete your messages in your inbox. no one can send you a message if its full.
  2. hotnurse408

    took nclex twice

    Good luck MaryDee!
  3. hotnurse408

    I can't belive it desperetely need your help

    I agree that its wrong for people to accused you.. lets all put that aside.This should be all about the "letter" .I think when someone is writing in reply it may have have been out of hand. It is possible voice your opinion without attacking the person. I have to admit your idea gave us some insight. I would not be surprise if someone else is planning to do the same
  4. hotnurse408

    Nclex PN Attempt #2...advice/encouragement needed...HELP! :)

    did you take a kaplan course or just got the qbank
  5. hotnurse408

    May 2012 nclex support thread

    May seems so far away. I am getting so tired of studying already.
  6. hotnurse408

    God is good

    nurse for christ I will send you an email.
  7. hotnurse408

    I can't belive it desperetely need your help

    The bottom line is a few people will find this unfair to be able to test again (if it is for free) and some would want to start doing the same thing. If they do it for you, I am pretty sure they can do it for everyone else. My school is very strict. If someone fails an exam and that person begs to take it again, the first thing they would say is no because if we do it for you, we'll have to do it for everyone else. Getting a 4.0 in nursing school is excellent. You must have A's or minimum of high B's every single exams/ have a good foundation of content/ good test taker or good strategy. I do not blame some who are questioning this. Some people emphasized that the NCLEX is only testing for minimum competency. I have seen plenty of posts where some people have ADD, ADHD, Average C students, some were pregnant, going through difficult times and still passed. It's the integrity that counts the most among us nurses and future nurses. I can kind of see why people are getting upset here. The ones that are highly respected are the ones who kept taking the exams over and over until they passed and paid for them with no letters, petition, etc. I really really like the ones who speak the truth even though it hurts. Honesty is the best policy.
  8. hotnurse408

    I can't belive it desperetely need your help

    Karen I am trying to reply to your inbox, but it says your inbox is full. You may have to delete old messages to let new ones in.
  9. hotnurse408

    I can't belive it desperetely need your help

    Karen2012, most people tell me make sure it says "delivered sucessfully" to file a complaint on a trick may be a different story. I am so sorry to hear about your result. Hurst is a good refresher course.
  10. hotnurse408

    9days to go for nclex rn exam any advise

    you are preparing yourself well. Good luck!
  11. hotnurse408

    2011 NCLEX RN/PN Pass Rates!

    Already saw this in NCSBN website. Tried accepting your friend request. but it turns out to be an error on my phone. will do it when I get a chance to go on the computer.
  12. hotnurse408

    God is good

    I see a lot of people turning religiously in this support forum this is good. We pray for each other. But I hope the ones that still passed the exam continue on to pray and be thankful to him. Don't let this be a one time thing because you you wanted him to guide you just for the NCLEX, keep him with you as you go further along your nursing career and he will pull you through. Never forget.
  13. hotnurse408

    NCLEX!!! how to study???

    Its good to be back on this site after a long relaxing 2 days of break with relative birthdays. I found this link. It is very inspiring. It doesn't matter what scores you get. Kaplan has high standards and they want people to get 55 to 65 depending on who was instructing the class. Check out the link below https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/average-kaplan-scores-314937.html
  14. hotnurse408

    NCLEX-PN finished and passed!

    Congrats! Where did you do 50 to 100 questions from? What sources did you use to study
  15. hotnurse408

    NCLEX-PN finished and passed!

    Congrats! Where did you do 50 to 100 questions from? What sources did you use?
  16. hotnurse408

    Memory Enhancers? o.0

    me2006 that is sooo true! i was told that before too. Fish = omega 3 Back in high school, someone even told me chew gum when you study. chew the same flavor gum later when you take nclex practice questions. you will probably remember some of the information you retained. I haven't tried this yet.