Too good to be true?


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I've been with my current agency a little under 6 months--long tenure with this place for an RN, in fact I've got the most nursing seniority in the agency at the moment. I recently did the math and figured out that neither the Director nor the Clinical Manager has any recent home health care experience (like in the last 20 years). I've been intermittently the only full-time RN for this agency, managing the entire case load. They hired two new nurses just before Christmas, one turned in her notice yesterday and I expect the other is not far behind her. It is truly a crappy place to work. Just horrible.

I've been steadily seeking a better outfit and was extended a job offer two days ago. More money, office closer to home, territory closer to home, better working conditions, the whole shebang. But I'm scared. It sounds too good to be true. When I was in the office for the interview, no one looked like they were ready to keel over from exhaustion, like they wanted to strangle someone (or be strangled themselves), there was no heavy-black-cloud vibe going on. It seems like a great place to work. They've got people who've been there for years, they're growing.

I am so terrified to leave my current agency--the demon that you know is better than the demon that you don't, right? But I'm also terrified to stay. I have mini panic attacks every day driving into the office. I never know how my schedule is going to be jacked around and how they're going to hang me out to dry today. The Director is a complete idiot, has no idea what she's talking about. The Clinical Manager is a really nice gal, was a great marketer, but has no attention to detail, does not want to back up the field staff, refuses to assist in any way with case management, and always claims that it's not her job. (Apparently I'm supposed to have a fax machine in my car and be able to write verbal orders while I'm driving and talking on a cell phone!)

Dang, this is like leaving an abusive relationship and hoping that the new guy beats you up less than the first one. Someone tell me it's gonna be okay, please?


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go with the new offer, it can't be worse!!!!!!

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its gonna be okay.

Getting involved with a bad employer can really yank a person's insecurity cord! I worked for a couple of really unpleasant places before I found a good match and know from first hand experience that you can start feeling really bad about yourself, your skills, and your employability when working for a bad employer. Heck, at one point with one employer, I was pretty sure that I should not be a nurse anymore! Then I realized that most of the nurses there were unhappy and that they were all questioning their abilities as nurses. The company uses that as a tactic (I guess) to keep the staff in you said, much like an abusive partner ("you're ugly and stupid - who else would want you" sort of stuff).

Give your bad employer a nice letter of resignation and 2 weeks notice. Thank them for the opportunities for growth, yada yada...

Maybe your next job is "too good to be true" but it will likely be no worse than the current job and may well be much better. If they are not what you need to practice your nursing effectively look for another job.

Good luck to you. Don't let the bad guys get you down.


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You said it is like being in an abusive relationship. Your description fits that. Even if the new job is just as bad, it is still closer to your home and pays more, so that makes it a better fit. Go for it. And let us know how things are going after you've been at that job for six months. I bet you will be feeling a lot better.

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You'll never know unless you give it a shot. Sometimes we have to step out and take the risk. It cant be any worse then the situation you are in now if your feeling the way you describe. I did something similar recently leaving chronic dialysis (management) to go to HH as a clinical manager and I was terrified!! I have a great deal of nursing experience and case management but no HH. My team nurses know it and I have been shocked at how well they treat me and how supportive they all are. So far it turned out opposite of what I was afraid of. Now I'm sure I made the right choice but if I hadnt had taken that step I would have down the road always wondered and probably continued to be miserable in what I was doing. Just my 2 cents go for it!!!

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Can you call off sick ("mental health day") and request a ride along with new agency...and let them know after that? May help you be more sure/certain of your decision. Good luck to you!!!


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sounds like we are working for the same bad comapny!!


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Well, after the events of this week, I turned in my notice and say "Good riddance to bad rubbish." I was given less than 24 hours notice that I'm on call this weekend. I'm sitting here in my jammies, eating breakfast, and procrastinating starting my day. At least the patients I have to see this weekend are pure delights and I love to see them any day. Then to have the whole Bumex issue (see other thread), which I refused to administer based on safety and the pt's history. I think they may can me over that one as a pre-emptive move, which won't hurt me in the least, but they don't have any other field RNs right now, so who knows. I am so over it. The place is so badly run, by two people who don't have any field experience as home health RNs, and they just can't see what they're doing wrong. I just gotta get through the next 2 weeks.


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hope the next 2 weeks go by swiftly!!!! we can do anything when we know there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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I hope things are better for you in your new job. Sorry you had such a bad experience. Sounds like that agency needs to hire some real home health managers. I've seen the fallout before when an agency tries to hire management from other genres of nursing - it's almost always a miserable disaster. I just don't see how anyone that has not done hands-on home care can possibly have the knowledge and insight to manage something as complex as a HH agency! Best of luck in your new venture!


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I agree with all the posts. Sorry, I haven't responded sooner. The new job sounds a lot better than the one with managers who have no HH experience.

Good Luck!!


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Well, I officially signed up today. Need to do some computer-based training (how I hate that crap) and then start ride-along next week. Fortunately, I have used their standard forms in a previous agency and won't need much help with those, just have to get to know their process--which so far looks a lot better than what I'm doing now. Thanks for all the good wishes, folks. Greatly appreciated.