To take the nclex review class or not?


I graduate in December:yeah:and my school offers the Kaplan review class but it is so expensive. I've heard mixed reviews on whether or not to take a review class, some say take it and others say its a waste of time. Are there other classes that are less expensive and just as good? Any advice would be great!


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it didn't help me pass. but a lot of people pass with it. i'm using saunders and others for a retake. good luck


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I didn't take Kaplan and I passed, I took a much cheaper review class in the midwest by Mark Klimek. A lot of people liked Kaplan that took it, but I believe people can pass without, just my :twocents:


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I recommend the Hurst reveiw. They do it in person or online!! I did the live review for my LPN license and the online for RN(took NCLEX today-- got the good pop up from pearson). I know this is the review that did the trick for me!!! Worth every penny!!!


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If you did well on Hesi tests in school, I would not bother with Kaplan. I bought Saunders Comprehensive Review and Davis 2010 NCLEX Review. It took me several months to review and passed with 75 questions! Good Luck!


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I would recommend it, it’s like an insurance policy, you may not need it, but you may & it’s better to be prepared! If you use a review course I guaranty Even if you think you “know everything” and would have passed without it, that you will learn many new things that may will be useful when you start working!

If you pass the first time w/out reviewing it will be about $250. Add that on every time you fail, and the fact that you wont have a job for at least another 45-90+ days… and who knows if you pass it the next time or if you’ll decide take a review course later … 250+250+450= $$$$$! And studying that much for that long is SO STRESSFUL! :smackingf

My advice is Review all you school stuff as much as you can to get you content down. Then practice a lot of questions, the amount depends on the person. ASAP get into a review course when you’re done with that. Do EVERYTHING they tell you to do (it sucks a lot of cramming for a couple weeks and no life). And you’ll pass, most offer about a 97% pass rate, or 11% higher than the first time national average.

Yes the NCLEX was just updated, But NCLEX is delayed as they must test questions before they can use them, there are some things you may “KNOW” from school, as new, proper, updated, cutting edge, or EBP… but it may not be correct according to NCLEX (Because they may use older information for some topics!)… I know I was kinda upset about this, but its only a couple things.

I took it my first time and failed. Then took a review course (Doc. Martin's) and passed. First time w/ 261 questions, Second time w/ 75. Much less difficult than the first time even w/ the harder questions, I had a lot SATA, and once I was done I was wanting more…

Also, the “quick results or trick” did Not work for me so don’t freak out if they don’t work for you, also if u search the state board license search I’m still not listed. If these tricks don’t work (they may sometimes), Just pay person the 8$ for the unofficial result & find out!

God Bless & Good luck to all, let me tell you I feel like a new person… :w00t:


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*Took the NCLEX-RN

*Got the good pop-up (pearsonvue trick)

*Passed the NCLEX-RN on my first attempt!

, RN


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Most people say they are successful using the Saunders Comprehensive Review along with the LaCharity book on prioritization and the Kaplan review book for test strategies. If you don't want to spring for a review course just go with these and you should be good.