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To be a Clinical Instructor or a Hospital Staff?

by kharyn77 kharyn77 (New) New Nurse

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ive been volunteering for more than a year and I 'm still waiting for my year long certificate. I've been taking up Masters of Arts in Nursing since 2007 and earned 33 units (still counting). I wanted to stay on as a staff but i'm not being hired unless i know somebody connected to SOMEBODY or bodytalks?

I'm being petition by my mom who is an immigrant plus i still wanted to serve my country but i need to earn to. Would my being a clinical instructor not be counted as an experience, hospital experience?

Please do enlighten me on this matter. I need to have a job to earn and not be a parasite. I'm Being hired as a CI at a certain school here in our province. im torn.:cry::sniff::confused:

You know that there are no jobs available as nurse...Why would you want to do teach students who are going to be in your shoes after they graduate? JOBLESS....Why would you also want to be a Clinical Instructor if you don't even have the clinical experience? What do you have to offer your students? Absolutely nothing, what you do have to offer is bringing in revenue to the school that you're working for...The only one who wins out in the end is school...They still are making money while you're not...you're not gaining any experience...You've already been out of school for over a year and if you were here, you'd be considered "outdated" since nursing is constantly changing...You volunteering means nothing, all it means is that the hospital that you're paying to volunteer for is exploiting you as free labor...

Hi there. If you are talking about your CI experience on not being counted here in the US as a hospital experience? I don't think it would. But it does help to know that you are working and you love what you're doing. ANd with regards to your question header...i did both. When Im still in the philippines, I was an '06 RN batch btw..because of the chaos of that batch I started undergoing training , advance dialysis training then get my IVt because I really wanted to work in a hospital . But then my circumstances had change and so I stop volunteering as a dialysis nurse. Come july 2007 I was employed as full time clinical instructor and teaching associate from july 07 to march 08. But i still want to have hospital experience, so around november I started going back to the hospital that i was trained and do volunteer again and eventually as my part-time job until the march 08 that i need to come here in the US. TO make the story short, its hard but I make it because I wanted both.

Sorry it turned out to be a long post. So for now im waiting for the hiring process and during my interviews I know that our education or clinical exposure is different from Here in the US but I still discuss my experience as a CI and as a part-time dialysis nurse and but they dig me dip on my dialysis experience.I wish you well with your career. God bless:-)

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Clinical instructor would count if you are a seasoned nurse with experience that you can offer your students. Would not be experience if you have never been employed as a nurse, and would be looked at unfavorably.

Clinical experience in the Philippines as a CI does not count as hospital experience in the US.

And we are seeing posts here of hospitals falsifying documentation of the CIs at the their facilities to state that they have hospital experience when they do not. This is going to make it bad all over.

Please be very careful with what you do.


Your other issue is when did your mother begin the petitioning process for you? If not years ago, would recommend that you look at other countries while waiting, it is taking many years for family petitions at this time as well.

Best of luck to you.

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I will choose to be a staff nurse than to be a CI. you have been a volunteer for a year and yet you are not promoted?...is your mom already a USC? my dad who is a USC petitioned us and took 3 yrs before everything is done.

Continue with your volunteer work until you have your Masters Degree. Then you can become a CI. I suggest you pursue a doctoral degree. When the time comes that your petition is approved, you have an edge. i suggest that you conduct research and have it published in a peer reviewed journal. If at that time your petition is still in limbo you have other opportunity .

You should pursue being a staff nurse. For me, being a clinical instructor without ample experience would be of no good.

bettyboop09, LPN, LVN, RN

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You should pursue being a staff nurse. For me, being a clinical instructor without ample experience would be of no good.

i definitely agree.:chuckle

you can do it all at once... then do so, right?! never quit your position in the hospital. they will hire u soon... I assume they give you allowance... but I think you should pursue applying in tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila and also maybe try another country.


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I was a volunteer for a few months before I got hired as a staff nurse. Just show them that you are dilligent enought to be a staff in their hospital and maybe they wouldn't think twice of hiring you. Choose an institution credible enough to be out of the borders of red tape. I was also offered a position as a Clinical Instructor, but I refused it politely. I'm still a junior nurse at my early 20s and I still have a lot of things to learn before venturing to become a credible clinical instructor (maybe in my late 40s -- according to my plan, of course)

with the level of difficutly facing the economy of the Philippines, one could not really blame us if we accept the CI position offered by some schools. i too is currently employed as a CI although i have just passed the board exam. me and so many others across the country face the same dilemma- teaching inaequately. it has been so hard for me to teach with so little or even no experience at all. it's just a good thing that i came from a high standard school (a center of excellence) but then it's still so inadequate. i keep on compensating by studying so hard and reading as many references as i could. i think i'm even studying harder no compared when i was about take the board exam. i plan to quit this CI position within the year (my conscience is making me a nervous wreck). i wish to go on hospital duty since i now i could use my board rating.

to those who are CI's too who are quite "inadequate", let's not compund the problem- let's make the most out of our position and try to teach the most that we possess.


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Being a teacher in nursing is not only compund to experience (but experience is a big plus factor). My heart goes out to those junior nurses who have taken their career paths into becoming a clinical instructor or lecturer. If I didn't have any job opportunity to work in a hospital back then, I would have pursued a career in teaching as well.

This, I think, is an effect of the slow turnover of nurses in our hospitals. That's why there are no job vacancies for new nurses.

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