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bettyboop09 has 2 years experience as a LPN, LVN, RN.

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  1. guys, any feedback from INFINITE VISA? it is a consultancy like of PHILMAN who also offers financing. thank you! :)
  2. did you guys already tried RN Heals?
  3. bettyboop09

    Final Interview @ Cardinal Santos Medical Center

    exam is usually fundamentals way back what, 2 years ago? hehehe. I worked in Asian hospital though I transferred in this hospital a few months after because I waited for this for a long time.
  4. most government hospitals have training programs. just be patient on inquiring every one of them.
  5. bettyboop09

    Applying as a nurse in Norway, anyone else?

    hi! I haven't inquired nor attended their seminar/orientation that's why I don't have any ideas regarding the fees. but based from what I usually read here, they offer assistance on application for you to go in Norway. as far as i know, you have to study first their language because universities needs you to be fluent in Norsk to do the 3-week bridging. You need a certificate of fluency. From what I've read here before, they would apply for a job seekers visa/tourist visa at the Norwegian Embassy in Makati and apply for "Hjelpepleier autorisasjon" (Auxillary Nurse) for they might just change Philippine license to Hjelpepleier autorisasjon without any other requirement but the language (correct me if I'm wrong, I got interested here before and this is what I understand, feel free to correct me if I am wrong in any way )
  6. I know bobby123. not to mention that it really is a good hospital, salary is great too, plus tax free, accommodation is also provided for free, and so much more. I've waited for this opportunity for a year. maybe, i'll still take ielts so that if and ever I won't make it, I already have plan B. :)thank you bobby123
  7. That's what the counselor told me, I really still don't know exactly what to do, except for take ielts, apply to aphra, and email the schools she'd given me. When everything's done already, will apply for student visa. That's what I remember, haha, I think those are what sank in to me during our conversation. And now, I'm torn. While I was browsing for a credible ielts center, downloading forms for application, an agency called me up because my most awaited hospital from qatar which also pirates almost all of my hospital's nurses is lining me up for an interview. What if I passed? Now I dunno if I'd still take ielts, haha. I prayed too much and God gave me two blessings at the same time. Guess I need to pray harder to help me decide which is better.
  8. i went to IDP this morning. since I have a work experience, the counselor gave me 2 schools offering BP, to choose from. Deakin and La trobe university for IRON program. crossing fingers on going to OZ. I'm yet to ask my parents to help me out on my tuition fee since is costs 10k AUD. I hope I could convince them.
  9. bettyboop09

    Hello! What countries hire Nurses from Philippines.

    right now, which country do you specifically suggest from the two you've just cited?
  10. no matter how i like to back read, this thread is quite too long already. after 2yrs of working as an RN here in the PH, i suddenly got interested with australia since i don't want to work in middle east countries. I've read in other forums that if I have a work experience, the bridging program would only take 3-6mos, correct me if I am wrong, I maybe read it wrong, and for those who doesn't have any work experience it will take 2yrs. I'd like to clarify this matter with you guys. Also I would like to ask, how do you process your papers, is it with IDP in Makati? Lastly, for those who are already in AU or those who have any idea, could you kindly give a breakdown or at least an estimated price range that will cost me in this application. Thank you very much.
  11. bettyboop09

    RN with DOH and MOH license in Dubai, UAE

    hi. I'd like to ask if I can apply directly to dubai and or abu dhabi hospitals by simply emailing them? I mean if I can process everything without the help of an agency here in the Philippines?
  12. bettyboop09

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    ^ to answer all of your questions, they deploy nurses for employment and not for training. they will never risk their status and high class standards to accept trainees, volunteers, etc. unlike other hospitals. they're not particular with board rating. mine is 76.8%. as long as you pass their exams and interviews, you are good :) experience is a PLUS but NOT a MUST. good luck! :)
  13. bettyboop09

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    they are hiring every month so don't lose hope. we have this website that can only be accessed by their employees since all of their employees are given domain accounts for the hospital information system that's why we are able to access even hr's monthly activities because they involve their employees in different seminars and trainings for career growth. been through waiting so i know how you feel. while waiting i've also worked as a volunteer nurse, lose hope but still keeping up my faith. nonetheless, god will give what your heart truly desires. prayers and hardwork. good luck guys.
  14. bettyboop09

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    yes they are...every month :) now that's a good news, good luck guys! :)
  15. bettyboop09

    Masters degree is it worth it.

    i'm currently taking MAN in UP..out of the blue, just for the sake of doing something, i tried my luck applying under their program same month last year. i called them up and asked what if i still don't have any work experience. i was told that i should still try. because there are times that regardless of the work experience an applicant have, if his/her credentials on her previous undergrad schools didn't passed the screening, they still end up failing the screening process. luckily, here i am, on my way on my 2nd year. pursuing a master's degree is not because it is worth it. u should ask yourself instead if you are worth taking it and if you really do want to grow in this profession, then go. having a master's degree is not merely having another title. it would be useless if you are not going to use it anyway. good luck guys! :)
  16. bettyboop09

    ospital ng sampaloc

    just wanna ask if i can still apply for ospital ng samapaloc? i know somebody from there, i just had second thoughts coz its a secondary hospital, but now that i have nothing else, i'd like to try if ever i could still?

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