Tired, Burned Out, and Broke...

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@sweetdreamRN to expect a 50% divorce rate during the program

Wow, they were sure encouragers!

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We attended our grand-niece's "white-coat" ceremony at OU School of Osteopathic Medicine several years back. It was a wonderful event, with all of these young people being welcomed into the medical profession with open arms. Contrast that with my first day of nursing school in 1997..."Look around you. Half of you will be gone by the end of the program." These words were the first spoken by the faculty member addressing an auditorium full of nursing students in the first minutes of our fist day of nursing school.

If nursing is going to continue to progress as a profession, we have to stop eating our own and start demanding the same level of respect afforded our colleagues in the medical profession.


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My first day was overwhelming. Actually the first couple weeks were overwhelming. They throw you right in and, in my opinion, they purposely push you to your breaking point every day. They are trying to make us stronger. Challenge accepted. Ironically it wasn't until now, (one month in) after two hysterical break downs and failing my first theory test, that I have actually begun to stop panicking. There comes a point where you just push aside all the fears and overwhelming thoughts in your head and just say "I am going to do this and I am going to find every way possible to succeed" Look out world!


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My first day was filled with all sorts of emotions. I had recently gone through a breakup two weeks prior, so it was still very fresh and I just remember all of the girls running out of the classroom during our first break and pulling out their phones to call their significant others, and feeling so sad... that I couldn't call mine anymore. On the other hand though, I felt sheer joy and excitement at the fact that I was finally embarking on my journey of becoming a nurse. I was excited, and scared. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, the first few weeks were insane with 12 hour on campus lab days, 2 classes, and a clinical.. it got overwhelming at times but they do it to make us stronger, like the person above me said. Now that I'm further into the program I am still feeling overwhelmed but grateful at the same time for being pushed.. it has shown me just how strong I really am and how determined I am to do this! We can get through it!!!


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Much more harder than I expected. First couple weeks was challenging. I was stressed out, cried, and just felt like giving up. But eventually I got the hand of it and started to love going to class. Nursing is hard! But if your very determined, then you will get through it. (Although the road to nursing gets bumpy but will it eventually gets smoother)


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nybsn14 said:
I don't care who reads this and I don't care if no one reads this, I just need to vent, I HATE NURSING SCHOOL and I HATE Binghamton University's nursing program, this was the biggest mistake of my life, I regret this program more than anything in my entire life and warn everyone not to go to Binghamton. I HATE IT. All I have learned going here is that I don't want to be a nurse and that nursing is not what I want. I HATE THIS PROGRAM AND WANT TO DROP OUT SO BADLY, I am so miserable, I regret this program so much I can't even explain it. I just need to vent. Anyone thinking of applying don't do it unless you want to be a bed bather for the rural population. I am going crazy and absolutely insane I just feel like a crazy person and I don't know how I am getting through the rest of the program. I should have gone to medical school because nursing just SUCKS.

Maybe you should try law school ...😜

For the record, nursing ROCKS! 😁


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I love nursing and I agree nursing isn't for everyone. If you hated it so much, I think you should quit. That way you will be a lot happier.


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Wow, i can totally relate to this! But as life goes on, you have to keep pushing forward because you will not regret it! Cheers!

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First day of nursing school...