250 thousand dollars for 13 weeks?

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I have heard a rumor that there is an agency in Florida, that is hiring nurses for 13 week contracts in Kuwait for 250 thousand dollars. Anybody out there know anything?


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Thathas to be an urban legend. If it isn't though, I'll see ya in Kuwait!;)

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I'm coming too! We could all get together, there is safety in numbers.:D


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Hmmm, sounds like a plan. Wait, I don't think you can consume alcohol there, and all the women's faces are covered. Never mind.


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Count me in !!! Sure could build a Heck ofva Log Cabin..

Board the dogs and cats, give the snake back to the Kid and I"m


Think I could cover my face for 13 weeks for that kindof pay.


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:D How's about any information you've got. I'll bet we could all head over tomorrow!!


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I agree, I could deal with the claustrophobia and cover my face for 3 months for 250grand. That would solve a helluva lot of problems.

If you get a firm line of info, e-mail me. I'll go with you.


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but you can still make that money here when you travel just get the good locations and lerant to burgain at least i do make it here in the great usa in fact its 26000 total


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Yanno that old saying bout "If it sounds too good to be true........"?--------well if it has anything to do with with nursing triple that warning.


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There are contractors over there such as Halliburton that do pay a substantial amount. Now I'm not saying that this individual company hires for healthcare but there are many out there who do. I was a Firefighter in the Air Force, and one of our deployments took us over to Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan where I met and worked with civilian contracted firefighters who where bringing home around $125 thousand, 80% tax free. Although 250 thousand does sound high, but I wouldn't put it past the contractors especially if they are hurting for well qualified individuals. Also, this 13 weeks could have been misinterpreted for 13 months, which would make a little more sense. But hay Kuwait is not bad. You would be working on a well guarded military base with less threat then you think. Try and find out who this contractor is and talk with one of there recruiters. Please post if you find out more.

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Maybe its 25 thousand :chuckle


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$250,000 for 13 weeks equals a salary of One Million per year. Does anyone really believe that anyone (even the Saudis and Kuwaitis) would be willing to pay that amount of money to fill a Nursing position. Get real!

I would guess that this may be the result of a typo. $25,000 for 13 weeks is realistic. Almost all of the offers for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait include a liberal salary as well as housing, paid vacation, round trip air fare, etc. but not One Million per year.

If you think the offer is genuine, contact me as I have a bridge for sale between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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