The waiting is the hardest part!


So I've applied to all my area nursing schools and I'm having the worst time being patient. April seems so far away. Some schools don't send acceptance letters until May! I thought that once school started this semester, it would get better because I would be occupied but not so much! Anyone else waiting? Any tips/advice?


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trust me, the acceptance is worth the wait ;)


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Waiting is tough, but if you get busy enough with life, you won't even think about it. You have quite some time to wait, so either start going hardcore with school, pick up extra shifts at work, volunteer, spend time with family, etc.

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Hi There!

I am in the same boat as you. It is driving me nuts, but at the same time, the buildup is exciting. One of the programs I applied to does their selection in 2 phases. I just got a letter this week that I made it to phase 2! However, they won't send acceptance letters until April. The other school is the end of March. It's a good time to take a mental break and enjoy your time. I look at it this way.... if I get in, I know that my life is going to be pretty crazy soon. So in the meantime, why not breathe a little:) However, I am sure I will be watching the mailbox when the deadline gets close. All we can do now is relax, pray, and hope we are lucky when the letters do come.


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I agree! It is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Congratulations on making it to the second phase! Keep me posted...


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Good luck. I know how that feeling is. :sniff: make sure you keep us posted.

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Thanks! You keep me posted too. My fingers are crossed for you!

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I am also waiting,I applied last semester and didn't get in because I had 4 classes in progress and it's based on a point system. Now those classes are complete and my points are almost double so I'm hoping I can get in to start in the fall. All my friends started spring so it sucks.


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Ooooooo the waiting SUCKED. Majorly. I don't care how busy I was. And what made it worse was that classmates were getting acceptance letters a whole month before I got mine (with no official waiting list). It was excruciating, checking at least twice a day.

But here I am in my 2nd semester and don't ever think about it!


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Awww-I'm sure you'll get in and make new friends! I'm in two classes now hoping I get in. It's the only thing that makes me a little nervous. Let me know what happens!

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I'm also waiting! Trying to stay as productive as I can (which hasn't been hard) so I can forget that I'm waiting :) good luck to you


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Hi all,

Just took my teas exam today and it was the last part of my application so now I'm in the same boat too. I thought the wait before taking the teas would be the worst part, but waiting for an acceptance/ rejection letter to come mid April is worse :banghead:

Good luck to everyone out there! Hopefully we get some good news in the next couple months!