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  1. Gooseontheloose

    ER to Floor...hating it

    I’d say go for the transfer anyway. I get what you’re saying about your boss and that you just committed, but you have to take care of you first. Floor nursing is great, but it’s never going to be what you want/need it to be. I don’t know how cool your manager is, but maybe have a heart to heart with them and tell them why you feel it’s not a good fit? I recently did that with my own boss and she said she would do whatever she could to support my goal of going to the ER. Sadly, my hospital doesn’t hire RNs without prior ER experience, so I’m interviewing elsewhere for the opportunity. But I mention this because my boss encouraged me to do so and I was surprised how supportive she was. You never know. I applaud you for trying something new. It’s pretty rare to hear of an ER nurse changing to floor nursing. I appreciate your take on things. Wish you the best and hope you can get back to what you love soon!
  2. Gooseontheloose

    When are you officially a nursing student?

    I am in that transition time right now. Starting nursing school in the fall.. However, how I answered that depended on who was asking me. I have some senile family members and it was just easier to tell them I was studying nursing, rather than explain to them about pre-nursing. Etc. If that makes sense. However, I always referred to myself as a pre-nursing student to most people because that's what I was. Honestly, I don't get all butthurt about it. At my school, we were required to take certain nursing classes prior to application, including pharmacology. So in a way, we already were part of the nursing school. Some girls and guys said they were nursing students, others did not. It didn't bother me. However, to the people who were posting about CNAs, and MA calling themselves nurses...that bothers me. My ex-husbands girlfriend told me that when I asked her what she did for a living. She said "I'm a nurse". So I said, "Oh nice, are you an RN, LVN...?" She stumbles for words and then says CNA. Not looking down on that at all, but don't pretend to be something you didn't work hard to earn. So I get that point. Right now, since I am accepted and enrolled into nursing school, I feel I am an official nursing student. But like I said, it's really all personal. Nursing has to be in your heart, no matter where you are on your path to get there. :)
  3. Gooseontheloose

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    Hi There! I am getting ready to enter nursing school in August. Please don't give up! First of all, if your man doesn't stand behind you 100%, then he isn't the ONE! Girl, you deserve better than that, especially after all of your hard work! Second, I work at a hospital in my area that has a nurse residency program. New grads apply for it and they must serve 500 hours voluntarily after passing the NCLEX. You choose your unit of choice. About 98% of the residents are hired after their residency. Perhaps there are hospitals in your area or somewhat close to you that have similar programs. A lot of people think it sucks because you don't get paid, but the reward is that you have a job and experience under your belt. Also, you can promote to staff nurse II much quicker if you complete your residency. Something to look into :) Don't lose hope. I am sure you are going to make a great nurse. You will get there!
  4. Gooseontheloose

    Best Stethoscope for Nursing Students

    I have a Littmann Classic II that my hubby bought me for nursing school. Haven't gotten to really use it too much. However, I just saw some stuff about the Passionate Care scope and am intrigued. I don't really need another scope, but with the praises on how well you can hear, I am wondering if it's worth purchasing. I already have a few other scopes (ADC Adscope Lite, which looks/feels like Littmann, but it way too touchy with sound IMO) I have a sprague too which actually sounds great, but it's heavy and not as cool as my other scopes. Anyway..... I would love to know your opinion on whether its worth purchasing. Can you really hear that much more than what I can hear with my current Littmann? Thanks!
  5. Gooseontheloose

    Hartnell College Fall 2016

    Hi There! Anyone entering nursing school at Hartnell College this fall? Would love to network with you and hope to see ya at orientation this week. (I also applied at MPC, but am waiting to hear back...letter go out in another week)
  6. Gooseontheloose

    I didn't get into Nursing School!! Help!!

    Hi There. I have to agree with majority of the people on this forum. I was recently accepted into a highly competitive program with a 4.0 GPA. My friend was also accepted and she has a 3.5 GPA, but a higher TEAS V score. Your GPA is absolutely critical to getting selected into a program. The school I did my pre-reqs at advised students to take ONE science at a time. Did it take longer? Yes. But it let me focus on my classes so that I could acheive optimal scores. I took 8-10 units per semester and have 5 children, all boys. Personally, I don't find college super hard, it just has a lot to do with your personal study habits and how badly you want your grade. If you are putting your heart and soul into your classes and still getting a C, I would meet with a counselor to get some advice on how you can score better and take the time to repeat your courses. The information and rigor of nursing school exceeds pre-requisites. The schools in my area are pretty clear that they have high standards for admission to help reduce attrition. They don't want you to start and then quickly fail out. That takes a spot for someone else who may have been successful, but didn't receive the opportunity. Some of the comments on here are harsh. Don't give up on your dream. It's worth it in the end. Just get that GPA up a bit higher :)
  7. Gooseontheloose

    The waiting is the hardest part!

    Thank you so much! I am happy for everyone on here who has received good news! It's almost like finding out you are pregnant. You are super excited and then you are like "Oh my word! I have to give birth to this thing!" lol I am excited and nervous for when school starts.
  8. Gooseontheloose

    The waiting is the hardest part!

    Drumroll....... I got my email today! I got into nursing school too :) I am beyond elated. Still waiting for my letter from my 1st choice school. Yahoo!!
  9. Gooseontheloose

    The waiting is the hardest part!

    Congrats again! That is so exciting!! I am still waiting over here. My notifications are sent via regular mail and it feels like it is taking forever. One of them is due any day and the mailbox haunt is picking up :)
  10. Gooseontheloose

    I didn't get into Nursing School!! Help!!

    Actually, I applaud you! I live in Bay Area, CA and let me tell you...... it's brutal here. I actually work in the nursing education department at one of our local hospitals. We have nurses who have had to move out of state just to have a chance at getting into any nursing school. It's not that our schools are any better or worse, it's that there are just TOO MANY FREAKING PEOPLE in California. Honestly, I can't wait to leave this state, but since I am here for my kids, I need to make the best of it. I studied my butt off, have a 4.0 gpa, and am still waiting to see if I made the cut this year. It is what it is. So I get why you moved to KY (plus it's so beautiful there) to go to nursing school. I didn't take it as an insult at all. Also, EMS experience is something that can make you a great nurse. It teaches you fantastic critical thinking skills and good basic assessment skills. Nursing is scientific, but it's not rocket science. :) I work with several of the nursing professors at our local schools and they will even tell you that not all stellar, 4.0 students make the best nurses. The advice I would give anyone is, YOU NEED GOOD GRADES, but you might also want to consider private schools or other states that aren't so impacted.
  11. Gooseontheloose

    The waiting is the hardest part!

    Congrats!!!! I am very happy for you. Time to celebrate :)
  12. Gooseontheloose

    Competitve GPA?

    Hi There. Where I live, it's very competitive because there are so few spaces open each year. 3.75 to 4.0 is where the counselors tell you to aim. Even with that, I currently have a 4.0 and with the competition and my TEAS score of only 80%, I may not make the cut this year. Clock is ticking on my wait for an answer. I guess the higher your grades, the better, but it's not a guarantee depending on how impacted your program is.
  13. Gooseontheloose

    The waiting is the hardest part!

    Thanks! You keep me posted too. My fingers are crossed for you!
  14. Gooseontheloose

    The waiting is the hardest part!

    Hi There! I am in the same boat as you. It is driving me nuts, but at the same time, the buildup is exciting. One of the programs I applied to does their selection in 2 phases. I just got a letter this week that I made it to phase 2! However, they won't send acceptance letters until April. The other school is the end of March. It's a good time to take a mental break and enjoy your time. I look at it this way.... if I get in, I know that my life is going to be pretty crazy soon. So in the meantime, why not breathe a little:) However, I am sure I will be watching the mailbox when the deadline gets close. All we can do now is relax, pray, and hope we are lucky when the letters do come.
  15. Gooseontheloose

    Scored 95.3% on TEAS V

    Congrats!! That is an amazing score! You need to share all your tips!
  16. Gooseontheloose

    Passed My TEAS Today - Thoughts & Tips

    Hi There! I also got 80% on my TEAS exam. I just took it a week ago. While I was aiming for a bit of a higher score, I was pleased that I passed it. I also haven't been in high school for almost 20 years, so it took a lot of prep. Congrats everyone! Also..... For those who are out there looking for advice on what to expect (because I spent many nights scouring this site for tips), let me give you my experience: I studied for a solid month. I used the ATI official guide, ACE the TEAS, and the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS tests book. I also watched some of the video lessons by Mometrix on YouTube. Honestly, I found the ATI guide to not be very helpful. It IS helpful with the Reading, Grammar, and Math sections. However, a good majority of the science wasn't on my exam. I know every test is different, but I was pouring over chemistry, hydrocarbons, bonds, kinetic/potential energy and condensation/evaporation calculations and pretty much none of those were on my test. I scored an 85% in science. Not saying not to study them, but I was a little frustrated at how broad the science section turned out to be. Also, my husband bought me the practice exams. Not only were they hard for me, but NONE of the questions turned up on the real exam. My friend took the exam with me, barely skimmed the ATI guide for a week, and scored an 82%. So..... I do not feel that you NEED to buy the online exams. They are similar in layout, just not worth the price in my opinion. It is my belief that the exam is more about how you can wrap your mind around a question. I am a 4.0 gpa student, so to get an 80% was surprising. However, I have heard that many people have difficulty with the test style and that was really my problem. I totally psyched myself out. Lol. So if you are out there...... relax, breathe, study well, but don't overthink everything like I did. Read slowly and carefully. You can do it! :)