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Well hello everyone, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while... I have been trying to get finished with the spring semester and get all requested items to the nursing department before they do their first review of applicants (thankfully I am done). If you are not in the first review, you might as well forget it. They passed out over 400 applications and there is only 35 spots available for new students. To top it off, this is the first time they have had to put a cap on the program, so they completely seem disorganized to say the least. (I am so frustrated here)

They are doing there process different than before so I really can not rely on present nursing students to even tell me how it will go. They are not doing an interview and no essay to write. They will not even get to know the real me and why I despirately want to be a nurse. All they will know is that I have passed my NET test, a 3.0 GPA (not the best), all my pre-reqs done and only a couple of general ed's left to do. They will know that I have passed my current two classes (chem and sociology) with "A's but nothing else. How do schools pick an applicant like this? A point system maybe?

I am just extremely worried and basically looking for some words of encouragment.

Please send me some good vibes, crossed fingers, prayers perhaps.... Anything and everything welcomed....

Lynda in VA :confused:

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Maybe they talk to the prereq instructors. My school in missouri did that. Talked to the instructors that had you in class to find out if they thought you were a hard worker. Obviously you have to be working hard to get an A in chem. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. When will you know more? Good luck!


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Oh good luck to you Lynda!

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That is really tough, and frustrating! Good luck, and my prayers are headed your way!


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Don't sounds like you are very qualified for your schools nursing program. :)



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Thanks for the kind words given... I really just need to take a deep breath and just see what happens... I will update everyone as things progress...



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I wanted to wish you good luck, please let us know how it goes!

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The school that I am hoping to attend in the spring goes on a point system. You basically get points for every general ed course that you take and the better the grade you had, the better the points. So to get in I need to have pretty much all of my generals done. And by deadline I will have only one left. Good luck! What part of VA are you from anyway?


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Our school is something like this. Applicants are ranked by GPA only...The top 140 with all pre-req's get in. I have busted my butt this year trying to get my GPA as high as possible. Hopefully I will make the cut!

Maybe your school does something similar to this.

Good lUck!

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Thanks RN2Be, CNA and Leesiebug... I am hoping that they have something similiar to the point system.. I did check just yesterday and they only have a handful of applicants with their folders complete, so they have decided to move the first applicant review back a week or two (they have no clue when). The only general ed class that I have to take is A&PI and II. I have taken it before but it was crammed into a one semester, 5 credit course. The nursing program wants you to have the two semester, 8 credit course. I received an "A" in it the first time, so I do not see why it would be different now, especially since it is spread out over two semesters. I am taking Microbiology, Dev. Psych and an microcomputer class thats required this summer.

CNA, I am in Front Royal, VA about 20 minutes from the Winchester, VA. We are at the northern most part of VA.

Thanks again for taking the time out to send me your thoughts and encouragment... It is greatly appreciated...

Lynda in VA


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My school just changed to the same type of acceptance system as yours. Mine ONLY goes on NET test scores. Entrance used to be based on just a waiting list and took about 2 years from the time you put your name on the list to get into the program. I will take the NET in January and hopefully be one of the 60 out of 400 something applicants to get in. I think it sucks that they don't give extra points for GPA or General Ed courses that have been completed! Good luck getting in and let us know when you find out!!


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That does really suck.... I really hate that it comes down to this.. They are going to look at some numbers to judge whether you are going to get in right now or not... I am crossing my fingers that they see through all of that. I will update as I go along... It looks like I am in for a three or four week ride..


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