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The mailbox watch is on


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Some of the students got letters that their applications were being reviewed and they'd get something in the mail in mid-October, others got rejection letters because their applications were not in order, I got NOTHING.

What does it mean? The funny thing is, I know I have enough points that if I don't get in, no one stands a chance. Also, I got a letter stating my application was in order before the deadline. But I won't rest till that mailbox gives me what I want! What does it mean?:specs: :confused:

sometimes mail delivery is screwy. I work for the postal service, believe me. Your letter is probably on it's way, maybe it got routed to the wrong street, maybe it is just sitting in a bin at the postal facility, who knows? it will come though, just be patient! tough I know, I am waiting for a letter myself. Good luck! :)



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You could always call the admissions department to verify that everything is in order with your application since you haven't received a letter saying its under review.

I got a letter saying mine was under review about a week after I submitted it.

Good luck!


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I wish I was expecting a letter in October...I have to wait till mid-April to find out. The suspense is killing me!

Hang in there, Kitty. I also await my acceptance letter from PBCC, and rush home to an empty mailbox every day ('cept for those dern bills :rolleyes: ). One of my friends got the letter just yesterday telling her how many points she had, and to expect an acceptance/denial letter in mid Oct. I agree, the U.S. mail is not predictable in Florida, and not to worry if you haven't gotten anything. Also, I agree you should call to make sure everything is in order! I had SEVERAL things on my application that would have been swept under the rug as 'incomplete' had I not been assertive, taken action, and followed through. If you're points are up there, you're SO IN! Good luck, honey.

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Mystery solved. I DID get the letter everyone else is getting. I just got it before the deadline because I submitted my application early. It's the same letter everyone else is getting now. Everything is complete and I just have to patient along with you Wendy. So what does it mean? It means I'm overanalyzing and just need to chill. But I did find out that 183 students applied and 53 had incomplete applications. Does that mean they're disqualified? That's a big number.

I sent out my application yesterday; the deadline is Nov. 1. The wait begins...I totally feel for you! Good luck to all of us!

I'm in the same boat. Our applications were due in by September 15th. I went into admissions and made sure mine made it in and that all my stuff was in place. Good thing too cause my friends never made it thru the mail so she was able to fill one out again. She got the "we still need your highschool transcripts" letter in the mail. So far, nothing for me. Our school admits 4 times a year this round is for January and March entrance into the program.

Good luck to all!

Hi Kitty,

SEE?! Everything is good. I think the incomplete's mean those people may still be eligible, but maybe not receive the points they applied with, WHICH IS GREAT FOR US!!! I am hyper-excited. My sister, an ENT, wants to buy me my first stethescope. I told her to please not spend much, because I've heard of students having everything stolen. THIS IS IT, KITTY. Commencing count-down, helmet on!



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We had 186 students apply and 70 were thrown out immediately because applications were incomplete due to them not having pre-reqs done. You would think people would make sure to have those done BEFORE applying....save the people in the Allied Health Department a lot of time!

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YES! Good luck to each one of us. That's so cool Wendy about your ENT sister. She will get you a great stethescope. Maybe a good Littman. I bought myself a pair of scrubs after I got my NLN results. Can't wear them quite yet but they're in the closet.

My birthday's next week and I'm hoping for some moolah from family members to help me out getting the background check and the health screening/immunizations. My student loan check should be coming in any day now too. I wanna go nurse stuff shopping and hurry up and finish this term.


I got my immunizations at the health department. The first visit is a pain, because you are a walk-in, but after that they'll make appts. for you. I got my 2nd hep-B yesterday, and didn't wait at all. It was a lot cheaper than getting it another way.

I found good deals on scrubs and shoes at LydiasUniforms.com. Very reasonable prices, and quick turn-around. I bought a pair of white Merrell shoes, and they are so incredibly comfortable. I'd used Merrell's before for street shoes, and they are the BEST.

I know you're excited...so am I. :D

How funny kittykat, I do the same thing! I haven't bought scrubs yet but I'm dieing to. I've gone and looked at scrubs at least 20 times! I lovingly touch them....dreaming of when I will wear them! :nurse: I will start in clinicals next fall, but even then I won't be able to buy any! I will be wearing whites from the college. ick. But I did buy some nursing shoes, because I am volunteering in a hospital. so that was fun. I also get nursing catalogs and magazines! I know I know, what a wannabe! :chuckle Well I am just glad I am not the only one around who is just dieing to get nursey stuff! Heather

Our acceptance/rejection letters go out on Oct 15. I figure one to two days for the mail. I know I will be haunting the mailbox end of next week. Wish me luck!

P.S. Someone told me health insurance doesn't usually cover nursing school immunizations. Does anyone know anything about that?

I'm here waiting for my letter too. The deadline is next week but I turned in my application almost a month ago. We will find out probably after Thanksgiving. We don't get any letter saying that they recieved it and all that, just the rejection/acceptance letter. I got rejected for the fall so hopefully I'll make it for the spring.

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Another day of mailbox watch is here. We have a new letter carrier and the mail comes later in the day now. :crying2: like putting pressure on the letter carrier is going to make it come quicker :rolleyes:

It's Saturday and I live on the beach but I'll have my head in my nutrition book to keep me from biting my nails off. Unfortunately, October is a notorious month for bull shark attacks but the water is really at its best right now too. Maybe the nutrition book is a safer bet? Maybe study a few micro bugs too and their process of infection.

What are all you waiters doing today to keep your mind off the mail?:cool:

PS: As for the question about insurance covering immunizations for school, I know mine will not. Check with your plan administrator. I'll be going to my local county health department for titers and immunizations.

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I'm so excited for you all! :D. I can't wait until i apply for my program next year. Isn't waiting for the mail the worst? I wish you all luck & speedy acceptance letters!

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