The Italian solution to the nursing shortage

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Overworked nurses to use rollerskates

Overworked Italian nurses are to use rollerskates to get around the wards faster.

Doctor Domenico Pozza, head of the hospital at Lecco, northern Italy, came up with the idea to make up for a shortage of nurses.

The Il Nuovo website reports that nurses are apparently happy with the decision.

Dr Pozza said: "It will alleviate the consequences of chronic shortage of nursing staff.

"Wearing roller skates will allow nurses to respond more quickly to the patients' calls."

I wonder if they have worker's comp in Italy. My accident would happen within the first hour.

give me a break!!! i've heard of MEALS ON WHEELS---now we have NURSES ON WHEELS!! what will they think of next???

:rolleyes: Boy is that stupid. Would'nt catch me carryin a full bedpan on skates.

To think of all the times I jokingly said, "I need a pair of roller skates!"

My first time on roller skates, i broke my wrist, my first time on rollerblades a sprained my knee.

I know that standing in comfy tennis shoes makes my legs hurt at the end of some days, can you imagine how much we would hurt after skating for 12 hours?

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Mama Mia! What are they trying to do kill us??

Oh my, I don't know what the world is coming to!! Are the Doctor's, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, lab techs, etc going to wear skates as well???? I can just envision many accidents waiting to happen!!!!!!!!!!



as soon as i read about the roller skates the first thing i thought about was a&w root beer stands. if there is anyone else out there from the mid west you will relate real quick.

at these stands the cars would pull up to speakers and place their orders and a girl on skates would bring the food.

do we really want to look more like waitresses? (this is not a slight to waitresses as i worked as one for 5 years and made the same money i make now as a nurse)

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Do we have to wear those cute skating shorts and the frilly apron?

I know this article is posted on what looks like a valid nursing nurse news site. However, it comes off as some sort of urban myth. News agencies have been fooled before you know.

Yes, it seems impossible that it could be true, but was a good chuckle. Most likely the head doctor stated it in jest and the rumor moved on from there.

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