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Okay... I know this varies from school to school, but do use usually have many assignments over Thanksgiving break? I am considering a short vacation but don't want to be swamped with work!

Care to share your experience about your breaks?




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That's mostly dependent on the student. We get the syllabus at the beginning of the semester....if we don't want to work over break, we just plan accordingly, and have anything due after break done BEFORE break.

My intentions are always good, but it seems I always wind up leaving SOMETHING to be done during holiday breaks!

Okay... I know this varies from school to school, but do use usually have many assignments over Thanksgiving break



I looked at our syllabus and class schedule the other night. Would you believe they have scheduled a major exam right after Thanksgiving break?????:angryfire


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I never count on having a work free Thanksgiving break while in school. Ever. Of course where I live that's only about a week before finals so even if you have no assignments due you're still beating your head into the wall getting ready for the big exams. But hey, good luck to you! ; )


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When I was in my first semester they gave us a little project to do over the break and of course more reading to catch up on.


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For me the last 3 weeks of the semester are the worst. Everything is due all at once, there are usually 2 exams for each class during that time, and things start to go wrong in other aspects of your life (i.e. car trouble, etc). At least that has been my experience. :) No matter how hard I try to get things done before they're due, other assignements seem to pop up, or take longer than anticipated. I am staying put for Thanksgiving this year to leave a bit of a buffer for myself. We have Wed thru Fri off, and I get paid holidays for Thurs and Fri at work, so I am going to take advantage of every bit of time I have to study! :p

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Thanks for the replies. Guess I'll be staying put, too!

Now, how about the break inbetween semesters? For me it is from December 21st- January 24th. Are there assignments then?



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someone once told me that school doesn't stop for the holidays. and boy were they ever right! the only time you can really chill is during the big christmas/new years/ break. if you stick to your syllabus and stay on top of things you'll be a-okay. :p

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My daughter is due to give birth to grand child #2 Thanksgiving week in PA. I'm in Florida. Guess it'll be a white Christmas and a Florida Thanksgiving for me.:o :sniff:


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I agree... personally I'd wait for any plans until the big December break.

I would have to say yes, in my experience. They don't assign for the Holiday, but a big assignment is usually due a week or so later, and the holiday is the best time to finish the task. Look at your syllabus.

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