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Okay so im applying to uthscsa for the spring and was wondering if anyone knows what gpa they look at and any other helpful ideas to get an interview etc. my prereq gpa is 3.74 but my overall gpa is... Read More

  1. by   winnieyippooh
    Hi, I hope everyone here is doing good. I am just too nervous....have been waiting forever, and we will find out the result in two weeks..
  2. by   itsMEkassiah
    2 more weeks??
  3. by   winnieyippooh
    Yes, I think we would hear the result by the end of the month, so two more weeks.
  4. by   calinative84
    From the mouth of someone at UTHSCSA...She confirmed that the letter would be THIS month and that some have gone out and that we may find out as early as this week if not the next. This is killing me because I will be gone the remainder of the week out of the state so my letter (good or bad) will probably have to wait. Happy Waiting!


    Quote from itsMEkassiah
    Calinative what do u mean by trying to resolve some errors already? I heard that they have miscalculated points be for also but i havent worried about it yet because my main concern is trying to get into the HSC :/. Has anyone heard anything yet? I recently moved back out of my moms house with a work friend so now my mom still gets all my mail and Im not sure how often she checks the mail eeeeeek. Getting anxious.

    Yes...I heard that they don't calculate the points correctly. Mentioning that I was trying to correct this was that I have gone to a california school and I was verifying that my Micro would be counted because it looks weird in the system and Amy White the advisor told me to make sure I went to the nursing office to confirm they would count my credits but I still have a feeling it might get done incorrectly.
  5. by   winnieyippooh
    Would they notice us by email also?
  6. by   calinative84
    No mention of emails.
  7. by   AFmedx13
    Well, i went to the post office today,....nada. Please post to let everyone know when people receive any kind of notification. The waiting game is wearing on me!! I try to forget about it, but people at work are constantly asking about it, and wondering what the word is! Ugh.... I wish i knew!

    Good luck to you all

  8. by   dgbruton
    Hey folks,

    FYI, in addition to UTHSCSA for a Bachelor's there is also Wayland Baptist and Incarnate Word. For Associate's not only SAC, but there is also Baptist School of Health Professions (where I attend). And for a certificate program RN there is Galen.
    There are a lot of Nursing programs here in San Antonio and many job opportunities when we graduate.
  9. by   bond2b
    Fortunately, I have organic chem and bio test this week to concentrate on. Otherwise, I would be staring at the mailman everyday.
  10. by   calinative84
    SAC update .... We will be knowing something after 11/16. Not that far off. Got a email that my app has ben processed. Happy Waiting....Still.
  11. by   winnieyippooh
    I called the school this morning. They will send out letters next week
  12. by   AFmedx13
    oh man,.......had a dream that i was called by the school. They told me in the spirit of the holidays, they were calling all of those that had been accepted into the program to let them know early. You can imagine my disappointment when i woke up to realize none of it was true.

    One more week though........i sure hope they are mailed out Monday!
  13. by   CyclicalEvents
    Aww, that's a terrible reality to wake up to. Nobody does anything on mondays, I'm gonna say we find out tuesday.