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Hi Everyone, I wanted to post and see if any of you are grads or hopefuls of the Texas A&M program at college station, the Health Science Center? I am currently a student at LoneStar college and I've... Read More

  1. by   bestaver
    I'm sorry to hear about your husband not getting into A&M. Did they tell him why? I know last semester I applied for the accelerated program and I was denied because my application was not complete. When I called A&M to ask why they told me that they had not received one of my transcripts. It turned out that one of the schools I attended sent my transcript to A&M University instead of HSC. Long story short, I was able to get back into the applicant pool and reconsidered for admission. I ended up on the waiting list for the accelerated program. Obviously no one dropped out and I reapplied for the generic term, but maybe your husband got denied for something similar. It may be too late in the game to try to get back in but you never know until you try (if it's something he really wants). Good luck with your interview!
  2. by   RachH
    He didn't apply for nursing, he applied at the main campus for construction management! They offered to reconsider if he did well this semester, but I'll have to choose a nursing school by then, and since he's already accepted at another school... not happening.
  3. by   Rach363
    I hope we get our letters soon! I called about a month ago to see when letters would be sent out and I was told end of March early April!! So I think the letters should be coming any day now!!!
  4. by   cupcake231
    Hey all! I just found this thread! I am waiting to hear back from the A&M CON as well!!! I am about to lose my mind waiting for this letter!!!!!! Has anyone heard anything yet? Let us know if you do so I can watch my mailbox in an even creepier way!!!
  5. by   Caitster
    Hey everyone! I am applying to a&m as well and anxiously waiting to hear back from them! I also applied to ut houston and utmb and am waiting to hear back from them as well!! I am just ready to find out where I will be going!

    Have you all received the card from your background check yet? I still have not gotten it...
  6. by   OpheliasWings
    I have a few quick questions for those of you that have applied to A&M. How difficult would you say the admissions process is for their generic bachelor's program? The reason I ask is because my family and I live in the Lake Livingston area and I am looking to apply within the next year for the bachelor's program. Sam Houston State University is opening their program this year which will start in the Spring of 2011. From what I'm seeing the main differences are about an additional 6 pre req courses and you have to have a min 3.0 gpa vs A & M's 2.75. Sam Houston is a lot closer, but it would also mean me having to tack on an additional 2 semesters of courses vs being able to apply next year for A & M. I know both programs will be taking about the name number of students, so I'm just curious if there is a huge amount of applicants for these schools or if they are just extremely picky about who they take.

    Thanks in advance!
  7. by   Rach363
    Hey everyone!! Good news, I just called A&M and they sent the letters out today!!! So we should be getting them any day now!!
  8. by   LindsayPaige
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally sitting in my char jumping up and down.
  9. by   bestaver

    I don't think anyone really knows how competitive the A&M program is because it is very new. I would recommend applying everywhere you possibly can! Always remember that summer school is your friend because you can complete several courses within a short amount of time. Good luck on your future endeavors!
  10. by   mgnsimpson
    Just got my letter from TAMHS CON letter today, waitlisted . Better than nothing! Does anyone have info abouth the waitlist? How many waitlister's get accepted, how many of us are there etc? Dying for information please help!
  11. by   bestaver
    Dang! Did anyone get in? I'm waiting for the mailman as we speak...I was waitlisted for the accelerated program and the main person who usually sends the emails told me that they don't take "many" people for the waitlist and be prepared to get accepted anytime between now and the day school starts. I think if you make an appointment to talk to them in person they may tell what spot you hold on the waiting list, at least that was the impression I got from what I've read. College Station is much too far for me to go ask what spot I'm in though. Good Luck! There's still a chance!
  12. by   bestaver
    If I was a psychologist I would do a study on the state of mind of college students waiting for admissions decisions. I think I'm going nuts!
  13. by   LindsayPaige
    That's hilarious! Only a little while longer for your wait. Did you apply elsewhere?