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  1. cupcake231

    Texas A&M College Station Summer 2011 program

    the TAMHSC is an absolutely awesome program. Yes, it may be disorganized at times but that is because it is a new program and they are trying to make it the best possible. The professors are helpful and easy to talk to, from my experience. I feel that any nursing school program is what you make it. It is hard work and takes much dedication. No one will hand you opportunities and just give you A's in classes. You have to work for it. The simulation center is great as well as the standardized patients (actors that portray patients). These two things give us opportunities to deal with various situations that we may not experience during our clinical time. Good luck to everyone!
  2. I started off the same way. Although everyone is different, I got "used to" it. You have to just go in there, know what you need to do, be professional and get it done, and do the best you can to relieve their pain. Just think, you can be the one to help stop their pain! Think of it that way. I hope this helps!
  3. cupcake231

    I passed my Hesi will I get in?

    Hey there, That is great that you passed your HESI! I can't say if that guarantees you a spot because I know that schools look at many factors when considering applicants to accept into the program. I wish you the best of luck!
  4. My blood pressure spikes at the doctor's office as well...especially lately! My doctor just rechecks it himself after I am "calmed down"...even though I don't feel too much anxiety about being at the doctors office...it is usually back to normal when he checks it...But I often get the question "are you nervous or something?" But I definitely don't think anyone would judge you...it's not like you can control it...so don't worry yourself about it! There will be plenty to worry about it nursing school :)
  5. cupcake231

    Your experience...

    Hey there! I am just curious...what was your experience like at new student orientation for nursing school?
  6. cupcake231


    Okay, so I am getting so excited/anxious/nervous/stressed/excited/excited/excited about starting nursing school on July 8th! I feel like there is so much left to prepare for and things to buy, etc...Is anyone else having this issue? O yah...and I have orientation this wednesday and was hoping if someone could tell me what the "usual" stuff is that is covered at orientation...
  7. cupcake231

    Help with Patho of BUN and Creatinine in CHF

    I believe that BUN levels would be increased during CHF because during CHF, bloodflow to the kidneys is reduced and therefore making BUN high. I am not sure about the creatine though...
  8. cupcake231

    Health Assessment Practice Questions

    Hey there! Does anyone have any health assessment practice questions or practice websites? I want to get ahead before school starts! Thank you!
  9. cupcake231

    Frustrated and Nervous

    I was just a little worried about myself but I feel much better about everything!
  10. cupcake231

    Frustrated and Nervous

    thank you everyone for your support and encouragement! NOTHING will stop me from becoming a nurse!
  11. cupcake231

    Frustrated and Nervous

    I can watch the tube fill up and everything....the woozy feeling just hits me out of nowhere...and it's the same whether I watch it or not...
  12. cupcake231

    Frustrated and Nervous

    Oh yah and my body only responds this way with venipuncture procedures, not with any sort of intramuscular injection or anything...it's weird..
  13. cupcake231

    Frustrated and Nervous

    Well that is a relief that it hasn't stopped you! I was just afraid I would psych myself out and associate my personal reaction to other situations. Does this happen to anyone else as well? And how do you attempt to control it (as much as possible)?
  14. cupcake231

    Frustrated and Nervous

    Okay, so I am really frustrated because blood and guts and other things DO NOT bother me...I don't even get anxious about having blood drawn or anything....and the whole time I feel fine while my blood is being taken BUT then after about 2 minutes my body goes crazy and I don't feel good and I sweat a lot and feel dizzy...is this normal? I am nervous it will hinder my performance in nursing school...and I don't know what I would do if I don't become a nurse...nursing is what I long to do....however, the sight of other people getting blood drawn and other procedures DOES NOT bother me at all! I am just so confused...
  15. cupcake231

    Health Assessment

    This is just awesome advice! Thank you everyone! I am sooo excited!!!!