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  1. OpheliasWings

    Houston Baptist University information

    Hi Again! Thanks so much for the additional information. Exactly! I'm trying to keep all of my options open. I went back to the website and did some digging around and was able to find more information than I did the first time I visited their website. I do have a question though, not sure if you might know, I'm a bit curious about the 18 hours of humanities and 9 hours of Christian studies courses that are required. Are these part of the pre reqs that have to be completed prior to applying or are they added in with the nursing curriculum? Thanks again! Sonseria
  2. OpheliasWings

    Sam Houston State University - Nursing Program?

    I actually just contacted them about 2-3 days ago and I was told that they will not be fully accredited until 2012. I think that they have their temporary accredidation in place while they are going through the whole process, not sure how that works or how long it takes them to become accredited, however the program is open and accepting students. Just be aware though that if you are going to apply to their program they require you to take your Developmental Psych at Sam Houston. They will not accept a junior college level course. I am just finishing it up this semester at Lone Star because I plan to apply to several of the universities in the Houston area and I was told that if I intended to apply to Sam Houston I would have to take the course at their school before applying to the nursing program. Hope this helps. Take Care, Sonseria
  3. OpheliasWings

    TWU Houston Fall 2011 Accepted

    From what I understand UT Houston is the one that does not have summers off. They just work straight through. Which is great if you want to get it done faster. But, not if you want to enjoy your summers or would like to pick up summer externships or volunteer work in between your semesters. I'm hoping to find out what the general schedule is like. I know the clinicals will vary from semester to semester, but it would be nice to have a general idea of a what the course schedule is like. Thanks for the info and good luck!
  4. OpheliasWings

    TWU Houston Fall 2011 Accepted

    I also have a schedule question for those of you that are currently students or have been accepted. I plan to apply most likely next fall for TWU, UT Houston and Texas A & M. I am trying to find out roughly what the class schedules are like. I had read in a different post that you are basically stuck with what they give you the first semester, then they use a pull system for the following semesters so you get to choose from whatever is available when it's your turn. Is this very accurate? We have a 3 year old daughter and my husband recently took a job working 60-65 hours a week, so I'm a bit concerned about just getting handed a schedule and being expected to drop life in order to accommadate it. I'd appreciate any insight that any of you may have. Thanks so much! Sonseria
  5. OpheliasWings

    Cook Children's Nurse Residency

    I am very interested in this program, currently I am working towards my pre reqs to apply to programs around the Houston area. If you don't mind me asking where did you attend school and what types of qualifications do you have? I'm curious to find out the types of applicants that they have for this internship. Thanks for your time. Sonseria
  6. Hi everyone, thought I would post and see if anyone has any advice on where to look to get your pre req vaccines? I am planning to apply to Texas A & M's health science bachelor of nursing program this coming fall when they open the application period, but I need to get my vaccines started. We actually live in the Lake Livingston area, but I know that I'll probably have to go into Houston for any of the clinics that offer low cost vaccine programs. So I figured I'd ask around and see where the best place is to go. Thanks in advance!
  7. OpheliasWings

    Texas A&M HSC-Any grads or current/prospective students?

    I have a few quick questions for those of you that have applied to A&M. How difficult would you say the admissions process is for their generic bachelor's program? The reason I ask is because my family and I live in the Lake Livingston area and I am looking to apply within the next year for the bachelor's program. Sam Houston State University is opening their program this year which will start in the Spring of 2011. From what I'm seeing the main differences are about an additional 6 pre req courses and you have to have a min 3.0 gpa vs A & M's 2.75. Sam Houston is a lot closer, but it would also mean me having to tack on an additional 2 semesters of courses vs being able to apply next year for A & M. I know both programs will be taking about the name number of students, so I'm just curious if there is a huge amount of applicants for these schools or if they are just extremely picky about who they take. Thanks in advance!
  8. OpheliasWings

    Sam Houston State University - Nursing Program?

    Hi Everyone, just thought that I would drop a line in regards to whether Sam Houston has a nursing program. I contacted the medical department at the school and was told that they are supposed to be starting the application process at the end of this summer to start next Spring 2011. She told me that they would be updating their site soon, but they haven't yet and this was about a month ago that I got the information. According to the site the proposed bachelors program would be in their new medical center that they are putting in at the school and that the clinicals would be in Houston at Memorial Hermann. But this is mainly info off of their site and what I was told through email by one of the counselors at the school. I'm in the same boat as a lot of you have been. We live on Lake Livingston and I've been having to drive to Kingwood to take courses at the Lone Star community college to try to get into the associates program, considering that all of the 4 year universities in the Houston area are downtown or you have to drive to College Station to go to A&M. Does anyone have any opinion in regards to the differences between getting an associates vs bachelors? Are you better off with a bachelors or does it really matter? Thanks in advance. Sonseria
  9. OpheliasWings

    Interested in moving to Alaska, need advice!

    Hi, thanks so much for your post and for including the other post about living in Alaska. With our current living situation I am being forced to apply for the associates program, due to the distance that we are from any of the major 4 year universities here in the Houston area. That having been said, my goal at this point is to get my RN and apply for internship opportunities whether they are here in Texas or out of state. We've never had the intention of up and moving somewhere without a guaranteed internship or position. At this rate I will most likely be doing an RN to BSN program after I am able to obtain work. Just because it will save me some time and a lot of the hospitals offer tuition reimbursement so that you can obtain your bachelors. Though we have never been to Alaska, it is more of a dream for us and if by some chance we are able to find work there then we'll have the opportunity to move there. We're trying to be as responsible and realistic about the idea as possible. Especially considering we have a 2 year old daughter. But I can understand the hospitals there choosing to hire new grads from the schools that they know and trust, rather than putting time, money and effort into an out of state graduate that they would be taking a chance on. Especially considering that Alaska seems to be one of those states that tries to stay to itself and not get too involved with the lower 48. However, I had already contacted the director of internships at Providence and was treatly kindly and fairly and was given a lot of great information about the programs and the hospital. So I'm not really too concerned with the idea of being an out of stater considering applying. The way I look at it, if God intends for us to move to Alaska, then he will find a way. Thanks so much for your post. I really appreciate it. Take Care, Sonseria
  10. OpheliasWings

    Interested in moving to Alaska, need advice!

    Hi Escape, good to see another Texan on the board. :) My husband and I are most likely going to be moving back to the Weatherford/Ft Worth area here soon. My husbands grandparents are getting older and are both ill so we're moving back to help them and as a perk I'll be closer to school. I've been considering the associates program here in Houston because it's closer, but if we move back to the Ft Worth area I'll be able to apply for UT Arlington, which I'm excited about. I'm looking into the internships there at the Children's hospital once I get through school. I haven't decided if I want to intern here in Texas and then look for jobs in Alaska or try to intern in Alaska. So we haven't decided just yet. Best of Luck! Take Care, Sonseria
  11. OpheliasWings

    Interested in moving to Alaska, need advice!

    Hi Ey, soo sorry for taking so long to get back to you. We've had a lot going on around here and I just haven't had time to sit down and reply. As far as new graduate programs in the Houston area you can try searching nursing internships in Houston. I know that MD Anderson may have some, but of course they are a cancer hospital, not sure what are you're interested in. Also check out Memorial Hermann, I know that they run internships twice a year and I've heard they're a great hospital to work for. I don't really know from personal experience I've just done some research online and contacted the internship programs trying get a feel for what a new graduate nurse is going to face. Of course the biggest hospitals are in the downtown medical center which can be a daunting task to get there with Houston's traffic. If you've never been to Houston you're in for a surprise, with millions of people living in the city it can be difficult to get around in. I'm not originally from Texas I moved here about 5 years ago when I met my husband. I like Texas overall, but in order to like Houston you have to enjoy the big city. It has a lot to offer however. I'm still in school now so I don't have any first hand experience with working in any of the hospitals or the pay. But I have heard that the hospitals generally pay pretty well. I would say as a new graduate nurse you'd probably make in the area of $28 or so depending on the area and the hospital. But you really should contact the hospitals you're interested in directly to find out how much they pay. That's just a ball park figure from what I've seen. As far as the NW/Tomball area we actually just moved from that area about 6 months ago. We're currently living near Lake Livingston which is about an hour north of there and we're considering moving back to Fort Worth to help my husbands grandparents who are elderly and are in poor health. But as far as the general area around Tomball goes it's nice. There are lots of new apartment/townhome complexs that are really nice. We were paying around $1400 a month for a 3 bedroom with a garage. I know there are several 24 hour clinics and also a large hospital right up the highway from Tomball. As far as associates programs, the main colleges in Houston that offer the associates is Lone Star Community College, where I am currently attending, and then Houston Community College. Lone Star has like 5 or 6 locations and they usually have a decent application pool every year. But the only other programs are offered are bachelors programs by the larger universities downtown and in Galveston. I would think as large as the city is you shouldn't have a problem getting in somewhere. Like I said do some research online for the type of internship you're looking for and see what the hospitals have to offer. Thanks for the information about Alaska. If you have any specific questions I may be able to help you with just drop me a private message and we can chat. Thanks again. Take Care, Sonseria
  12. OpheliasWings

    Interested in moving to Alaska, need advice!

    Hi Everyone, I figured I would post here with the questions that I have regarding nursing careers and living in Alaska. My husband and daughter and I are currently living outside of Houston, Tx where I am attending school to get my associates of nursing. I was really wanting to get my bachelors degree right off the bat, but where we are currently living it's a minimum of a 2 hr drive each way to any of the universities offering the bachelors program here. That having been said is there a real difference in Alaska for those individuals that have a bachelors degree vs an associates as an RN? I had contacted Providence a few months ago about their pediatrics internship programs and she said that they hire both. But I wasn't really sure if a Bachelor's student would have an easier time of aquiring a job. Is it difficult to transfer your license from out of state into Alaska? What is the cost of living like? Is it difficult for new graduates to find internships or new graduate jobs? We have discussed moving to Alaska for quite some time now. My husband is a professional photographer and is really wanting to opportunity to break into wildlife and nature work, which Alaska would be a great place for. Our daughter will be 2 in January, so by the time I am finished with my program here in Texas she will be between 4 and 5. I was reading that there is a huge wait for the nursing program there in Anchorage is that just for the basic bachelors program or does the transitional program from RN to Bachelors have a long wait as well? I am currently debating on whether it would be a better situation to finish out my bachelors here in Texas or to get an internship here and have a year or so of experience under my belt and apply for jobs in Alaska. Have any of you found that it is easier to get into a new graduate program or is it easier to come to Alaska and secure a job if you already have experience? Also how difficult is it to get into pediatrics in Alaska? And have any of you taken advantage of the government program where they pay you to go to school for nursing but you have to take a contract at a needy rural clinic? I would appreciate any advice or insite from any of you that are currently in Alaska or have experience working in Alaska as an RN. :bowingpurhe he Thanks in advance! Take Care, Sonseria
  13. OpheliasWings

    Lone Star Kingwood 2010

    I have a quick question for those of you that applying or enrolled in Lone Star's adn program. I am going to be applying for the 2011 application period. I chose to take some of my other courses for the bachelors program this semester since I had planned to apply to UT, but we've just moved and the closest program is Kingwood. I'm curious to find out about the health insurance requirement. I saw that somone had posted in this thread about how Lone Star is planning to offer a student option plan, does anyone have any information on this? I currently don't have insurance and I've been trying to do some research on student plans and so far it looks like close to $500 or more per semester just for me. So it's a bit pricey. I was just wanting to know if it's an absolute requirement and if there is a cheaper alternative for health insurance coverage for students? Thanks for your time! Take Care, Sonseria
  14. OpheliasWings

    Texas Woman's University-help with pre req questions

    The quanatative literacy class is another math course that you have to take if you are not core complete at the school that you're doing you're pre req work at. So in essence you'd have to take college algebra, math based statistics and this quanatative math course as well.