Texans attitudes toward interacial couples

  1. Hi everyone! I was considering possibly moving to Texas after my first year of nursing. The thing is, I have never lived anywhere besides Connecticut and Washington D.C. I am married to a wonderful man who happens to be of another race than me. In connecticut, we get subtle glances but nothing rude. i was wondering, If I were to move to Texas, how will we be received. Will the neighbors burn a cross on our yard (I know that this sounds close minded but it's a real concern) or will we be blatantly harrassed? Any info anyone can give would be much appreciated.
    Pokey (soon to be GN) :angel2:
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  3. by   TaraSC
    I'm in the same sort of relationship and I have not had any problems whatsoever. I haven't noticed anyone looking or otherwise...Should be fine for you here. By the way, I'm in Austin. Good luck with your move!
  4. by   TXMOM
    I've lived here all my life, and never once have I seen anyone get harassed because of them being interracial, me being in one myself.
  5. by   Truly_Blessed
    There are certain parts of texas that i feel are really yucky when it comes to that stuff, but it's little small towns. I am biracial, and in my adult life I have never had any problems. No one looks at me funny...no one looks at my parents funny either. The bigger cities w/lots of culture and all kinds of different ppl in Texas are Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Those and their suburbs are the best, IMO. Corpus Christi and San Antonio are my 2 personal favorites. Seeing interracial couples around here is becoming the norm, IMO. No worries. Come to Texas...we'll love ya!
  6. by   mariessas_mom
    I have lived in Dallas all of my life. My husband (who is from Mexico) and myself (caucasion) have been married for 11 years and have had no problems! I have seen and know lots of interracial couples in this area and everyone is pretty accepting. It is the small towns I think you would have to be worried about. Good luck!
  7. by   purplemania
    I live in a town of about 75,000 and know several couples of mixed races. Texas is big enough for you too!
  8. by   MandyInMS
    I think the larger the city , the more 'accepting'...I'm not in Texas..but southern..that's been my experience..Best wishes (((hugzzz)))
  9. by   pokey sn
    Thanks for all the positive responses. I am black and my husband is white. In this part of the country, you see black men with white women but rarely the reverse. New England is pretty conservative I guess when it comes to this issue. Glad to hear that Texas is truley a wonderful state.
  10. by   ginger1023
    I moved to Texas 5 years ago and I am also in a biracial marriage...discrimination is NOT right out in the open ..but its here ...its very underlined and you have to be cautious whom you tell that you are in a biracial marriage....
    You can live here if you mind your own buissness....finding true friends is hard ..we live in a almost totally white neighbourhood ..no one says anything or does anything ..everybody minds their own buissness....
    where I work people like me ..but once they found out my husband is "black" they kinda got a little "cool" and inviting me with my husband ..well ...I can come alone if I like... ..
    I have lived all over the world and I have learned you can life basically anywhere if you have a job,money and mind your own buissness..
    MONEY is a major factor in not being discriminated ..
    for MONEY TALKES....... :chuckle
    ohh one more thing "I live close to Dallas"
    GOOD LUCK...
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  11. by   KattB
    I live in the Houston area and it's common to see interacial couples, and no one ever seems to think it's strange. We are a white couple and have very good friends that are interacial and they hang out with other white couples and other black couples and they never seem to act like it's a problem. Their daughter and my daughter are good friends too. So come on, we welcome you!!
  12. by   dwainlou
    I live in rural east texas 12 miles to the nearest store. We have interacial couples as neighbors. Only the ignorant won't accept you and that could be any where so come on down. We need good nurses
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  13. by   ginger1023
    its easy to say racism does not exist ..but its foolish to down play it ...
    Yes ..we have friends multiracial...but still down here in the south you have to know where "you belong" ..
    people don't attack you or dare not openly discriminate you ...but if you look for a job ..people see your COLOR first ...thats a proven researched fact...
    Texas is a nice state ...but still you have to know and research where you are going to move to ..especially if you have young children....
    be cautious of people who say "I do not discriminate"......
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  14. by   a_clay
    I live in Dallas and I am in the same boat. I am a white female who only dates black men and I have NEVER had any problems here. I come from a small town in western KY where the people will stop and stare and make rude comments but I have never experienced that in Dallas. I think you would be MUCH more likely to experience things of that nature in little small towns. Good luck to ya!