Questions about Seton Versant RN Residency in Austin - page 14

I have just been accepted into the Seton RN residency and can answer any questions you may have. I will also be creating a post throughout my experience in the residency. Ask away!... Read More

  1. by   purduegrad
    I received my email from HR this afternoon! I hope everyone else did as well
  2. by   BotoxBaby
    Nothing in my inbox
  3. by   okranurse
    Nope, nothing.
  4. by   ktlam
    me either
  5. by   BotoxBaby
    They were supposed to send them over the weekend. Maybe if nothing comes by the end of the day I could try calling tomorrow? The open house is just around the corner!
  6. by   okranurse
    I got mine today. I was in class all day, so just got back and completed the directions in the email. Wish I could have had it completed before end of HR's work day, but happy to get it in nonetheless. Whew!
  7. by   BotoxBaby
    Yes I got mine today too. What did you end up applying for? It's so exciting!
  8. by   okranurse
    It was hard to narrow it down, esp since there were so many ICU positions. I went for locations I would prefer, a few ICUs and a few positions within the spectrum of my skill set to hopefully increase my chances. Even if I can't get what I want specifically, I will settle for something close to it...At the end of the day, esp. as a graduate nurse, I just want a J-O-B...and then I will just work my way from the inside, lol. How about you?
  9. by   BotoxBaby
    I applied to some ED positions, based on location preference. I also threw in a med/surg and tele just in case I hope I have a decent chance in landing an interview. You'll have to let me know when you applications have been "routed" so I can throw some good vibes your way! Good Luck!
  10. by   okranurse
    Same to you! Good luck as well.
  11. by   purduegrad
    So did you guys do 2 different applications? One for the graduate nurse requisition and then another for the different units? I thought the directions were kind of confusing! I ended up applying for ICUs, tele, med-surg, trauma and still have 2 spots left open because I cant decide what else to do haha. I'm thinking maybe L & D, but I honestly just want any job! I wonder how many people HR contacted...
  12. by   okranurse
    ... o O (So many visitors to this thread tonight, but hardly a soul is posting.)
  13. by   BotoxBaby
    I'm posting! Hopefully the information that we share with each other has helped us.

    Purdue-Yes, I did two applications...good luck selecting your last 2 slots!