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Hi all, Is there anyone here starting at Prairie View this Spring or currently attending? I got my acceptance letter about 2 weeks ago....I am so excited...and nervous! Can any PV students give... Read More

  1. by   htownurse
    thank you sooo much pvnurse1 for all what you said. Can you inform us about your study habits or other things you did that helped get through nursing school. also is it better to buy textbooks with the school or buy it online. can you recommend any instructors. do you think i need a pda for the program also does tape recorder help, that is for the lectures. Is there anyway i can make copies of your notes from your past classes.

    hey gina2423 congratulations on your acceptance. PM me your email addy so we can exchange numbers and info hope to see you on saturday.
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  2. by   pvnurse1
    With regards to textbooks, you may as well buy them through the school. I never used a tape recorder. I just highlighted along in the text book and wrote notes on something the instructor harped on in class. I wouldn't think you needed a PDA, a planner with would be just fine. Its up to you. Just something to organize your study time, and that would enable you to see upcoming tests and necessary reading assignments.

    With regards to study habits, form a study group your first semester, people who really want to work. Keep this group for the remainder of the program. You all will grow together and keep each other afloat and then you'll all graduate together.

    The instructors all teach a specific course. There is no choosing because each semester has a team of instructors. I don't really have any notes because I mostly just wrote in my text books. Any little notes I have wouldn't be much help. Its really individualized how you learn best. I wasn't really a note taker. I just read the text book.
  3. by   michellesrndream
    Congrats! You must be so excited! I have a question though if you don't mind. We're looking at relocating back to Texas and I was wondering if GP (or other driving distance community colleges) are impacted like here in California. I'm done with all pre-reqs and g.e. and ready to apply here, but there are 2-3 semester wait lists and/or re-apply periods. We seriously have 400+ applicants for 50 spots at every program offered here. How is it there?

    Thanks, any info would be greatly appreciated,
  4. by   htownurse
    thank you for all your advice really appreciate it.


    i cant really say what the ratio between applicants and spots are. i know it is really competitve, but as long as you have a great gpa and apply early you should get in. another thing is to always follow up when you mail your documents mistakes happen, so always be on their case.
  5. by   ccrn2b
    Prairie View? whooooop! Not to discourage anyone but i was there myself. They make it soooo hard and tough! Luckily, i transfered some of my classes to another school and still graduated the same semester as i would have if i stayed at prairie view. I didn't loose anything. I was only there for one semester. I bagan doubting and asking myself if nursing was actually for me. But i only had to ask that question while in prairie View. Once i entered the other school, i soon discovered myself. I would have doubted if nursing was for me and would have left for something else mistakenly if i didn't transfer.Now i'm working in ICU and doing great! Anybody either in their program or planning on going there should listen to nurse Pvnurse1. She has been there all thru and knows better. There's no sweet-talking you into hell! Bottom line? Ask lots of questions before going there so you won't start having a second thought afterwards.. Be prepared. It's do-able but you really have to have patience and take all their disorganizations and stuff.. I couldn't stand all those. In whatever decision you make, goodluck..
  6. by   pvnurse1
    I don't know that Prairie View has any sort of waiting list. They even accept students with GPA's less than 3.0. So GPA is a non issue at Prairie View.
  7. by   cenedradRN
    I'm considering applying for fall 2007 and was wondering if you have to have all pre-reqs complete at time of application. I have the majority but I don't have A&P, lifespan, and sociology. I'm taking them this summer. Any advice or info would be great!
  8. by   pvnurse1
    I believe you can still apply with classes still outstanding and you can still be admitted. Just be sure and list on the application when you will be taking the courses and when you expect to complete them.
  9. by   PrairieViewRN
    Hi everybody!

    Until this thread I didnt think anyone from Prairie View or folks that were interested in PV knew about this site! Well I am a PROUD PVU grad! I went to the main campus and then the College of Nursing, where I graduated in May '05. Ive been working full time as a nurse since graduation, and Im so happy about the career choice I made.

    Advice I would give to those taking prereques at the main campus: study,get good grades, but make sure you have fun sometimes too: if you haven't already mastered the art of prioritizing major or minor things in life, now is the time. You will definately need this skill the remainder of your time in nursing school, and especially when you become a nurse. Also learn the art of networking. If you know someone about to leave for the college of nursing, and you still have more classes to take on main campus (or wherever you attend school), introduce yourself, get to know them and keep in touch because they will know what tidbits to share with you when you take the classes they have already taken. (Study materials, old handouts from previous classes, etc.) When its time to go to the CON, get're in for the time of your LIFE....but if you finish, (yes, i said IF) and apply the knowledge correctly the wonderful instructors have given you, you will be polished, well educated, and a professional BSN, RN. Like me

    To those already at the CON, all I can say is hang in there, I promise you WILL get out and you WILL make wonderful nurses. Try not to get involved in the uhhh..."politics"...that may sometimes be involved there. Politics are just apart of nursing. Get used to it. Even though your're in school, remain professional with the instructors, and students as well. Dont get caught up in trying to graduate with the class you started out with. I know everyone wants to get the hect otta there, but how fast you finish the race is not important, but how you well and throroughly you ran your race at PV is what matters. I started with a class of 65. I graduated a semester later with a class of about 15. Every thing that is being crammed down your throats right now YOU NEED, and you will see it again. If you dont know what HESI is, you will know real well by the end of semester 4. To those about to take the NCLEX, hmm...what can I tell you??? Its not like taking any exam that PV has already given you. It tests SOME knowledge, but i think its ensuring you know how to "think like a nurse". What can you analyze from the information being presented in the question? What is the pertenant (sp?) info? What, if anything, needs to be done with the information given. If yes, what do you do 1st, 2nd, last?

    I hope this information has been helpful to anyone reading it. Im so proud of you all and I wish you the best of luck in your journey!

    All questions/comments are welcomed and encouraged
  10. by   PV101
    I just finished my first semester at Prairie View and although they are unorganized, I love the program. I am excited about the upcoming semesters. What advice can anyone give about semesters 2-5 (particularly semester 2)?
  11. by   earthlynurse2be
    Are you all saying that it's really easy to get into Prairie Views Nursing Program? Has anyone taken the classes offered through Prairie View at the North Harris community college or online?
  12. by   PV101
    I did not have any difficulty being accepted into the program. I had a 3.4 GPA. But I'm warning you that the program is disorganized, but it can be done. I did not take any online courses.
  13. by   Student1001
    Hi! I'm applying to the BSN program for the Spring as a transfer student. My transfer GPA is a 3.3, does that mean that's also my cumulative gpa? Because that's what my GPA is listed as when I looked online. Also, I made a 98 and a 95 on the NET test. To those who are already in the program, do you think my odds are good? Even if I thought I had a good chance at getting in...i'd still worry until i get the official results, because I hear the program is competitive.

    Also, about how long after the deadline do we find out?

    Hopefully I get in....I've heard great things about the program and I really want to be a nurse!