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  1. michellesrndream

    Who's In at LA County ADN Program?

    Hello All! Wow! I can finally say "I'm In!" - Totally can't believe it. I've been reading others posting that sweet phrase for over 3 yearsnow !!! Well...I only applied at USC Medical-LA County ADN Program and nowhere else and got it! It was my first choice from the beginning, given the wide diversity of patients and excellent teaching environment if offers. It took me 2x but I'm in for Aug. '07 Orientation is this Friday, June 15 8am-12noon is anyone else on allnurses.com attending? In case you're still waiting for a letter - i just got mine of Wed. 6/6 (they were suppose to go out 5/15!!!!) totally nerve racking, huh? Okay guys & gals ~ don't be shy! Log on and share your stuff! Congrats to those in & I'm blowing kisses of patience to those in waiting! ~talk to ya soon, Michelle
  2. michellesrndream

    Any LA County/USC Acceptances Received?

    Hello My fellow Hopefuls! Well, I was told that acceptance (or denial) letters go out May 15th and I'm eating myself out of house and home with the gitters! My back side is not going to do well in those thin, see-through, white scrub pants at this rate! Ha! Ha! Has anyone else received a yes or no letter yet?
  3. michellesrndream

    Anybody hear from L.A. County Program?

    Yes, you're right. USC no longer has a BSN program, however the USC-L.A. County Medical Center has an ADN program run directly thru the medical center. They admit about 50 students every Fall & Spring. You have to complete your general at any other community college - they strictly offer the RN program and no general ed. toward the Associates. It's a bit more expensive than the community colleges, but you have the opportunity to "work off" your tuition by signing on for 2 years at the Medical Center. Secondly, all clinicals are done at this one location rather than the 6 weeks here, then 6 weeks there arrangement. If you're interested look up L.A. County School of Nursing & Allied Health.
  4. michellesrndream

    Anybody hear from L.A. County Program?

    Hi Everyone! Just wondering if any of you that tested at the L.A. County-USC Nursing Program got your test results sending you on or out of the 2nd round! I got mine and passed all sections, moving me onto further consideration at least. They won't be sending out any final acceptance letters until Dec. 15! UUuurrrghhhh! It's going to be a lllllooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg wait. Good Luck Everyone! ~Michelle
  5. michellesrndream

    Is there power in the color white?

    I am so glad someone has brought this up. I don't know about getting more respect, although at this point I'm up for anything. However, I do agree with professionalism that the all white "nurse" uniform has a certain status in my mind. I agree with another post that the scrubs are this big frumpy, cartoony, pj looking pantaloons! This is extremely unprofessional. I think the whole cartoon character thing alread for peds, but I would love to wear all white so my patients identify me as their nurse and not the cafeteria or house cleaning staff. They are just as important to running a tight ship, don't get me wrong. But nurses have worked their butts in comparison.... so let's dress like the professionals we are. My 2 cents!
  6. michellesrndream

    More Men RNs = More $$$ for All?

    Yeah they do rock! I'm in the Los Angeles area and the pay is awesome (cost of living is totally ridiculous). The women have made great progress with new contracts implemented with great raises & upgraded benefits. So they are definately kicking some butt! I just wonder if men would meet such resistance and lack of respect for the field of nursing. Let's face it, doctor's need us! We're the reason they're playing golf on Tuesday at 10am! Hee! Hee! Thanks for the input!
  7. michellesrndream

    More Men RNs = More $$$ for All?

    Hello everyone, I'm not a newbie, but more of a lurker. I've posted a few, but really have more fun reading what's out there as I wait for acceptance letters for Jan. 07 Anyway, here's a question for everyone. There is so much resistance in re-evaluating nurse salaries and benefits and appears to be an uphill battle to say the least. Not to say, it's ever easy to justify a nice size raise, but I really feel that if this was a more male dominated profession the pay would be extremely different and would receive much more respect. Anyone agree! If more men got involved in the rallying in the fight in the politics of it all do you think it would make a diference? Just curious...share you thoughts!
  8. michellesrndream

    The letter......Spring 07

    Urrgghhh! I'm sitting on pins and needles too! Our deadline for the L.A.-USC County Program was 9/15 also. Get this...they said they usually get the letters out the first week of DECEMBER! How nerve racking is that? I feel confident out the entrance exam and my GPA is 3.75, but there's just hundreds of people for 50 spots. So, I could have all the 'requirements' but it is totally a point system. They say last semester they accepted a low gpa of 2.5 and lowest point value of 69. I have 3.8gpa and 69 points. I feel pretty good - but you just never know. It's going to be a long 2 months!!!
  9. michellesrndream

    Looking 4 LA County New Grad Salary Link

    I'm looking into oncology or med/surg night shift.
  10. michellesrndream

    Looking 4 LA County New Grad Salary Link

    Hello All~ I know I've seen this question asked millions of times on the board, but now that it actually applies to me I'd like more info. I live in Los Angeles County, looking to work at USC Medical Center, Children's Hospital of LA or somewhere downtown. What is the starting hourly rate for a new grad and how often are reviewed and moved up to the next pay scale? Many Thanks! If you know where this has all been discussed can you let me know the link!
  11. michellesrndream

    Anyone Applying to L.A. County/USC Program?

    Hello All~ Just wondered if anyone else was applying to the L.A. County College of Nursing and Allied Health for Spring '07? I'm taking a placement test this Sat. Sept. 30. Anyone else out there? Michelle
  12. michellesrndream

    Salary.Com Accurate?

    Hello All~ I've been looking over the pay scale for the Los Angeles area on the salary.com site and wondered how accurate they really are. I believe the going rate to be around $27-$32/hr for a new grad in one of our larger hospitals around here (depending on shift/differentials, etc). The salary.com website lists a staff RN from 60k(low) 65k(mid) 68k(high). These figures fall into the rate I've "heard" is average but was looking for some actual facts to base it on. Anyone care to comment without giving up too much personal info?
  13. michellesrndream

    Dothan's Wallace Community College

    Do any of you know about Wallace Community College near Dothan? My parents live there and say that they don't have enough students going into the nursing program there! Something about an ad in the newspaper trying to recruit students to the nursing program? I live in Los Angeles and all of our school are impacted with waiting lists up to 2 years! Any info would be appreciated!
  14. michellesrndream

    Is it true? No waitlist at El Centro?

    I thought I saw a thread on here earlier this week that someone had posted that El Centro didn't have a waiting list for their RN Program. Is it true? I thought all the community colleges in the metroplex and surrounding areas were impacted with too many applicants? Can anyone fill me in on what that status is on the # of applicants to the # of placements, and the GPA required to even make the list? Thanks, Michelle
  15. michellesrndream

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    Geez ladies! Put down the shotguns already! If you're offended by the post -don't respond and move on. I find it more insulting the arrogant 'you should know better' attitude from you mother hens out there. We all know that a "true" nurse is one of compassion for the patient. We also know - that nurse Betty needs to be able to put a roof over her head and make enough money to do so. Anyone in their right mind no matter how compassionate they are would be an idiot to not look at the whole picture before deciding to go to school for at least 4 years of blood, sweat & tears, and a school debt to top it all off. What and then find out in Kentucky you only get paid $9.50/hr. Please! I love my patients - but get real! Yes, there are websites, books, and several other sources that several of you think should be referenced before you're bothered with such nonsense. However, one of the wonderful things about this site is one can post questions and concerns and those who thoughtfully and sincerely want to HELP in your quest will do so... All the others should back off and stop playing english professor, Miss Manners on Ediquette, and step out of the 1950's when women didn't 'discuss such things'. Get over it already! Let's just do everyone a favor - if you don't want to give your info - don't give your info...but if you don't want to let your salary out of the bag, keep your 2 cents in there with it. I'm now leaving my soapbox! Thank you. ADN, 4 yrs exp. (graduating in Dec. w/BSN) Work per-diem 36 hrs/wk (mostly days-rarely any weekends) mainly med-surg, l&d Los Angeles, CA $57/hr flat - no benefits.
  16. michellesrndream

    Rio Hondo Students Out There?

    Hello All~ I've been plugging away at my GE & pre-reqs for the ADN program at Rio Hondo College. I was just wondering if anyone new if there was a waiting list for the program. I'm taking 16 units a semester right now so that I don't have any other courses I need to take during the actual program - but if there is a waiting list - why knock myself out! I have a all A's 7 B's right now and would think I would be at the top of the list for admission - but just wondered if anyone knew anything... Thanks, Michelle