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Hi Everyone :) Just wanted to start a thread for everyone that's applied to the Navarro College ADN-RN program starting Fall 2012. Figured we needed a place to post, ask each other questions etc.... Read More

  1. by   RED1984
    The BON publications aren't on the "list of books for fall 2012" either. Wow, there is A LOT of books though!! I'll have to invest in a suitcase with wheels I suppose...haha
  2. by   timmedico
    I know it!!!!!!!! I can only imagine how lectures are gonna be! "Turn to page 3 in this book, page 15 in that one, 8 in the other, etc". :P They should combine it into one gigantic book.

    I don't think the BON thing is "mandatory" (accept the rules and guidelines), just like the SGA attachment and scholarships.
  3. by   RED1984
    I agree Tim one gigantic book with wheels attached
  4. by   Jo Sh
    scrubs: they are red tops black wont use them until October i think..during lecture you can wear street clothing, during labs, you just wear plain scrubs.

    Clinicals: fall semester is at a nursing home either in hachie or corsicana. they pick for you, usually based on where you live.

    Alternates: I'm not sure on the exact number that get in, but we have some in our class... all the people that get accepted somewhere else will give up their spot, so i bet a bunch get in this year too...keep your head up and prepare as if you are going in...if they call you last minute you will be ready.

    I think the schedule is going to stay pretty much like I posted earlier because it was the same for the sophomores. I think the only books you will need for sure this semester is the fundamentals book, pharm book, and davis drug guide...thats really it. unless they have changed everything....

    and I didn't get my acceptance letter until the end of may or early email haha I was always wondering ***** when i got in I was stoked!!! enjoy your summer, because fall is going to be rough.

    I would advise looking at an nclex study book and getting use to the way the questions are asked...our exams are applied knowledge. They arent asking questions like "what is _____?'' or whatever like A&P ...just get an nclex book and get familiar with the format.
  5. by   RED1984
    We have a list of required text: 4 required and one optional for pharmacology and 7 required and one optional for Foundations of on web advisor the list of books is posted as well (link in the course description). And the schedule is posted on web advisor as well.... So I guess things are changing?? Or maybe they will change web advisor to reflect the schedule you posted earlier?? Thanks for the heads up on everything!! It's nice to have someone that knows how it goes and everything.
  6. by   Jo Sh
    i know for the first few weeks thinks are different with lecture times, I would ask mrs stroud what the schedule is going to be like. They give you a schedule that you will basically live by and they kind of change it as you go along. And as far as books go Im telling you, you only NEED the fundamentals and pharm books You need the drug guide for clinicals and validations. They have a huge "required" list but you wont use most of that untill next semester. Maternity, psyc, and Med surg are in the spring. For those people with limited funds (like myself) this info would have been great because I dropped like 800bucks on books I didnt even open...
  7. by   RED1984
    Thanks Josh!! I don't want to waste money either.... Your info and input is greatly appreciated
  8. by   timmedico
    How's your file looking Red? I'm going tomorrow to get the TB test and see if I need the Varicella titer/HEP B shot(s) (I'm immune to both according to my labs). Still haven't registered quite yet, nor have I bought any books yet. I think I'll search on amazon to find the cheapest ones out there.
  9. by   caterific88
    TB test isn't suppose to be done until the end of May. Did you get an attachment regarding the things missing in your file?
  10. by   timmedico
    Yes, I got an attachment that showed all I was missing. Are we not allowed to do a TB test sooner than the end of May? I figured that it was meaning by the end of May (deadline). I'm actually going to the doctor now to get the titer, tb test, and hep b shot.
  11. by   timmedico
    I went in and gave my doctor "the list". He saw my labs and called *****, so I don't need anything but a TB test in May (gotta call n make sure it's in my file).
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  12. by   RED1984
    All I'm missing is TB, and will do it later in May. I'm using financial aid, so I will wait to get my books unless I find a sweet deal online, but haven't had luck for any of my prior Navarro classes :/ I'm gonna do my CPR may 19.
  13. by   timmedico
    Maybe there might be people just graduating that might be able to sell their books cheaper?