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  1. I've been accepted into the Grayson College LVN program this fall. Yeah!

    Looking through these forums, I've gotten a little concerned about my job prospects. I plan to do either an on campus LVN-RN bridge program or Excelsior. But when I get out of school in a year I would really like to start in hospital work (med/surg). I know that many hospitals wont hire LVNs any more.

    Are there any hospitals in the DFW area, particularly around Allen that hire LVN new grads?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I don't know about the LVN hospital job prospects in the area around Plano, Frisco, Allen, and McKinney.

    However, Plaza Medical Center, John Peter Smith Hospital, Regency Hospital, Kindred Hospital, and Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital all hire LVNs. The first 3 are located in Fort Worth. Kindred Hospital has locations all over the DFW area, and so does Healthsouth.

    My former coworker is an LVN who worked on the med/surg floor at Arlington Memorial Hospital back in 2005. She left the hospital setting because the nursing homes in the area were paying significantly more money. Arlington Memorial might still hire LVNs, so it doesn't hurt to try.
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  4. by   jimbalaya
    Thanks Commuter!

    Does anyone know about the North Dallas/Plano/Allen/McKinney area?
  5. by   Twix
    are you looking for a nursing home job or hospital job? i live in allen.:spin:
  6. by   jimbalaya
    I'm looking to see if there are still hospital jobs out there for LVNs in the area. I'm not really currently looking for a job as I haven't finished, or even started, school yet. I'm just trying to see if there is still a reasonable chance of working in a hospital when I graduate.

  7. by   Twix
    not sure, but i know a few LVNs that worked in hospitals and said they sure treated nothing more than glorified CNAs..
  8. by   ybstressed
    JPS has tons of opening for LVN's. I got offered a job at my local hospital working in the acute care area. You just have to wow them during clinicals.
  9. by   GeauxNursing
    the Methodist system hires LVNs. I'm pretty sure that the new Presby Rockwall (Rowlett?) is hiring LVNs, in which case I would check out Presby Plano. Kindred on Greenville Ave is a good place, too. I loved my clinicals there.
  10. by   kat7ap
    Hospitals that I frequently see LVN job openings for are JPS, Kindred, and HealthSouth. Methodist Health System, Texas Health Resources, and HCA Hospitals will occasionally have openings. From my personal experiences, it seems to pretty tough competition to land a hospital job around here as an LVN and even more difficult as a new grad. Most hospitals prefer LVNs with at least 1 year med/surg experience.
  11. by   ladside
    I think that those LPN/LVNs who are treated like glorified CNAs should count their blessings. I'm a Med/Surg LPN and have been in nursing for 23 years. I've personally experienced the dumping syndrome almost everyday that I report to work meaning that if they know or feel that you can handle the job, you get the worst patients and even some of those that have RN written all over them such as Blood product infusion, Heparin drips, etc. That leaves you to have to hunt down an RN to perform these tasks which takes precious time away from your other patients. It is a royal pain in the ***! because hospital policy and federal laws dictate that an RN has to do these things. Congratulations on getting accepted into LPN/LVN school but I would recommend that you forgo that and head directly for the RN degree instead. I'm almost done with my degree and I would not wish the hassles and head/heartache of an LPN on anyone...not that RNs don't have any hassles of their own but you might as well come close to getting paid for the grief that is inevitable. A typical example of my grief: A patient wanted his morphine every 2 hours. I would not give it to him because he had all of the classic symptons of sleep apnea and morphine depresses your respirations. But the dayshift RN gave him the drug whenever he asked for simply because "it was ordered". I left a note on the chart for the doctor, he assessed the patient for sleep apnea and did all the necessary diagnostic tests and LOW AND BEHOLD, he indeed had sleep apnea! His family confirmed his breathing "inadequacies" and the doctor discontinued the morphine and gave a recommendation for the RN who discovered it. Don't you know, that RN actually took credit for that even though I signed the note with my full name and title because I never want anyone to take the blame for a nursing judgement that I may have been incorrect about. In this case, I was right in my judgement and the RN was wrong but she still took and received credit for my decision!
    Good luck to you in whatever you decide.
  12. by   jimbalaya
    I'll be hones, all of this isn't very encouraging. I still plan on going the LVN route, because I need to start working soon to pay bills. But I will be immediately doing my LVN-RN program. And I figure that the year or so as an LVN will help me sympathize with other LVNs when I am an RN and make me a better nurse in the long run.

    Thanks for all the help.
  13. by   StrbryJelo
    I was an LPN for 6 years before obtaining my RN and agree with ladside that you should skip the LPN & go for your RN. I loved working as a LPN until we moved and the hospital/community thought LPN's had a butt hole as a convinient place to store their heads. I'm sorry to say this attitude is still prevalent in many places. As far as bridging using Excelsior, be careful. I'm in Georgia and the board of nursing here won't accept this program anymore. Also, the credits don't transfer most places. I work with a LPN who was almost through with Excelsior's program when Georgia made this change and she's lost time and a lot of money.
    Good luck.
  14. by   shah
    Hospitals do hire LVN's, most of them just don't advertise this. They perhaps want to give an impression that they are an 'all RN' hospital. You will probably have to network to get the job.

    Beware, you will, however, never get the respect or recognition you will get in a nursing home.

    If you have HCA owned hospitals, they utilize LVN's more than anyone else. They pay you a pittance though.