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  1. by   mysterious_one
    I don't know what this school is doing, I wish they would make up there minds about the test questions before they actually give them to us. Well, anyways, I got 9 extra points. I still have the same overall semester grade, so it didn't affect me to much. I am happy though, especially for many people in my class. I just don't understand ECC and there testing/ grading.............
  2. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    IGGY/Lewis contradicts each other...that's the biggest problem as far as this semester's questioning, IMHO. I ended up getting a total of 7 points....I'm not going to complain about them. LOL
  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    ....Just noticed my clinical grade is already on econnect! "A"....wooohoo!
  4. by   LKG6
    Quote from Fun2Care
    ....Just noticed my clinical grade is already on econnect! "A"....wooohoo!
    Congrats. I have no grades yet.
  5. by   JaxiaKiley

    As for the test questions, sometimes it's hard to know what's vague or ambiguous when you already know the answer. I'm glad they're willing to look at them.

    Where do you see clinical grades? I can find my lecture grades, but my clinical section is always blank.
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    Ahh, I checked eConnect and there it was!
  7. by   Maddy17
    JaxiaKiley and Yingyang Can I ask you guys a quick question??? I cant go to bed just thinking about this?? Its regarding first semester books (the box) do we really need it? Or are we ok buying the books seperate.
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Maddy....I'll answer.

    You don't have to buy the book box. It comes with so many extra books that you may never look at.

    I bought it, and have purchased the new box every semester because I use the computer version to read from. I like to be able to put a word in and do a search in every book that we have at one time.

    Many people did not buy the book box. As long as it is not a book that you have to have a password, you'll be ok. (Jarvis may...can't remember. I know the Management book for 4th semester does as well.)
  9. by   klg1971
    The only reason I buy the book box is for the EBooks. I don't have to drag or destroy any books around with me. They are all on the laptop. The Clinical companion has helped me with my care plans. It goes right to the point. It is quite a bit of money to come up with, but it has come in very handy for me. I can also read and retain much more info from a computer screen than a book laying in front of me.

  10. by   Yin Yang
    Maddy -

    I agree with all those who posted before me. I buy the book box, but have yet to open a book in it really. The e-books are wonderful for the search function, and it's much easier to haul a laptop around than it is a bunch of books. If it is more than your pocketbook can take though, buy the books used. It's just more of a convenience factor for me...

    Good luck!

  11. by   JaxiaKiley
    If you are comfortable using a computer, the eBooks make the box worth it, in my opinion. Those books are HUGE and there are so many of them. Hauling them around gets really old. I think I need to budget chiropractor visits into my school budget! I bought the box both times so far, and plan to keep getting it.

    Good luck!
  12. by   LKG6
    I am going to be a graduate nurse officially tomorrow.

    The funny thing is that I almost made the same score that I got 1 year ago. 939, 88%. I hope everyone is happy and passing the semester. Katie
  13. by   Yin Yang
    Congrats Katie, GN

    Don't be a stranger around here now that you're no longer a nursing student....when are you going to take the NCLEX?