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i know some of us have received our letters so i was wondering who else i will be making this journey with for the next 2 years. :wavey: my name is allison shaffer and it's nice to meet... Read More

  1. by   BrieRN07
    Quote from faceinbooks82
    Yes, I agree with Katie, 4th semester was the most difficult. I don't know if it has to do with just wanting to get the hay out of this place or if the content really is that much harder. I love Dr. Ann but her tests are random and hard to study for. She was a great instructor and a true "best for last", in my opinion. I know NL got stiffed on a lecture instructor this semester so they probably have a different opinion of her. NL still had way better averages than ECC on each test. We lost about 10 people....so sad...people I've been with since 1st semester....it was hard enough when I lost Jenn!

    Katie and Brie- are either of you going out to the graduation party on Sunday out in Ponder? I was thinking of going...it sounds like a lot of fun!

    7 days until we're GNs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree that 4th semester is by far the hardest because of the material! The tests are random which has actually worked in my favor. It keeps you on your toes by bringing in old material with the new. We haven't lost anyone in our class, but I have a feeling that a few folks may be on the edge.

    No I will not be attending that graduation party even though it sounds like it will be a ton of fun. Our pinning ceremony is on Tuesday and my husband's graduation is next Sunday. I'm so busy and stressed right now, that it's not even funny.

    I cannot believe that we're almost done.... it's so surreal!!
  2. by   BrieRN07
    Quote from faceinbooks82
    ALSO - my mom is resigning from 22 years of teaching and going back to school for nursing!! She'll be doing the TWU program Fast Track program beginning in August of 2009. She's taking A&P 1 in summer 1, A&P 2 in summer 2, and Micro in the Fall! AAAAHHH!! She's so scared because she's 48 and feels she's way too old for this transition. I'm totally supportive of her and can't wait to help her through it all! There's a 60 yr old in our class and she's not one second off from everyone else...age is a mindset, in my opinion. Has anyone else made nursing a second career like that or known anyone who has? Do you recommend it? She's beyond nervous...she's a member on here somewhere.
    This is sooo funny, but my mom is also considering to go to nursing school! My mom is a surgical tech, but she's not for sure if she wants to continue doing that. She's 44 and is thinking about going to TCU.
  3. by   AllyRN82
    Quote from Brie2200
    This is sooo funny, but my mom is also considering to go to nursing school! My mom is a surgical tech, but she's not for sure if she wants to continue doing that. She's 44 and is thinking about going to TCU.
    That's awesome! I hope she follows her dream and goes for it. It's never too late in my opinion! I believe God puts the dream in your heart for a reason and He will take you all the way to the end. You just have to make the initial leap of faith.

    Wow- Brie there must be some major stress in your household this coming week! You guys are always in my prayers and GOOD LUCK! God brought us this far and will give us that little nudge for HESI.

    WE DID IT!!!!!! (well - almost)

    I do agree that her tests keep you on your toes! I was so on it with this Neuro test! Mainly because I was ready for those left field questions...it was kind of exciting in a way. Bring it on HESI and NCLEX! LOL
  4. by   LKG6
    I am going to do the official pinning next week, only. I am too tired to attend other parties. It's so exciting that your mothers want to go back to college. I have a classmate whose daughter graduated from nursing school 1 semester ago. She used to work in a bank. Another classmate of mine was a flight attendant. Another one was a social worker. They are all in their 40-s and they are doing great.
  5. by   mysterious_one
    Well, I am so glad to here from you guys, I missed you all.
    I am happy you all doing well. Congrats on your position at Med City Allison. What made you decide?
    By the way, I am 42:spin:.
    Allison, give me some tips on clinical instructors, too, (if you can pm me).
    I guess it is good thing , Hesi won't have to be passed to graduate anymore!!!
  6. by   LKG6
    Quote from Fun2Care
    Katie, I only have the final, which is on the 10th. I'm having a hard time trying to focus on the GI/GU/DM stuff when I keep jumping back to the need to review old material, especially cardio!
    Good luck you all taking finals.
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Thanks, and good luck to everyone!
  8. by   mysterious_one
    I am beat, this final was the worst test I had so far in this whole program. My worst grade so far, but I made it, thank God. I hope everyone is doing good. Good luck, to those that still have to take theirs.
  9. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    Amen, Mysterious One!!! Unbelievable that our average was a 76.?? after some of people got 4 points . Actually, our grades were out there for a short time and now they are gone. Now there is something that says "Technical Survey" (I think) instead of "Final". I wonder if that "Survey" will take the place of our final!! lol

    But, as you said, Thank God it is OVER!!! But I would like to have a review over the final. I'm still curious about what I missed.

    Good luck all you guys on your finals - especially you 4th semesters!!!
  10. by   klg1971

    Big deep sigh. It is over and done with. I even went to the doctor this morning with a sinus infection. He gave me a steroid shot! Not what I needed right before the test. I think it kicked in right about the time I hit the 'done' button. This wave came over me and I started shaking and sweating....one of my classmates even told me I was whiter than a ghost. Anyway I hope everyone did ok. I heard they were throwing out 4 question? I hope this is true. Good luck to everyone. And thanks for lending the "big" shoulders for all of us.

  11. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Thank God that is over with!

    What a beating of a semester!
  12. by   JaxiaKiley
    The whole line in the grade section for the 2nd semester final is missing, too. Oddly enough, my average seems to have my final grade in it, not just the previous 4 tests. Strange! Who knows.

    All I know is that I MADE IT through this DADGUM semester!
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Congrats, Jaxia! Congrats to everyone who made it through!