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i know some of us have received our letters so i was wondering who else i will be making this journey with for the next 2 years. :wavey: my name is allison shaffer and it's nice to meet... Read More

  1. by   JaxiaKiley
    I found a place that had Laundau scrubs, so I was able to try them on and see what sizes I needed. I still need to order mine! It felt neat to try on the whole outfit and see what it would look like I'm still not sure which top I like best -- the one with snaps, or no closures at all. Opinions?
  2. by   Yin Yang
    I don't do well with the snap ones -- I seem to be "accident prone" somehow and they come unsnapped...not a good thing. I like the extra pockets on the one without the snaps. I have a friend who embroiders (has one of those ritzy machines) & I was going to see if they could put the logo on any others I buy.

  3. by   nacmarza
    Hello everyone my name is Nacole and I was thinking about applying for the Nursing program at El Centro, but I was wondering what is the grade point average that they would like for you to have to be accepted and do they offer the assoc. degree in Nursing?
  4. by   AllyRN82

    That's who my lecture and clinical instructor is! Too funny. I looked her up on ratemyprofessor.com and she rated well. We shall find out because I've heard some bad stories and some good stories....who knows!
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    The thursday clinical is at the hospital, from 6:30 - 5:00 for OB/GYN.

    I think Katie did the SimBaby...maybe that's what we'll be doing on Mondays. I'm not sure.

    If we go Mon 9-12 and Thurs 6:30-5 all semester, we'd end up with more clinical hours than everyone else. (I think.)

    nacmarza, hi and welcome!

    ECC is an Assoc. degree program. You have to have at least a 2.5 (I think) to apply, but here lately, 3.77 and 4.0's have been accepted.

    It varies each semester. If you have, or get, all the pre-reqs completed, don't hesitate to apply.

    Good luck!
  6. by   LKG6
    Quote from Fun2Care
    I'm not sure how the Monday/Thursday will work. Those are clinical times, but the Monday is at the school. I'm not sure if it's all semester or what. (Katie???????)
    Monday is post clinical conference or pre clinical conference.
    We would talk about our weekly clinical experience, submit paper work or do case studies that would help with lecture exams. And we usually finished early. So if you need to do some extra skills lab practice or library research then Monday is a great day for that.
  7. by   NurseSomeday
    Hey Kathy!

    I was at ECC today and there is nothing posted for labs yet! I'll be back up there on Monday, so I will let you know if I see anything (if you haven't found out by then.) I copied your course info on my schedule so I'll have it.

    For anyone who is interested:
    Supposedly the book packs for 3rd semester are in, but I was told too much stuff has to be unloaded before they get to them so it should be a couple more days. Typical ECC!!!!

    And in my opinion the SNA review is the most helpful tool for the Pharm test. It helps you focus your study. Our review was 2 days before the test so that wasn't the best set up but it did help. The drug cards are very inconsistent and disorganized but it is what they want us to know so you can't really make your own. I thought the packet helped explain some of the info better. Some people hated the packet, while others loved it. We were told the test could be over anything that was on the cards
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  8. by   LKG6
    Quote from Fun2Care
    I think Katie did the SimBaby...maybe that's what we'll be doing on Mondays.
    Katie didn't do the SimBaby program. The day when I was scheduled to go to ECC it was icy and snowing. They never rescheduled my date so we have a couple of people at NLC who didn't do SimBaby. :smackingf

    You clinical instructor will give you a weekly clinical schedule that shows where you go each day. If you spent a lot of time at one floor, eg: ortho, first semester then tell her that you don't want to go to ortho again when it comes to M/S clinicals.
  9. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    OOPS! I forgot Katie didn't get to do SimBaby!

    Thanks for the explanation about the Mondays.

    At the VA, we dealt with ALL kinds. I had a pt with s/p stroke w/L-sided extreme weakness, I had a pt with End-Stage COPD who was HOSPICE... I mean it went from one extreme to the other.

    As for that instructor....I don't mind some good, some bad. It shows she's not a push-over, and also shows she's not a total ______.

    I want someone I can learn from.
  10. by   BrieRN07

    Has your incomplete been replaced with you lecture grade yet? Mine hasn't and I wanted to know about when we can expect it because I have to go out to el centro soon.

  11. by   LKG6
    I have just checked eConnect again. It shows that there is a supply pack for 3rd semester for $56. What is it for???????? For IV seminar? I hope it's a typo on eConnect.
  12. by   nacmarza
    Thanks Mi'Shelle for responding to my thread, but if you don't mind me asking what was your gpa when you applied?
  13. by   nacmarza
    Also what is the average age for the students in the program?