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i know some of us have received our letters so i was wondering who else i will be making this journey with for the next 2 years. :wavey: my name is allison shaffer and it's nice to meet... Read More

  1. by   LKG6
    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    Where there's a will, there's a way!
    And there are many classes that you can take online. I have taken some classes that way at DCCCD.
  2. by   JaxiaKiley
    Good point -- TCC even offers A&P online (not sure about DCCCD). I took most of my classes online except for sciences.
  3. by   DreamBelieveSucceed
    Hi "Lady db". Don't get discouraged - where there is a will there is a way!! My kids were very small when I began this journey - I had to do one or two classes at a time and did every one of them online except A&P I, II and Micro - I saved those for last because all my kids were in school by that time!! I have another friend who was able to finish ALL prereqs in 1 year by going full-time. Just evaluate where you are in life and GO FOR IT - at whatever pace you can!!!

    As for the final exam - I was one who had 80 questions! Believe me EVERYONE could argue their own side!!!!!! The 5 add'l questions we had were over the hardest areas - Fluids & Lytes!!! Lets go on and talk about class averages on that final - ours was a 78!! Put numbers to that and figure out how many people failed that final with 80 questions - trust me we got no extra benefits from those 5 "extra" questions!!!!!

    That said - I do believe they need to make the program consistent for EVERYONE involved since they are considered the same; and especially since we cover the same exact material. Maybe these are some of the things they learned by having the pilot group this time!

    Regardless, we are moving on to 2nd semester and that is what counts!!!!!!!
  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    Dream -- I decided "the more questions, the better" after my A&P I midterm. With all the bones, plus all the bone markings, we had over 300 things we to memorize. We didn't get a word bank, and it wasn't multiple choice. Those 300 things accounted for less than 20% of our 50 question test (around 10 questions). The whole test was 15% of our grade. I was very frustrated, because what if I knew 295 of them, and they happened to ask the 5 I couldn't pull out of thin air? AT MOST, they asked for 10, but we had to know ALL. I'd rather them ask me all of them. 295 out of 300 is much better than 5 out of 10.

    I do see your point, though. It doesn't always make it a better test to have more questions!
  5. by   LKG6
    Girls, if any of you know what book required for 3rd semester let me know please.
  6. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Didn't you have clinical at Charlton this semester????

    Quote from faceinbooks82
    Thank you Fun I had Isa this past semester and I really liked her. Her specialty is post-partum so she is very knowledgeable and helpful. Trammell- I had her for pediatrics and I loooooooooved her. I wish I would have had her for everything! She's a pediatrics NP so she knows so much. Good luck choosing someone!!

    Congratulations Brie and Katie!!

    Katie- we have Charlton, Medical City Plano, Parkland, and St. Paul.

    I chose Medical City Plano as my #1 because I like the instructor. I then chose Parkland, then St. Paul, and then Charlton as my absolute last choice.

    Brianna- yeah we lost 4 people that I know of. That one girl who was fighting the system didn't pass It was a sad day for a lot of people.....
  7. by   AllyRN82
    Quote from Fun2Care
    Didn't you have clinical at Charlton this semester????

    Yeah I was at Charlton.
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from faceinbooks82
    Yeah I was at Charlton.

    So, you don't like it?????
  9. by   AllyRN82
    Quote from Fun2Care
    So, you don't like it?????

    Oh- I'm sorry for not going into more detail haha.

    I thought all of the floors were good except for the postpartum floor. The nurses were very annoyed with the students and we all didn't learn very much. The MedSurg, nursery, and L&D nurses were awesome and the doctors were all very nice. It was just those PP nurses that bugged me and everyone in my clinical group.

    Is Isa back at Charlton?
  10. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Yes, she is.

    Sorry, I should have asked for more. LOL

    Charlton is the closest to me, but I don't want to regret my decision...with the instructor or hospital. Same as always, I want someone who I can learn from.
  11. by   lady_db_programmer
    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    I didn't realize it was possible to get most any degree without Comp I, much less a BA! Comp I, Algebra, A&P I and Psych -- I don't think that's bad at all. I did it all in one semester. Going part time, it can easily be done in two.

    Where there's a will, there's a way!
    I tested out of both semesters of English. For my degree you did not have to take psych, and I never took college algebra; I started at a higher level than that in mathematics but I only took one math course in college and it won't transfer. When I was at UT they didn't offer college algebra during regular terms anyway; I think they only offered it to provisional admits during the summer. I don't know what they do now; with the 10% rule I'd bet they probably offer it during the regular term time. :spin:

    You'd have to have been nuts to take Psych 301 at the University of Texas at Austin when I was there; it was a pure weed-out class. So were both semesters of English. So, a lot of people avoided them and either CLEP'd or AP-tested out, like I did. As far as I'm aware El Centro won't accept AP tests for credit...if I'm wrong please correct me. Even if they do, I wonder if they'll take AP test scores from 1993. I took the psychology AP test but my score would have given me a B at UT so I decided not to claim credit for it. I really don't want to have to take Comp I; I loathed English lit in high school but busted my behind studying for the AP tests so I wouldn't have to endure it at the college level.

    The pre-reqs themselves aren't so bad, but who gets in on just the pre-reqs? I've heard people saying that people who got a 4.0 with just the pre-reqs were basically told to take a hike. I don't think I'd even apply unless I had most of the support classes under my belt, and that's a considerable amount of coursework. :uhoh21:

    I wrote to the DCCCD about distance education; their website isn't at all helpful and since I took a summer class at a DCCCD campus waaaaaaaaay back when I was a college student at UT, I'd have to fill out a paper application. I'm currently living in the UK, so it's not exactly a snappy process for me. We're moving back to Dallas in a matter of weeks...probably about 12-16 weeks...but if I'm going to do this before I lose my nerve, I'd like to start sooner rather than later.
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  12. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    lady_db_programmer....I don't want this to sound rude, but to make it in a nursing program, you HAVE TO have determination, and a positive attitude.

    Once you make up your mind to do this, you have to be 100% determined. A&P 1, Micro, English 1301, were all on campus for myself, and A&P 2 lecture was on video/lab at the school. All of the rest I did online.

    I didn't do all of mine at one time. I have two children 9 & 15. The 15 yo is a cheerleader and has been since 7th grade....there's a lot going on with that. I couldn't take everything at once.

    I too started out long ago (1991) and had to retake some of the classes/more classes. Determination and a positive attitude is key!

    I wish you the best of luck if you decide to do this.
  13. by   lady_db_programmer
    Quote from Fun2Care
    lady_db_programmer....I don't want this to sound rude, but to make it in a nursing program, you HAVE TO have determination, and a positive attitude.
    Determination and a positive attitude aren't enough.