Eagle Pass

  1. Does anyone work (or have worked) at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center? I can find out about the town/community, but I want to know about the hospital. Can anybody help?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Hmm - let me preface by saying that I worked in a consulting capacity with this facility a few years ago & it may have changed dramatically since then.

    This facility is literally on the border... right next to the international bridge between Tx & Mexico. As a result, they have an very busy L&D - women walking North across the bridge to give birth in the US. The majority of patients are Spanish speakers. Most lower level staff, including nurse aides, have limited English. Staff who are not bilingual (Span-Eng) are at a distinct disadvantage.

    This may be a difficult transition for anyone not familiar with South Texas. Eagle Pass is not a retirement community. It is not on the pretty or picturesque (Valley or mountains) areas of the border. There is very limited employment for spouses or family members. Nurse recruitment is such a perpetually serious issue that it has given rise to many creative solutions - including very lucrative "compressed schedules" designed to lure nurses into making the 3-hour drive from San Antonio each week.
  4. by   chocolateskye
    Anyone willing to update this post?
  5. by   txredheadnurse
    I am in all the border towns at least quarterly doing QA work and things are basically the same currently as the first poster depicted. Things in the smaller border towns like Eagle Pass and Del Rio are not pleasant in terms of options, amenities, pay rates and housing choices. Plus one must be prepared to live in a semi desert very arid area with near continuous winds blowing dust and grit.
  6. by   foxyhill21
    In one of my nursing magazine I have read about this hospital offering 15,000-20,000 sign on bonus to relocate there.
  7. by   chocolateskye
    Anyone know the pay rates at Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass Tx?
  8. by   laurainri
    I was offered $30,000 sign on bonus if I worked there 2 years. still not worth it.
  9. by   chocolateskye
    Why wasnt it worth it to you? Is it work load or location?
  10. by   laurainri
    because it is a complete crap hole. I have a 17 YO daughter and would not want her living there for anything. If you are a single guy then maybe. but I have a family.
  11. by   chocolateskye
    I am not a guy, but I have about a year of experience on a step down tele unit and I had a telephone interview for the Med Surg unit day shift and I was thinking or considering how long I could last if it was indeed a crap hole? If I would be working on a med/tele unit with a 7to 1 ratio for 24.00 an hour how long would I need to stay in order to become employed at a different facility in a better part of Texas? I have more nursing home experience right now and I am wanting to travel but many companies want you to have your ACLS I am looking into getting it online but looking for one that does not cost me an arm and a leg. So I am really considering this facility right now.,,,,,,,,
  12. by   Ochin09
    Somebody knows how are the benefits and the start pay for a new graduate?
  13. by   chocolateskye
    The pay rate for a new grad Rn is about 21.00 to 22.00 dollars an hour. I was told by a placement company that they dont count LPN experience as experience but that may not be true as the pay rate I was quoted could change once I actually except the position is what I was told? Makes no sense to me either if they negoticiate for you then it should be final right?
  14. by   mom35
    I spoke with Fort Duncan Regional in Eagle Pass today. I have phone interview tomorrow. They said will pay for face to face interview. Offer 20000 bonus for day and 24000 bonus for night. Dont know hourly rates or benefits yet. She said up to 4500 for relocation. I just dont know....