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  1. Shelby area

    Anyone have any idea of what the pay would be for an RN W/23YRS EXP in the Shelby, NC area?
  2. Alamogordo

    Anyone work there or have any info? Thinking of moving this summer and just looking around. Thanks for any replies ahead of time
  3. Roswell

    Big delay on getting back to this post. Ended up going to West Texas. Thanks for the replies
  4. Roswell

    Has anyone worked (or work currently at) Eastern New Mexico Medical Center (Roswell, NM)? Good or bad about the hospital?
  5. Eagle Pass

    Does anyone work (or have worked) at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center? I can find out about the town/community, but I want to know about the hospital. Can anybody help?
  6. Payson Regional Medical Center

    Payson must really be out there if no one knows anything.
  7. Average number of patients for RNs in Montana?

    Where I am, if administration had there way - we nurses would get paid less and have more pt's. Our new interim DON made it known that she was going to change things and we would have 1:8 as a ratio. A Few of the doc's raised as much hell as they cou...
  8. Relocating to AZ

    I'm over here in NW Montana. Just got an AZ license and it took 3-4 wks. You should have NO trouble getting a job in AZ. I think I looked at almost all the hospitals in the state. Try looking at: ...
  9. I currently work in a critical access hospital in Montana. 21 yrs exp and worked mostly ICU with a sprinkle of other nursing positions. Do ER at times here and YOU are it. If it were me, I would get into a large hospital, into the area you think you ...
  10. What do I think about care plans - can't type it without using profanity. So I will be nice and hope my point got across.
  11. Average number of patients for RNs in Montana?

    I work at a critical access hospital (25 beds). It can be anywhere from 3-8. Depends on what is going on in the hospital. If we have our ICU open, OB's, busy ER, you may end up with more than that. If you can't find someone to come in and help, you a...
  12. Yuma Regional Medical Center + New Grad RN opinions

    I don't know much but I did apply at Yuma. I supposedly have an on-site visit coming up here soon (should find out in a week or two) to Yuma. We have a guy in RT that worked in Yuma a few years ago and says it's pretty good (people, environment, etc....
  13. Payson Regional Medical Center

    Anyone work/worked there? Know anything about the hospital?
  14. I have been an RN for 21 yrs (in June) - starting out in ICU/CCU. Have worked other areas of the hospital setting (med-surg, ER, urology), home health, travel, agency, and as a correctional nurse. I am in a critical access hospital (25 beds) in NW Mo...
  15. How does YOUR hospital waste its money?

    What really makes me angry about the hospital I work at is this. They say that we have to save money, not making enough (and for the past 4 months have stated that they were clearing about $800,000 - 900,000 a month) etc.... The number of managers pr...